Completely Unexpected (Jalex)

Jack and Alex were best friends when they were little. When Alex's family moved from England to Baltimore, the instantly became friends and have been inseparable. At age 11 & 10, Alex's family moves back to Essex, England. Although they tried keeping in touch, the friend ship slowly diminished. 15 years later the boy finally met again when Alex moved back to start his music career. But his girlfriend, Lisa, also moved back with him.

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2. Chapter Two

It was the next morning Alex was getting ready for his big meeting with Hopeless records. He was currently in the bathroom getting ready and warming up his vocals. His girlfriend, Lisa, walked in and gave in a quick kiss before she had to leave for work. Alex smiled and said goodbye to her.

He stood in his kitchen debating something to eat. After about 10 minutes of looking, Alex finally settled on just having a small bowl of Reese's Puffs. He poured his bowl and sat at the island in the kitchen continuing to sing to himself. Alex's phone buzzed, swallowing a bit he picked up his phone to see who texted him. Jack. A smile instantly appeared on his face, even when they were little, just the mention of Jack's name made him happy. And it looks like it still does.

From: Jack The Boner King ;)
Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to met up after your meeting?

Alex smiled and laughed at the ridiculous name Jack put in his phone. Maybe Jack was the boner king. It would definitely fit what Alex has learnt about him already.

To: Jack The Boner King ;)
Sure :) i would too.

Alex replied and sat his phone down cleaning up his breakfast. Once everything was all cleaned up, Alex put on his shoes and jack and head out. The brunette's car wasn't starting. He revved the engine a few times and nothing. It made it worse that he didn't know anything about cars. He started to get a little anxiety think about what happened if he was late or completely unable to make it to the meeting. 'Okay, calm down. It’s just chemicals' Alex thought to himself. It something he practiced with his therapist back in England.

He pulled out his phone and called the first person that came to his mind. As the phone was ringing, he calmed himself down. He still had time to get there.

"Hey, Alex" Jack cheery voice came from the other end.
"Hey, Jack!"
"Whats up? I thought you had a meeting at Hopeless?"
"I do," Alex answered. "thats why i called. I was wondering if you could drive me? my car won't start." Alex mumbled quietly feeling a little embarrassed at the situation.
"Yeah, sure. I have a friend that works there so I know where its at. Lets me get dressed and text me your address. I'll be there in a few minutes." Alex let out a breath he didnt even know that he was keeping in.
"Thank you so much, Jack! I owe you one!" Alex cheered into his cell phone.
"no problem."
They hung up the phone and Alex texted Jack his address. with about 15 minutes Jack rolled up. He did have a fancy car, but it wasn't complete shit either.

"Get in loser were going shopping!" Jack laughed at his overused Joke he stole from Mean Girls.
"Haha. Very funny" Alex chuckled as he go in the car. "You do know where you're going right?"
"Yes, I told you I have a friend that works at the company. I could probably get you in faster if you wanted"
"Seriously? That'd be awesome!" Jack drive them to hopeless make meaningless small talk along the way. Mainly talking about jokes the pulled in school. Somehow they both ended up very similar in music and pranks.

"Where heeeeerrrreee!" Jack sang opening his car door.
"Thanks dude. It means a lot." The older boy answered back getting out of the car a following Jack inside.
"Hey Zack!" Jack waved at his muscular friend sitting at the resection desk.
"Hey, Jack!" he waved back. "What are you doing here?"
"I'm dropping my friend Alex off." He said pointing to the boy behind him. "Do you think we can get him in earlier? I know Dan is in there."
"I'll see what I can do. Take a seat" the both nodded and sat down.

"So who's Zack?" Alex questioned.
"He's a friend from high school. He got a job here when he was 18 I think. He's always been into music but never believed he was good enough so he just stuck with this. But I begged a differ. He's amazing at Base and probably just about every other instrument out there"
"Really? That's sweet!" Alex smiled.
"So what are you doing here?" Jack chuckled.
"Back in England I started writing music and playing guitar. Even singing a little. I recorded a few demos and set them out. Hopeless took interest in me and flew me out here."
"Really? Who would have known it would lead to us meeting again."

The were both interrupted when the sound of Zacks voice cut in.
"Alex Gaskarth?" The older boy shook his head. "Dan Mathews will see you know. Jack, don't go in this time." Jack broke out laughing.
"Oh come on he loves me!"
"Maybe so but you always make a mess. Just wait till Alex gets out"
"Fine." Jack groaned.

Alex stood up and walked threw the big doors leading down a hallway. He was trying to find office 325. He soon found it and nicked on the door. 'Come in' Alex heard a quiet voice, he opened the door and his mouth almost instantly dropped. this was definitely not a normal recording studio. Everyone was so laid back despite having all the fancy equipment.

"Please sit down Mr. Gaskarth and we can talk." Dan said before closing the door.
About 35 minutes later and Zack and Jacks third round of throwing things at each other Alex finally walked out.
"Hey how'd it go?" The younger boy asked him.
"It actually went really good"
"I didn't expect anything less" Zack cut in and chuckled. "I was the demo. You're really good man. You'll go places!"
Alex giggled at him and thanked him. "Anyways. Zack, Alex. Alex, Zack. Since I didn't re introduce you guys earlier"
"Nice to me you" the both said at the same time.

"So ready to eat?" The lighter brunette asked.
"Yes I'm hungry as fuck!"
Jack yelled back.
"We'll let's go" Alex walked out the door first. Jack sneaking a quick look at his friends ass. Damn to say the least.

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