Completely Unexpected (Jalex)

Jack and Alex were best friends when they were little. When Alex's family moved from England to Baltimore, the instantly became friends and have been inseparable. At age 11 & 10, Alex's family moves back to Essex, England. Although they tried keeping in touch, the friend ship slowly diminished. 15 years later the boy finally met again when Alex moved back to start his music career. But his girlfriend, Lisa, also moved back with him.

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3. Chapter Three

"So where would you like to eat?" Jack broke the silence of the car ride.
"I'm not sure. Anything is good for me as long as I get some food in my stomach now" Alex replied back and chuckled.
"Okay, well there is this really good corner restaurant down the street. They just opened up and I've heard that they are pretty good priced." Jack suggested. He honestly did really care where they ate as long as he was able to talk to the cute man sitting next to him.
"Yeah, that sounds really good" the older boy nodded. "And I'll pay. It's the least I could do for making you drive me all the way here"
"no." the raven hair boy said bluntly. "I don't let people pay for me. And it was really no trouble. I don't live that far."

The boys made useless chatter for the next ten minutes heading to the restaurant. When they finally got there both boys sighed happily finally being able to get food in their systems. Jack parked the car and ran over to the other side of to open the door for Alex, being more dramatic than he probably should.

"We are here, sir" The taller boy said as he opened the door.
"Oh, why thank you kind, sir." Alex replied back in a sarcastic British tone.
"You know for someone who lived in England, for most of their life, your British accent sucks" Jack laughed at him and poke his sides.
"Hey stop!" Alex giggled and pushed Jacks hands away. "It’s not my fault. When I moved back i never got my accent back. It’s weird. Sometimes you can hear it though." Alex finished talking as they walked through the doors of the restaurant

"Wait," jack stopped them. "Did you really giggle?"
"Jack, that was five minutes ago."
"So! It was cute." Jack said. "You should have kept that British accent. Would have been hot" Jack playful wink at the older boy. But at the same time he could feel a tiny tiny feels begin to happen on the boy.
"Okay, let’s stop before you combust of gayness" Alex laughed and smacked Jack on the arm.

They took a seat at a booth in the back corner of the restaurant. They ordered their meals and began eating. It was silent for the most part. Jack kept finding himself staring at his friend. Anyone, gay or not, definitely thought Alex was cute. And Jack was another one of those people. They were quiet for a bit longer until Alex finished his hamburger and spoke.

"Okay, um, this might sound really weird. It’s kind of a strange thing to ask, but, um-"
"Out with is Already, Alex!" Jack laughed.
"In relationships are you more, of um... Are the more dominant or submissive one? I guess... Sorry if that’s too personal." Alex mumbled and looked down at his plate.
"No, it’s, fine. I’ve had a million people ask me that." Jack smiled at the caramel haired boy as he lifted his head. "It depends on the relationship. I'm actually a little more dominate believe it or not" Jack chuckled makes Alex giggle along with him. "Why do you ask?"
"I don’t know. I was just kinda curious." Alex answered and Jack nodded understanding.
It’s a common question. In straight relationships, the guys are the dominate ones. Just the way it works. In same gender relationships, it can go either way. The boys continued to talk while they were waiting for their check. They were just about to leave when Alex noticed his girlfriend walk through the door with one of her friends.

"Alex? Hey! What are you doing here?" the girl’s cheery voice said and she wrapped her arms around Alex's neck. He instantly hugged her back holding her small waist.

"I had a meeting at Hopeless today, going over some things and Jack and I decide to go out for lunch." he answered pointing to the boy standing next to him.
"Hi, I'm Jack." the taller boy said and held his hand out for the girl to shake.
"Hello, I'm Lisa." she said smiling. "How do you know my babe here" she giggled.
"We were friends when we were younger." Jack answered.
"Yeah, we were practically inseparable back then." Alex finished Jacks thought and Lisa nodded. Jack looked her up and down. She was gorgeous to say the least; small, long light brown hair and big blue eyes. Jack may have been gay, be he wasn't stupid enough to notice how attractive she was. Jack felt a little bit of jealousy towards the small girl. She was cute, small and seem really nice. Defiantly something that Alex seemed to like, and Jack wasn’t really any of those things.

