Love, Blood and Many mistakes...

What happens when you win a competition to tour with a huge boy band, but your dead? Well a hell of allot but honestly it consists of love, blood and many mistakes, Read to find out...


11. 11. The Bite

Liam - is something wrong? Your really griping my hand?

forgetting my own strength 

Me - oh yeah I just don't like the dark!

As we got back to the bus I couldn't help but smile to myself. I was lying on my bed when I heard a knock 

Me - come in?

Then harry walked in and sat on the end of my bed.

Harry - I need to speak to you, it's a tad personal 

I was getting worried at what he was going to say.

Me - go ahead?

Harry - we'll I meet this girl and she was beautiful and I woke up this morning with a... Well... Erm a bite and I think I let her do it.

Me - a bite

oh god did I do it wait I would remember? Who did this? Katrina?

Harry - yeah her name was Kat...

i zoned out, how could she? I need to find her!

Me - erm let me see it.

he showed his neck.

Me - ok you going to drink just a tiny bit of my blood and forget about the bite on your neck and this whole conversation. I said staring in his eyes ( compelling him )

Harry - ok.

he drank my blood, his neck instantly healed and walked out my room and went to bed.

At that moment I stood still I tried to locate Katrina because she changed me, wee kind of connected so I can find her, it was so easy to find her she was in the hotel down the road, unfortunately we were moving!

i opened my window a some how got out a jumped while we were moving, I ran to the hotel, I stormed into her room.

Me - how could you bite him!

me not knowing she was in the middle of something.

Me - oh god we need to talk NOW!

The Guy - get out of here.

thats it I need to take my anger out on someone, I grabbed his neck ran opened the window and bye bye naked dude!

Katrina - what are you doing?

Me - you bit Harry, when I today you not to touch any of them.

Katrina - what are you on about, the only person I have bit was some drunk curly hair dude in a bar!

Me - that was Harry!

Katrina - I had no idea I am so sorry, I would never do it on purpose.

i gave her a hug and we chatted for abit then I had to try and find the bus and get back in before someone notices.

i saw the bus I was running along side it, I put all my power in and jumped onto making a huge bang I quickly slid into my open window and pretended to be asleep.

Liam ran in.

Liam - are you okay?

i mumbled I'm fine and he left, Arwww he really does care!  

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