Love, Blood and Many mistakes...

What happens when you win a competition to tour with a huge boy band, but your dead? Well a hell of allot but honestly it consists of love, blood and many mistakes, Read to find out...


6. 6. Preperation

"Your not going to believe this" I screamed from the top of my lungs my sisters staring at me weirdly seeing as they hadn't seen the letter yet.

Me - guess who I'm going on your with!?!?!

Lillia and Sienna - WHO WHO quickly tell us

Me - there charming, handsome, very famous, oh and you in love with them. Both of you.

Lillia and Sienna - no it can't be it just can't be ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!

Me - you got it

Lilia and Sienna - you have to let us visit you while your on tour. Promise

Me - sister promise _ doing our famous hand shake_

_ 6 months later_

4 days, only 4 days till the tour starts and I still haven't got my head round that fact that I'm touring with one direction but I'm really worried what if I can't control my urges and I attack the cute Irish one or the one with curly hair, oh and that reminds me I should probably learn there names I don't want to seem rude or anything, I should also listen to some of there music too.

As I'm listening to 'Diana' one of there song and I got interrupted by text from Katrina.

To Brianna

Can't believe your leaving me for a whole 18 months I will get you back for this but at least promise me you will stay in touch and let me visit you?!?!?xxxx

From Katrina <3

To Katrina <3

I can't imagine what you gonna do and of cause in going to stay in touch you made me who I am and for visiting me you just need to promise me you won't turn or feed on anyone but otherwise sure!xxxxx

From Brianna

I sat in my room smiling at our convo it's going to be hard not to see her mostly everyday and how am I going to go out feeding with I will so get lonely anyway I need to start packing I'm literally taking my whole wardrobe plus going shopping tomorrow with Lillia and Sienna somehow they have way better fashion sense then me, you would think they were the older sisters.

_ shopping _

Sienna - Brianna hurry up otherwise there stores will be closed

Me - okay mom (sarcastically)

Lillia - just hurry up and shut up

We must have shopped for 4 hours straight I was starving so I thought I'd treat the girls to a nandos after we had eaten and payed we went home and packed my new clothes leaving an outfit out to wear on my journey.

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