"Oh, sorry for being rude. This is my friend Becca." Becca nodded and shook Jack and Alex's hands. "Well we just came to get coffee before we head back to work. I’ll see you later babe." Lisa said and quickly pecked Ales on the lips. One she left Jack looked at Alex with smirk.

"What?" Alex asked.
"She's cute." the younger boy replied.
"Yeah, I know!" Alex said in a happy voice.
"You do realize your girlfriend looks like she’s 15 right?" Jack laughed as they were walking out of the restaurant.
"Yeah. She never seems to age. She’s 25, like me. But unlike me, she doesn't age. I’m starting to look old." Alex laughed.
"Aw come one. I still think you're pretty handsome." Jack pushed Alex a little in a flirting tone.
"Have you always been this big of a flirt?"
"Ever since I was little." The taller boy grinned back.
They both got in the car and Jack drove Alex back home.

"Well, I'll see you later." Jack said as he pulled up to Alex's driveway.
"Do you wanna come in for a few minutes?" Jacks heart speed up a little, but felt a little sad that he wasn't able to.
"Um, I Can’t." he’s started. "I'm hanging out with my bud, Rian in like 10 minutes." he gave Alex an apologetic look.
"Okay, another time. I'll text you later" Jack nodded and they said their last goodbye before Jack drove off.


Jack arrived at Rian's house a few minutes late after stopping to get some drinks for them.
"Hey, Jack" Rian said as Jack let himself in to his apartment.
"Hey there good lookin'" Jack winked as he sat the beer in the counter in the small kitchen.
"Dude, you know I have a girlfriend"
"Yes I'm well aware if Cassadee! But that doesn't mean I can't change you" Jack laughed and handed the other boy a beer.
"Not gonna happen in this life, Jacko" the both took a sip and say in the couch. "So how has your day been?"

"Well," Jack starts. "It was good for the most part."
"The most part?" Rian asked.
"Okay, you know that guy I was telling you about? And how we've technically been friends since we were like 5?"
"Yeah, Alex right?"
"Yeah him." Jack confirmed. "I met his girlfriend today" the skunk hairs boy trailed off in thought.
"Ohh" the other mouthed. "I think I sense a bit if jealousy towards this girl, Jack."

"What!?" Jack whisper yelled with wide eyes. How would Rian come to the conclusion? "I'm not jealous of her"
"The way your acting tells me differently. You like him don't you?"
"No." Jack said defiantly, but lying.
"Yes you do." Rian said with a straight face looking right at the taller boy.
"Rian, I don't like him. Plus he's straight."
"Jack from what you tell me, he's not all straight." Jack huffed a little getting annoying with his friend. "Jack, I've known you since High school, I know when you like someone"

Jack groaned and drank some more of his drink. His angry face softened and he sighed.
"Yeah I don't know... I guess maybe..." Jack mumbles under his breath, but just enough for Rian to hear. Rian held back a small smirk know that he was right once again. Jack bent over putting his head in his hands.
"Why do I always fall for the straight guy? And to make it worse, the straight guy with a clearly gorgeous girlfriend."
"I don't know." Rian said rubbing Jacks back for some kind of comfort. "But hey, you have your friendship back from your childhood, tones of people would love to have that."
"Yeah, I guess." The raven haired boy mumbled.
"Give things time. You'll get your prince one day, Jack." The buzz cut man said and smiled at Jack.

The two talked for a while, mostly about Alex. Jack couldn't keep this boy off of his mind. His appearance; skinny jeans, band tee's, perfect hair. No matter what he did to it, it looked amazing. His personality; funny artistic, and musical, which jack liked best. To Jack, Alex was his perfect Prince Charming. He's been with a lot of people over the years, but something just felt different towards his friend.

The little crush that started for the boy was getting stronger, but he didn't want to fuck up their friendship they only just got back.

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