The Change In Life Forever

Tsunayoshi Sawada is a boy who lives in Namimori, Japan. He's not very smart, nor is he good at sports. With his older brother around, Tsuna feels safe. But what would happen when his older brother moves away?

[Character's from the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Sora is my Original Character though :3]

{i'm slow at updating, do don't expect lots of updates :3}


5. Before The Voyage

Tsuna finally gets up from his bed. The brightness of nature was warm, but Tsuna was still feeling like he would be lonely soon enough. His puffy eyes revealed the crying he's been doing, and his messy hair from sleep. No more tears left his eyes, not being able to cry anymore. The summer sky was bright, but Tsuna felt like he wanted to stay in the dark...weeping. The only problem was, Tsuna can't produce any tears.

Tsuna realized that he hasn't ate yet, not breakfast, nor lunch. Tsuna's stomach was feeling empty, so he finally had the guts to go out of his room. He quietly opened the door, and crept out heading downstairs. Hopefully, Kasa and Sora-kun aren't in the kitchen thought Tsuna, and entered the kitchen.

Sora was waiting in the kitchen for Tsuna, while Nana went grocery shopping. "You finally came out of your room, huh Tsuna-kun" said Sora. His arms were crossed, and was leaning on the counter-top.

Tsuna did his best to ignore him, and tried to find food to eat at the same time. Sora was confused, for Tsuna has never ignored him before. Tsuna was off today, his puffy red eyes were looking at the food, looking emotionless.

"Itadakimasu," said a hungry Tsuna as he started to eat. He suddenly realized he had no appetite as he took a bite from his Udon noodles. He didn't feel like eating, even though his stomach felt empty. He slowly ate the Udon noodles in front of him, but his taste-buds were un-appetizing. He knew he needed to eat something, but he didn't want to eat at the same time. The Udon noodles became cold, and Tsuna hardly touched his food. Just staring, he opened and closed his chop-sticks, over and over again. When he finally decided to leave his food, he covered it using a saucer plate from the cabinit.

Sora could tell he didn't want any, and watched him cover the food. The emptyness inside his stomach still wanted to eat, but he still couldn't get himself to eat.

Tsuna went back to his room. He lay down on his bed, and stared at the ceiling. Why am i acting like this? Thought Tsuna. I cant worry onii-chan or kasa anymore. I have to be strong...

Tsuna hears a knock, and heads over to the door slowly. He opened the door, and peeked outside. Standing there was his brother, Sora. Tsuna takes a deep breath in, and exhales softly but strongly. Be strong he thought, then let his brother inside his room.

"What were you doing in here the whole time?" Asked Sora as he entered his room. The fragrance smelled like Tsuna right now. Being in the room for a long time really changed the temperature and mood.

"I was..." said a stuck Tsuna, not wanting to tell the truth. The volume of his voice lowered as he said "thinking" and he also looked down towards the carpet floor.

"Thinking of what?" Asked Sora as he stood tall right infront of Tsuna.

Tsuna stayed quiet, knowing Sora actually knew what he would be thinking about. Sora was the only one who knew his true self, besides Tsuna himself.

"Were you thinking of your life without me?" Asked Sora, as he hides his eyes with his hair. The room was silent, then Tsuna finally decided to answer.

"Y-yes..." he said turning away from Sora. There was an saddened silence thaf filled the room, and Tsuna faced away from Sora.

Sora couldn't take the silence much longer. He knew he only had a few more days until the flight, and he wanted to get along with Tsuna before he left, too. "Tch," he started off. "Why do you have to be so depressed? I know you will make friends one day, so...just have a good life!" In those last words, his tone went up and tears streamed down Sora's eyes. "I don't want us like this when I leave! I want us to get be like the old times again! So please..." He turned to Tsuna, and hugged his little brother. "Don't be like this!"

Tsuna's eyes widened as he felt his brother's warm hug. Tears entered Tsuna's eyes once more. "onii-chan...gomenne," Tsuna said as he hugged his brother harder. They both stayed in the room weeping in each-other's arms, and before they knew it, it was getting late.


Nana Sawada then came home from shopping, and found the house dead silent. "Sora-kun! Tsu-kun! Please come down and help me put away the groceries," called Nana as she started the job. When she finished, she was wondering why her two boys hadn't come down. Nana then quietly went upstairs to check Sora's room. Empty. She then went to Tsuna's room, and found the siblings hugging each-other peacefully as they slept. Nana then closed the door behind her as she went down to prepare dinner...

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