Completely Unexpected (Jalex)

Jack and Alex were best friends when they were little. When Alex's family moved from England to Baltimore, the instantly became friends and have been inseparable. At age 11 & 10, Alex's family moves back to Essex, England. Although they tried keeping in touch, the friend ship slowly diminished. 15 years later the boy finally met again when Alex moved back to start his music career. But his girlfriend, Lisa, also moved back with him.

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5. Chapter Five

The next morning Alex woke up to Lisa already being gone. He thought that maybe she never even came home last night, making him a little paranoid after what jack said last night. He rolled over noticing a small note on the night stand. ‘Got called in early. Sorry babe, Love you. - Lisa’. the note ease Alex’s mind a little know that she was just at work. Right now he would love to curl back into the warm blanket, be he, too, had to go to work.
He rolled out of the comfort of his bed and got dressed and had a quick snack for breakfast. Today he was starting to work on some vocals for an EP that Hopeless wanted him to do. He arrived at the  studio waving to Zack on the way in. Both of the boys got pretty familiar with one another seeing each other everyday. Alex learned that Zack was a pretty cool guy, quiet but nice none the less.
“Morning, Alex” his vocal coach, John, yelled to him as he walked in.
“Morning, John.” Alex waved back and sat on the chair next to him. “what vocals are we doing today?” the other man ruffled through a stack of papers looking through the right one for that day. Alex’s eye spotted and older song he written a couple days ago and picked it up glancing over the lyrics. “Hey, John.” he said tapping John on the shoulder. “I wanna do this this one today.” he gave the lyric sheet over to his vocal coach.
“This song is still new, barely any instruments recorded for it, are you sure you can still hit that note?” Alex nodded and smiled. Its not like his voice changed that much. “okay, get in the booth. I’ll pull up the recording”
Alex stood up walking into the small booth. Because it was being paid for by an actual real deal Record label, it was pretty fancy. Professional mics, padded walled to stop the sound from echoing. Alex sat the lyrics in front of him by the mic and took a deep breath. Today was the first time he's actually got to record any form of vocals. “okay, 3, 2, 1” John said and started playing the guitar they recorded a while back.
“Hey there it's good to see you again, It never felt right calling this "just friends". I'm happy, if you're happy, with yourself.” Alex sang. John sat back in his chair listening to Alex. The boy was a natural talent. Some highs and lows every once in a while needed some tweaking, but damn, this boy actually had talent unlike most of the poppy artist on the radio. Alex sung the rest of the song and tracked vocals for a couple other.
“Okay, you've done a lot of work today. you can go on home”
“Are you sure? i can do more vocals” Alex said as he was walking out of the booth.
“yeah I’m sure. I’m getting a little tired today anyway. Its probably the weather.” Alex nodded in agreement and gathered his things.
“I’ll see you tomorrow.” was the last thing he said before he left the studio.  
It was earlier than usual. Normally he wouldn't get home until about 5om and it was only 2om right now. Because it was so early, Alex decided to take the long way home. Somehow he always felt better driving. He would sing to himself and come up with random lyrics. Alex drive by the coffee shop that he and Jack went to. His face dropped feeling a little guilty about being so rude to Jack last night instead of taking the time to listen to his childhood friend. Alex decided on giving Jack a call when he got home.
A few minutes later Alex finally arrived home. He noticed another car in the driveway, one he hasn't seen before. At first he didn't think anything of it. Alex figured that it was one of Lisa’s friends. He parked and went into the house putting his jacket away and walking upstairs. He heard moaning from down the hall. Alex walked to his door and the moaning continued. He slowly pushed the door open and his mouth dropped and his eyes widened.
“What the fuck!?” Alex screamed, anger filling his voice. Lisa screamed and rolled off the unknown man pulling the blanket over her chest.
“Alex!? W-What are you doing here” Lisa screamed screamed back. The other man just look scarred and shocked.
“I got off early. What the fuck are you doing in bed with this guy?”
“Dude, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that this was your gir-” the unknown guy chimed in.
“I don't wanna fucking hear it! Get out!” Alex screamed at the other man. The unknown guys gathered his clothes and ran out of the rom. An angry Alex wasn’t something to mess with.
“Alex, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean this” The small blonde said standing up wrapping the blanket around her. Alex walked over to her.
“No! Don't even try this! I fucking trusted you, Lisa! I give you everything and all the freedom that you want and you threw this back at me!!” Alex was furious. And felt even more guilty that he didn't believe Jack when he told him. Whether this was the same man from last night or not.
“Alex, I’m sorry! You weren’t here and-”
“Don't even try this, Lisa! That is no excuse!” Alex tried to calm his breathing, but his panic attack started to set it. He turned around and sat on the bed. “How many times?” “What-” “No, Lisa, How many times?”
“That was the only one I swear” Lisa tried pleading with Alex. The boy just shook his head and called himself, not wanting to do anything he would regret.
“I’m not gonna do this with you.” he said standing up. “You have until the end of the night to get all of your stuff and leave.”
“Alex plea-”
“no.” was the last thing Alex said before leaving the room and driving to the closest bar there is.


What!? A chapter two days early!? yeah. I hope this chapter is okay. its a little short. But i hope you like it. There may note be an update next week because of school work and stuff. I'm a little behind. 

Thank you For reading <3 Comment and tell me what you think

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