1D Imagines!

I want to try some imagines. Just comment your name, and which boy you like. Harry, Niall, Liam! Louis, or Zayn. You can comment extra details, and preferably your hair and eye colors, as well.
(Btw, no dirty stuff. I hate that stuff. So don't even mention it, please.)


4. For Mikki!

 Zayn is waiting for you at the airport. You just got back from a summer visiting your friend in America. You smile at him, rolling your eyes when he smiles back. He still continues to smile. People around Zayn are looking at him, mostly girls, but you don't get jealous. He is apart of the world famous boy band One Direction, after all. 

"Hey, Mr. Malik." You say, as you walk up to him.

"Hey, Mikki." He replies.

"Hmm... I like DJ Malik better for you. It fits."

"Oh really?"

"Yes. It really does! I'm not kidding." You reply. You readjust your glasses. He smiles down at you, you maybe being smaller than him. You push your brown hair out of your eyes, and Zayn pulls you closer. You smile up at him, staring into his brown eyes, while he looks into yours.

"You know, America is very different." You say. He nods.

"I know. I've been."

"Well, there's one thing I had been missing there."


"That, and..."

You kiss him, and when you part, you look into his eyes again.

"I can see how you missed that." He replies.

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