Completely Unexpected (Jalex)

Jack and Alex were best friends when they were little. When Alex's family moved from England to Baltimore, the instantly became friends and have been inseparable. At age 11 & 10, Alex's family moves back to Essex, England. Although they tried keeping in touch, the friend ship slowly diminished. 15 years later the boy finally met again when Alex moved back to start his music career. But his girlfriend, Lisa, also moved back with him.

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1. Chapter One

"maybe you can just hide in my closet, then you wont have to go" Jack's small voice said hugging his best friend.
"I want to, but, i think my parents would get worried if i went missing" Alex replied hold Jack even closer.
"I dont want you to go. you can't" Both boys started crying for maybe the third time that day. Ever since they got the news that Alex and his family had to move back to Essex, England for Alex's dad's job, they have been heart broken.

Jack and Alex have been friends for 5 years. Alex now being eleven and Jack being ten. They have been inseparable since the first time they met. It broke Alex's mom's heart to see her son cry about moving all the way across the planet. She promises they can keep in touch. But living in two different countries, that was easier said than done.

"Alex, baby." Isobel, Alex's mom, stepped into Jack room. "we have to go now."
"no! mom, i can't leave Jack!" Alex sobbed into his best friends shoulder.
"I'm sorry baby. I dont want too but we have too. You'll understand one day." she rubbed both boys backs trying to sooth them. "you guys can write and call. I promise. but we need to go" telling her son that honestly broke her heart. She had never seen Alex happier than when he was with Jack. But sometimes things didn't always work out. "Ill be in the car." she spoke before leaving.
"promise me you wont forget me?" Jack asked giving a last hug to Alex.
"I would never, Jack. You're my best friend."
"We'll always be best friends wont we?"
"Always" Alex said kissing Jacks cheek. Alex started towards the door before jack puled his arm back.
"wait" alex turned around looking at Jack confused. "here." Jack took off a bracelet he had on and gave it to the other boy. It read 'Jack' on it. "so you never forget" Alex took the bracelet and put it on himself and smiled at the younger boy.
"i'm going to miss you Jacko." they hugged for the last and final time before Alex left.


Over the next few months both boys tried to keep in contact but it was hard. They lived in two different countries and two different time zones. they wrote a few times hoping that their letters wouldn't get lost. When Jack was a sleep, Alex was awake and vice versa. It was only a few hours but neither boys were ones to wake up early and go to bed late, even if they tried.

The times they could get through they could talk very long. Long distance was expensive. Especially overseas. After about a year and a half, communication stopped. Both boys were hurt over it but they always kept that tiny hope in them that they would be together again soon.

Fifteen years later, the boys never forgot. They tried to get in contact with each other but, finding each other was hard. They both gave up. Jack is now 25 and Alex is almost 26. Both boys had made a pretty good life for themselves. Alex was pursuing his career in music and moved back to the states. He never really had a real job, but he didn't care. Jack on the other had had too many "jobs" mostly in restaurants and stores, he never wanted to go to college. Much like Alex he wanted to join the music industry. He played in park and small venues and actually made a pretty decent living for himself. Both of their lives were pretty good.


"hey, Jack. The usual for you?" the cashier asked at the local coffee shop. The tall black haired went into almost every day. Jack answered yes and sat down at a table by the window. He was playing on his phones when he was called up to get his drink. He mouthed a thank you and paid the cashier for the drink. looking down putting his month back in his wallet, he noticed a familiar bracelet. much like the one he had when he was a kid. It had all the same colors and everything. he closed his wallet and looked at the man standing next to him.

"Lex?" Jack asked catching the attention of the, rather gorgeous, boy next to him. The other boy turned to look at Jack.
"um, yeah." Alex said in confusion.
"It's jack" the dark hair boy said. "Barakat" he finished clarifying who exactly he was. Alex's face got softer and smiled.
"w-what? Jack!?" his grin got bigger. "like really you?" Jack nodded and smiled too. "oh my god. Its been so long. like what? Fifteen years?"
"yeah. I've tried to get in contact with you but, other side of the planet. Kinda hard."

"I know tell me about it." both boys we smiling at each other in disbelief like this was a dream. They both have been looking for each other for so long this didn't think they would ever see each other again. "um, why don't we sit?" Alex suggested pointing to a pair of seats in the corner of the coffee shop. Jack nodded and followed Alex over to the seats with their drinks.

"So, hows it been? where are you living now?" Alex asked taking a sip of his drink.
"its been good. I still live in Baltimore. I'm over here Just to visit a friend." Jack explained. "What about you? when did you get back from England? are you staying?"
"um, yeah. So far i'm staying for a while. Im here cuz Hopeless Records wanted to talk to me about some demos i sent them a couple months back."
"So youre doing music?"
"Yep. All I've ever done. Not really good at anything else" the caramel hair boy laughed. Jack could really help but stare. His young friend grew up to be quite attractive. "Do you do anything?"
"no, I live in a box" Jack said almost serious before laughing. "no, kidding. I Just go around. Small jobs. Play guitar at parks and stuff. I might hook every once in a while" Jack said adding another joke in the mix.

"Well you're definitely the same funny Jack." Alex smiled. "Hows life? are you married, dating?"
"No and no. Haven't found anyone yet. Still looking" Jack smiled. "what about you? married, dating?" he asked mocking the way Alex asked him.
"No im not married but yes I am seeing someone." Jack smiled and wiggled his eyebrows.
"ooo tell me more, all the juicy details."
"There isn't too much to tell." Alex laughed. "Her name is Lisa. We've been dating for almost three years and shes gorgeous. She lives in baltimore as well"
"she seems cool so far. maybe i'll meet her one day." Jack said taking a drink of his coffee.

"yeah, so about you. Whens the last time you had anyone special?"
"its been awhile. I go on a few dates here and there when my friends set me up. They dont usually work out." they both laughed. "My last serious relationship was about eight months or so ago with a guy named David. That lasted about a year, but it just didn't work so it ended."
"so does that mean, you're gay or what?" alex asked curiously.
"Yeah" jack laughed a little. "only guys. I figured that out in high school. Girls just never, did anything for me I guess." both of them smiling and nodding.
"As long as you happy then it doesn't matter." alex laughed. "but hey, I gotta go. I have my first meeting with Hopeless tomorrow, so i gotta get ready, so i'll call you? whats your number"
"um yeah sure." jack answered putting his number in Alex cell. "were still best friends forever right?" he laughed.
"Always, Jack." Alex smiled.
"wait!" Jack called him back. "how come you kept the bracelet for so long?"
"youre my best friend, you gave it to me." Jack blushed a little hearing that. "ill see ya' later" they both nodded and went their separate ways. They were definitely on each others minds for the rest of the day.

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