Love, Blood and Many mistakes...

What happens when you win a competition to tour with a huge boy band, but your dead? Well a hell of allot but honestly it consists of love, blood and many mistakes, Read to find out...


16. 16. Hungar

It's been 3 days...3 days since I did the worst thing in my life...I'm a cheater and dirty cheating rat, I still can't believe I did that to him!

"Babe are you ok, you've been a tad off the past few days" Liam said while Harry glared at me 

"Yea I'm just a bit home sick, missing the family and all" I said, god the missing home excuse again * mental eye roll*

"Arw babe don't worry you'll see them in a month" he said with so much sympathy 

"How's that we have ages left of the tour?" I asked pretty confused

"Well we're going back to England for the shows there" Zayn piped up and said I just nodded

I'm just laying on my bed getting ready to go a have a feed, saying it like that it's like I'm an animal. 
I was just about to climb out the window when I heard a knock at my door

"Come in" I shouted with a sense of annoyance 

"Erm can we chat" 

"Yeah sure Niall" 

"Well I see you and Harry have made up but..." He started and paused

"But what?" Oh god does he know?

"But I was wondering how you got past him confessing his feeling to you and then you rejecting him?" Oh god what do I say, well we kinda kissed, Err NO!

"We just spoke about it and established that we're better off friends" I said off the top of my head, he just nodded his head

"Why'd you ask anyway?" I asked 

"Well the thing is I... Well I kind of feel the... Same as Harry for you!" He said with his head down staring at his feet

"Oh, how long have you..." I was cut off

"A while but don't worry I know you love Liam and I won't try anything" but do I?

"Oh okay come here" I said and pulled him into a hug 

"I love you to Niall" I said knowing he knows in what way 

"I love you to Bri"

We walked out of my room my hunger burning my insides I really have to go

"Guys I'm going to the shop see yas in a bit" I shouted as I went to the door

"How?" Harry asked

"What do you mean how?" I said 

"We're kinda moving"

"We are?" 

 "Yea" Harry said laughing 

"Oh I can hardly tell now" I said laughing 

I went to my room and lay down, oh great the burning back it was that bad I yelped up in pain, I heard someone burst through my door

"Are you ok I heard a yelp" it was Harry 

"Yea just real bad pains" I said with a yelp at the end

"Oh is it girl things?" He asked pretty awkward 

"Something like that I'm really cold" I said 

"Do you want me to get Liam?" Harry asked

"No I don't want to wake him" I said while Harry sat on my bed

"Can you comfort me" I asked with tears going down my face my hunger taking over

"Sure" he said while climbing into my bed

"Thank you" I said while cuddling into his chest 

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