1D Imagines!

I want to try some imagines. Just comment your name, and which boy you like. Harry, Niall, Liam! Louis, or Zayn. You can comment extra details, and preferably your hair and eye colors, as well.
(Btw, no dirty stuff. I hate that stuff. So don't even mention it, please.)


2. For Xitlali!

Your boyfriend, Harry Styles, has returned for his tour! You hadn't seen him in so long. It was so hard. But you stayed connected with Skype. When you see him, you run to him. He engulfs you in a hug.

"Harry! I missed you so. Much!" You say.

"I missed you too, Xitlali." Harry whispers. He takes a strand of your brown hair and puts it behind your ear. You smile, his green eyes looking into your brown ones. He leans in for a kiss, and you wait. Just as your about to kiss, Niall yells.

"Get a room!" He says. You smirk, Harry's arm around your shoulder.

"Oh, shut it, Niall!" Harry yells. Niall laughs, smiling. "So, can I still get that kiss, Xitlali?" Harry asks. You look at. Him, his eyes twinkling, a cheeky smile on his face.

"Always." You say, leaning in giving him a kiss. As you pull apart, you smile at him, hugging him one last time.

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