Completely Unexpected (Jalex)

Jack and Alex were best friends when they were little. When Alex's family moved from England to Baltimore, the instantly became friends and have been inseparable. At age 11 & 10, Alex's family moves back to Essex, England. Although they tried keeping in touch, the friend ship slowly diminished. 15 years later the boy finally met again when Alex moved back to start his music career. But his girlfriend, Lisa, also moved back with him.

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6. Chapter Six

Lets just say that Alex had a couple beers... Or eight. Alex was like any other drunk. He's done some stupid things. Only he was also very emotional while he was drunk. The last time he was on vacation with Lisa, he got drunk at the hotel bar and bawled his eyes out in the lobby because he couldn't find his room. It's was quite amusing sometimes but you felt bad for the poor man. Especially when now he's bawling his eyes out to the bartender that he caught his girlfriend fucking another guy in their- his bed.


Lucky enough for Alex, Rian was there helping out a couple of friends. "Umm.. Alex is that you?" Rian asked the drunk man. He never met him in person but from how Jack described him, it looked like Alex.

"Uh.." Alex mumbled and squinted his eyes looking at the buzz cut man sitting next to him. "Yeahhh... Who are you?" Alex slurred his words and poked Rian's shoulder.

"I'm Rian. I'm a friend of Jack’s." He said calmly. He's had some experience with overly drunk people.

"OH!" The older man shouted. "Jack's a good person, cute too" he mumbled and dropped his head to the bar.

Rian chuckled a little and asked Dave, the bartender, how much he had. When he answered eight, Rian knew that he wasn't going to leave Alex here alone. "Okay, you're coming with me." The younger said taking Alex's arm over his shoulder and helping him up.


"You can't get me into bed that easy mister" he slurred giggling, Rian just rolled his eyes and paid the bartender.

"I have a girlfriend." Alex giggled and him and hiccuped.

"Ooohhh... Make sure you keep and eye in her! Women are cheaters and liars!" Alex giggled waving his finger in the air and tripping over his own feet.

"Oh shit, Alex! Are you okay?" Rian helped Bent over next to Alex.

"No. She cheated. Was I not good enough for her? I have her everything and she-" Alex started crying. Rian sighed and help Alex to his feet.

"I'll be okay buddy. She's not worth it. How about I take you to Jack’s?" Alex smiled and nodded. Rian was happy. He didn't wanna be responsible for the guy all night and he had no clue where he lived and doubted that the drunk man knew either.


The car ride was mostly silent. Just the faint sound of the radio and every once and a while a random giggle from Alex. He was completely wasted laughing, and sometimes crying, at everything. Rian was relieved when he pulled up to Jack's. Sometimes he was too nice.

He help the drunk man from the car and found their way to Alex door. Why did he have to live on the third level of his building? He kept hold of who thought it was funny to move away and fall on his ass. When Jack finally opened his door, he looked tired. "Rian, what? It's  one am." Rian pushed Alex through the doorway and he fell in Jack's arms.


"He's your problem" Jack lifted an eyebrow and held the older boy.

"What's wrong?"

"He's wasted. And he keeps babbling about some break up or girl. I'm assuming Lisa."

"Ohh. Okay. Thanks Ri." The smiled and Jack closed the door, Rian leaving.

Jack walked the drunken boy over the couch and let him fall over on his side. The taller boy sat next to him and helped him sit up, resolving in him falling on Jack. Alex giggled.


"Hi, Jacky!" Alex slurred.

"Hi, Alex." Jack replied and patted his shoulder. "Why were you out so late? How much did you drink?"

"You were right, Jack-o!" Alex's face sifted fast and turned to a sad look. "She's a cheater!"

"Lex, what are you talking about?" Jack tried getting Alex to look at him, when he did Jacks heart shattered at the poor man. He started lightly sobbing.

"Lisa. She cheated and I saw her." By now he was full on crying. All Jack could do was hold him and keep telling him things would be okay. When Alex finally claimed himself down Jack asked if he was okay.

"Yeah.." Alex breathed. Jack could tell his heart was completely broken. "Jacky?" Alex whimpered getting his attention.

"Yeah?" Alex just stared at him for a second. Alex lent up from

The other shoulders cinching the twos lips. Jack was taken back by the kiss but liked it. He's wanted to kiss Alex since he saw him again. He kissed back slightly but pulled away, he didn't want to take advantage of the other in such a drunk state. "Sorry.." Alex mumbled when he pulled away.

"It's okay."


