"No one else can hurt you like I can." I pushed back his shivering body that was yearning for me. I couldn't hear this anymore, how much I needed him. It was driving me mad. " Norie, why is that?"
"Answer me Norie."
"Norie!" I didn't want to say it. I wasn't even sure if the feelings I was experiencing were mine to experience. I was in a state in which I had no control over. After seeing Harry after 4 years I didn't know what to think. "Norie?"
"Because I love you!" I sighed.


14. Chapter Thirteen

"Hello, dear." My mother smiles as I push open the door to the house. The smell of stuffy cologne and wine courses through my nostrils. My dad immediately grabs my few bags from my hands and brings them to my old room down the hall. They are both dressed up as if they are ready to go out again and it's only 1:45. 

The pale walls are the same since the last time I was hear on Christmas which is a big deal for my parents, considering they change their decor every week at least. 

"You should get dressed dear, Karen and Dan asked us over for lunch. Doesn't that seem fun? You haven't seen them in a while." I smile and nod although it seems far from fun. Dan is...well a rich snooty business type man who I could care less than to spend hours shoving rich food down my mouth. Karen is rich too, but she's extremely sweet and I'm actually more excited to see than attending lunch with normal people after being at college for so long. They had a son around my age and I think he goes to college in Scottsdale but I haven't seen him since High School.

My mother gives me hug before sending me down the hall to my room. I find a red dress that stops just above my knees and a pair of red flats. I'm so used to wearing dresses after this week that it sort of feels to plain to just wear a red dress and curl my hair. I pin my hair up instead and leave a few curled strands floating around my face. 

Karen and Dan live on the other side of Scottsdale, which isn't that far of a drive but I keep imagining my dream playing through my head. Once I get around people I won't be able to think with all the questions they'll be throwing at me and I'm glad. 

"Norie, dear. Did you hear me?" My father speaks from the front seat. 

"Sorry, no. What did you say?"

"I asked you if you were feeling all right." I nod and smile. 

"Yes, I feel fine."

"Okay." I notice the tall brick building in front of us and imedialtey grow sick. I don't know why this place makes me react this way but it does and I don't care for it at all. They get out and I follow them up the steep driveway as the sound of my mothers heels drowns out the constant chattering of my teeth.

The push the door open and the chime echoes through the house. Apparently no one in Scottsdale keeps their doors locked. 

"Karen! Dan!" My dad booms. A man in black slacks and white cardigan walks around the corner smiling, a caramel colored beverage in hand. 

"Charlotte! Richard!" He turns to me smiling. "Eleanor Barragan. Is that you? I haven't seen you since you were what was it-14?" I nod. "You've grown a lot. very beautiful if I may add." A woman joins him, brown curls cascading down her flawless face. I've never seen a more perfectly stiff couple other than my parents. 

"Hello, dear." She says smiling. "You look so lovely. Red is a beautiful on color on you." Told you. 

"Liam, would you come down a moment please." Karen screams but it seems like she's barely speaking. The sound of a door clicking sounds and my attention is pulled to the man coming downstairs. "Liam's home from college but he goes back to New York on Monday." Karen tells us. He smiles when he sees us and takes my dad's hand in his. 

"Hello, Mr. Barragan. It's always a pleasure. Did you catch the hockey game?" my father shakes his head disappointingly.

"No, I didn't."

"Next time." He smiles. 

"Next time."

"Charlotte. How are you? Dashing as always." My mother blushes and praises Liam on how handsome and great he is. "Liam, this is Eleanor. Charlotte and Richard's daughter. You remember her, don't you?" He squints and shakes his head. 

"I can't say that I do. Did we go to high school together." I shake my head. "Then I can't say I have." He smiles. His smile is enough to send me in a fit of grins. I can't say I've met some more charming than him. 

"Liam, why don't you talk Eleanor outside and show her around." He nods and smiles. 

"If that's okay with you?"

"Yes, it's okay." I tell him and grabs my arm in his. He directs me outside to the extravagant garden and the many people tending to the shrubs and pool. 

"So, Eleanor-"

"Norie." I correct him and with a smile he says. 

"So, Norie. What school do you go to?" 

"Um, University of Phoenix."

"Is it a good school?" He trails around the path of the pool, continuously looking at me from time to time. 

"Yeah, it's good." I smile. If you subtract the drama. My subconscious tells me. When we are farther away from the house he un-loops our arms and pulls me down a hill secluded from the rest of the house and it's constant distractions. 


"Nothing," He sighs. "I'm just tired of being home." I squint at him as he pulls the collar of his shirt loose and sits down on a little white bench hidden between the vines of the forest. 

"How long have you been home?" 

"A week." 

"Why have you been home so long?" He looks up at me and smiles, squinting under the sun. 

"You ask a lot of questions." He tells me. "Why don't you sit down?" I shrink under his gaze and sit down next to him. He's even more charming under the golden glow of the sun. I lean back against the back of the bench and look up at the hidden sun. 

"I've had a fall out with my girlfriend."

"What?" I ask looking up to his soft brown eyes. 

"You asked why I was here so long. I caught her cheating."

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry." He shrugs and looks back up at the house, piercing his lips together. "They don't know do they?"

"No," He says shaking his head. "They are all so in love with her and if I tell them this they might have a heart attack. I mean, I think they love Danielle more then they love me." I squint but feel to awkward talk. I don't know how it feels to feel alone or without support. My whole life I have been engrossed with support from my family, Lou, and at one point Harry. Why does that keep happening? Everything brings me back to him, everything makes me want to charge back down to the University and scream at him to tell me what happened? I am not looking forward to having a dream about him tonight, especially not one that resembles my previous. 

"Norie?" I turn to him, glaring down at me in confusion. "You okay?" I nod and smile a convincing smile. 

"Yeah, I'm great."

"Who's Harry?" 


"You said, 'Harry'. Who's Harry?" 

"Um-he's a friend of a friend." 

"Okay..." He trails off and leans back staring ahead. "Wanna get out of here?" His hand finds mine and as he turns to look down at me. 

"What about our parents."

"Ahh, let them wonder." His hand laces around mine and he pulls me up and off the bench. 


***Sorry it was so short guys. I have writers block and I am going to be busy all day and I didn't want anyone to wait for the next update but tomorrow I might double update. Depends on what you guys want. Talk to me I love hearing what you guys have to say. You're seriously my inspiration. :) Love you guys.*****


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