The Change In Life Forever

Tsunayoshi Sawada is a boy who lives in Namimori, Japan. He's not very smart, nor is he good at sports. With his older brother around, Tsuna feels safe. But what would happen when his older brother moves away?

[Character's from the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Sora is my Original Character though :3]

{i'm slow at updating, do don't expect lots of updates :3}


4. Reactions

That night, Sora didn't sleep a wink. He was too busy thinking, thinking about everything. Everything that might happen during his journey, the journey of a lifetime. When he needed to wake up is when he finally got some sleep, maybe getting 1 minute of sleep.

"Sora-kun! Time to wake up!" He heard his mother call out from downstairs.

Sora stared at the ceiling, annoyed how he couldn't sleep. When he almost fell asleep, he finally got up. Being sleepy, he was really unbalanced and nearly fell on the floor.

When he finally arrived in the kitchen, he noticed Tsuna still wasn't there. "Where's Tsuna-kun?" Asks Sora to his mother, Nana.

"I think he's still sleeping. Do me a favour, and please wake him up." Says Nana as she finishes making breakfast.

"Ok" Sora says tiredly, heading upstairs to Tsuna's room. Knocking on the door, Sora moans "Tsuna. Wake up now." But when Tsuna didn't answer, he started to get worried, and barged inside. Tsuna was under his covers, hiding from Sora. "Why are you hiding?" Asks Sora walking up to the bed. With Tsuna still not answering, Sora asks "is it because of last night?" The blanket shuffled as Tsuna moved inside, turning away from Sora. Tsuna stays as quiet as possible. "I know it's sad, but please, bare with me."

Tsuna peeks out of the covers, reveiling his face. "F-fine..." he says, hoping for good news.

"W-well," he started saying, "mom says i should go. It's a once in a lifetime chance, and i'm..." he paused, scared that Tsuna will ignore him. "I'm going."

Tsuna was sad, and covered himself in the blanket again, hiding his whole body. Tears started coming again, faster and faster, until his bed was wet. He tried to hold it in, but couldn't help think about Sora leaving him. Memories flashed before his eyes, thinking without even releizing it.

The fun times they had, from his earliest memories, to the most recent ones. From Tsuna's first day of school, when his whole family watched him enter the class, until just yesterday, their fun day outside, enjoying the fresh air.

Sora was sad that he'll have to leave Tsuna soon, but he just really wanted to enroll in that academy. Exiting the room, Sora whispers "Gomenasai, Tsu-kun," and gently closes the door. Going downstairs, he yells "MOM! Please tell Tsuna-kun to get up!" and goes downstairs to eat.

Tsuna, in the other hand, keeps sheading tears, wanting to stay in his room the whole day, under the covers, away from Sora. Not wanting the future, the future of lonelyness. In the room filled with sunlight, he stayed still. "The world won't be the same without Sora-kun anymore..." he thought as he stayed there.

Downstairs, Sora didn't feel hungy. He was too busy thinking about Tsuna, and wondered how he felt right now. He wasn't the same, not his usual happy self. Because of the sudden news, Tsuna has stopped smiling. For so many years, this was the first time Tsuna has been this upset. Even the time when their father left for work in Italy, he got over it the next day, so why now? Why is he so upset, even though this wasn't his first time saying good-bye to someone he cared for?

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