Alex stood up quickly holding his mouth. Jack was confused for a second, then his eye widened in realization. "Oh shit, c'mer" Jack said and pulling Alex in the right direction of the bathroom. Right as Jack opened the door Alex feel to the toilet, throwing up the contents in his stomach. The lanky boy kneeled next to him rubbing soothing circles on his back. He quickly got up and grabbed a wet wash cloth and sat back down whipping the others face and cooling him down. Alex lent on laying on Jack again like he had been earlier. He looked so broken, it hurt Jack thinking that someone could betray someones as amazing as Alex.


"I'm sorry, Jacky." He slurred in a groggy voice sounding completely wore out.

"Stop apologizing," Jack laughed slightly. "C'mon, lets get you to bed." Jack picked the boy from the ground. He dragged him from the bathroom and laid him in his bed, he didn't have a guest room. He got a pot and put it by the bed in case he need to throw up again.

Jack was leaving the room when Alex spoke up, "Jacky, can you lay with me?... Please?" Jack hurt at how broken he sounded. He shook his head even though the older but couldn't see him, he went over and Crawled under the covers with Alex. Alex cuddled into Jacks side curling his arm around his torso. Jack smiled, he love it, but wish it was under different circumstances.

"Night, Jacky" Alex mumbled.

"Night, Lex"




Alex woke up the next morning with his head pounding. The sunlight coming from between the window curtains wasn't helping either. He look at Jacks clock beside the bed. He groaned rolling over. How is it  two pm? He groaned again, he was going to a lot today, and got up. He walked into the living room where Jack was sitting watching so tv show. Alex pressed his palms to the sides of his head trying to calm his headache, and sat next to Jack.


"Hey," Alex mumbled as he sat next to him.

"Hey, you're awake!" Jack replied cheerily. Alex winced at the sound. "Oh, sorry." He said more quietly. Jack admired how Alex look, beside the fact he looked dead with dark circles under his eyes and he was tired, he was gorgeous when he woke up. His messy hair poking in different directions, his loose fitting t-shirt, Jack loved it. It was definitely something that Jack would have no problem waking up to every morning.

"How much did I drink last night?" Alex questioned grabbing his head again.

"A lot. I don't know how much. Rian brought you here last night cuz he didn't want to leave you alone like that" Alex nodded. "you were talking about some break up last night" Alex's eyes went soft.

"Yeah. I went home early yesterday and I found Lisa, with some guy. It wasn't pretty."


"Did you guys break up?" Alex just barely nodded. "I'm so sorry, I know how much you liked her."

"Yeah," Alex mumbled. "Just... Why.. I did everything for her and..." The elders eyes teared up and and he but his lip to stop it from quivering. All Jack could think to do was hold him close. He let him cry a little before he stopped.

"Did I do anything to stupid last night?" Alex ask moving away from Jack and whipping his face with his sleeve.

"Not that I know of.. You.. Uh.." He stopped not sure if he should tell him or not. Alex just nodded for him to continue. "You kissed me yesterday.. Like lips and stuff.. And you wanted me to cuddle you last night.."

"Oh." Jack just nodded. "Did you cuddle me?" He asked teasingly trying to cheer himself up.

"Only because you wanted me too." the younger smiled at him.


"Sorry for kissing you by the way. I get really emotional and sometimes really lovey when I’m really drunk."

“it's okay, you're lucky that I'm gay or you would have had a real problem on your hands” Jack laughed and lightly punched his arm. Jack didn't want to admit how much he liked the kiss, even though Alex was drunk and couldn't even remember most of it.

“I should probably go. I don't wanna throw up all over your apartment.”

“Uh, yeah. okay. Come over any time.” he mumbled and walked the other to the door.

“I’ll, see you soon. Thanks for keeping my butt from doing anything stupid… and tell Rian I said that you as well.”

“will do” Alex walked out the door. Jack took a deep breath before calling Alex back. “yeah” without even thinking about what he was doing, he quickly kissed Alex on his lips and back away. “s-sorry.. uh.. um.. see ya later.” Alex nodded before walking out and down the hallway.


Jack closed his door and rested his head against it sighing. Alex kissing him while he was drunk was one thing, but they were both sober this time. He really hoped that he didn't just fuck things up. At least he didn't push him away... he hoped.



A/N: Jalex though *wink wink* haha this chapter didn't really come together like I thought it should but I hope you like it. I wasn't sure if I was going to update this week but I found a little bit of time. Please comment and tell me what you think, vote and follow me if you would like. It all means a lot. Thank you for reading :)


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