Love, Blood and Many mistakes...

What happens when you win a competition to tour with a huge boy band, but your dead? Well a hell of allot but honestly it consists of love, blood and many mistakes, Read to find out...


17. 17. Exposed

 "Harry I love you so much, but I just can't..."

"But I thought you loved me, why won't you?"

"I don't want to ruin your life of kids and growing old" 

"But your ruining my life if I'm not with you!"

"I don't know if I can!"

"Do it for us"


I jumped up sweet pouring down my forehead and that when I felt blood and an arm.
What have I done?
I turned over to see Harry super still but breathing, then I saw it the bite... The deep bite in his arm

"Harry?" I whispered

"Harry?" I whispered again nudging him 

I bit my arm and feed him my blood and within seconds he was fine, thank god but for some reason the bit scared. Weird? 

I still don't see what happened I'm losing control I need to start regularly feeding otherwise this will happen again and It'll be to late!

"Bri can we have a quick chat?" Liam asked as I sat on the couch in the type of living room

"Erm sure" I said following him to his room

"Bri I love you and all but I don't know, I just don't feel us going anywhere I know this must be hard to hear but I just can't be with you I'm sorry" he blurted out, boy that was unexpected 

"Oh well I don't really know what to say but okay" I tried to act like I didn't care but the truth is I didn't 

"Okay?" He asked a bit hurt

"Okay, what do you you want me to do cry and beg you to change your mind?" I snapped that may have been to harsh

"Well I thought you'd be a bit hurt" I almost shouted I'd never seen this side of him

"Well to bad mate I'm not that type of girl you dump me your lose" I shouted now the other boys were crowding round 

"You don't even want to know why I'm dumping you?" He said with a smirk

"I thought it was because we weren't going anywhere" I said in a mocking voice 

"I said that because I thought you was going to cry but know your getting the truth..." He said still smirking, who was this , this wasn't the sweet Liam I knew.

"... I cheated on you and I love her not you" he said laughing 

"Is that ment to hurt me?" I said laughing

"How? How aren't you distort?" I ask really confused and hurt

"Because Liam your not the only one who cheated but mine wasn't some random lad it was..." I wax cut off by Harry clapping his hands 

"Come on now guys lets not do this" he said glaring at me

"No I want to know who this guy is!" Liam said 

"Shall I tell him or do you want to?" I said into the group of lads not directing it at anyone in particular 

"Me, it was me" Harry said stepping forwards everyone gasped

"Wait a minuet, you and you" Louis said gesturing to me and Harry we both nodded looking at the ground.

Now were in the shit...


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