Love, Blood and Many mistakes...

What happens when you win a competition to tour with a huge boy band, but your dead? Well a hell of allot but honestly it consists of love, blood and many mistakes, Read to find out...


13. 13. 1 Month

Can you believe it's already been a month? Since I meet the boys and also started dating Liam!

Ever since are date at the cafe we've been inseparable I really do like him and I'm defiantly not going to wreck this but I can't keep lying to him about why I keep popping out to feed I think he may be suspicious but I can't tell him I know that for sure he won't understand! He will think I'm a monster when I'm not.

Liam - okay so what do you want to do before our show tonight babe?

Me - we'll we could cuddle up and watch a romantic movie?

Liam - sounds great.

He kisses me on the check and runs over to the DVD rack and picks Love actually, my favourite film.

Harry - Liam is that what I think it is?

Liam - get out Harry.

Harry - can't believe your not going to let me watch Love actually.

He shouts as he strops out the room I just giggle to myself.

Liam - I wouldn't laugh at him, it just encourages him to be a baby!

shouting the baby bit 

Harry - and what!

i could hear shouted from him room I could help but burst into laughter 

Liam - at least someone finds him funny.

were sitting what hinge the film my head on his shoulder when it helps ... I'm drawn to his neck I need to feed like now before I hurt him.

Me - erm. I don't feel too well I need to get some air.

Liam - oh do you want me to come with you?

Me - no I'll just go on a little walk I'll be fine don't worry it's not even dark.

i kiss him not he cheek and jump up before he can say anything.

i see some drunk dude in an ally I run over and pounce on his neck I hear I yelp and I recognise it, oh god it Louis.

i quickly stop and give him my blood to heal him, he looks terrified of me, I looked into his eyes.

'you will forget everything that just happened, your drunk and I just found you and know I'm going to take you back to the us ok'

He nodded and I dragged him to the bus acting weak as I walked in the boys took him to bed to sober him up before the show.

40 minuets till the show and Louis is green and throwing up there is no way he can go on stage like that.

Liam - what are we going to do, he can't go on like that and we can't go without him!

Niall - why can't we if you take all his lines it will be fine.

Liam - okay are you guys okay with that?

they all shout yeah and we head off to the concert, I was up first I just love being on stage and loads of people cheering, Liam took a photo of me and put it on instagram

@Bri_Bri_Murphy.x~Doing her thing on stage just beautiful <3 


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