Love, Blood and Many mistakes...

What happens when you win a competition to tour with a huge boy band, but your dead? Well a hell of allot but honestly it consists of love, blood and many mistakes, Read to find out...


10. 10. Lucas and Liam

There hot breath on my neck all of a sudden I heard a whisper in my ear,

?? - Miss me.

Me - Lucas? Is that you?

Lucas - oh why yes it is me lady,are you not happy to see me?

Me- what of cause I'm happy to see you but you scared the crap out of me! Actually it's a good thing you came I need someone to feed with, you up for it?

Lucas- when aren't I up for it? I know somewhere great we can go!

Me - ok let me just tell the boys that I'm going out!

Lucas - okay I'll just go wait in the shadows.

he disappears into the dark and I shout to the boys I'm going out and as it seems so were they, as we walked out Liam pulled me to the side.

Me - what's up Li?

Liam - I just had to ask, who are you going out with?

Me - oh just a friend who lives here, he just text me!

i mentally face slapped my self why did I say he?

Liam - oh, he. We'll will you be back before we're back from sound check?

Me - sure why?

Liam - I need to talk to you, but anyway see you in abit. 

He walked off to meet the boys before I could reply. Me and Lucas had a good feed and a great catch up I hadn't really seen him the past few months due to him being in japan.

I got back a few minuets before the boys, I was in my broom when I heard a smash, I ran out and thought someone was hurt, Niall had fell and went straight into the glass table he was bleeding in several place I cauldron handle it so I ran out, I really need to get in control I literally just feed.

I went back out 40 minuets later and there was no blood in sight and all the glass was cleared up.

Me - So, how was sound check then?

trying to start the conversation.

Harry - erm it was good, you need to come tomorrow to practise opening the show 

I nodded and everyone headed to there rooms apart from me and Liam it was pretty late but he wanted to speak to me we decided to go for a walk so the boys wouldn't over hear, it was quite dark but due to being a vamp I could see in the dark I was kind of guiding our way.

Liam - I need to ask you something.

Me - erhh yeah?

Liam - would you do me the honour of going on a date with me on Saturday?

Me - Sure id love to.

after that we held hands as we walked back towards the bus it was so romantic  but I knew something would ruin it and then I looked into the ally, all I could see was glowing eyes and I knew who it was, I may have forgot to say before Lucas went to Japan we kind of had a thing, not a big thing just a few dates and a bit of kissing but he proper fell for me and me... Not so much. He slowly stepped out and stared at me he looked heart broken but angry all in one and I was the reason, we'll don't I feel like a bad person.


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