"No one else can hurt you like I can." I pushed back his shivering body that was yearning for me. I couldn't hear this anymore, how much I needed him. It was driving me mad. " Norie, why is that?"
"Answer me Norie."
"Norie!" I didn't want to say it. I wasn't even sure if the feelings I was experiencing were mine to experience. I was in a state in which I had no control over. After seeing Harry after 4 years I didn't know what to think. "Norie?"
"Because I love you!" I sighed.


5. Chapter Five

"Slow down!" He shouts as I storm down the parking lot to my car. I knew something bad was going to happen. I knew he would do something to hurt me or torture me further. "Norie!" 

I was already at my car turning the key in the door. His hand shot down on my wrist as he turned me around to face him. 

"Why are you doing this to me?" I breath.

"I'm not doing anything. I'm-I'm trying to-"

"Hurt me?" I don't know what to say. I don't want to say anything. I just want to go to the dorms and get away from him.

"I'm not." I open my door and he slams it bringing his hand to the handle. I look up at him, searching his eyes for any sign of what his intentions are. I just don't understand him anymore. "Norie?"

"Let go of the door, Harry." I say calmly, looking down at his white knuckles. 

"Can I just-" 

"Let go!" I snap. He drops his head and hesitantly removes his hand before stepping away from me. I finally get into my Jeep without any further problems and turn the engine, driving home. I can't think straight as I walk through the parking lot and into the dorms fumbling with my keys. When I open the door my roommate is back on her bed looking down at her bags spilling onto the floor. 

"Norie!" she gasps as I emerge into the room. Her arms are wrapping around me before I can hold my hands up for a proper hug. "How was Christmas?" Umm...

"It was fine Emma. And yours?" She brings her arms to her side and reaches down on my bed, retrieving a small blue box. 

"Usual family spat. My uncle streaked the neighbors. Anyway, I think this is for you."  I take it, studying the white ribbon looping around it. I'm to scared to open it. What if it's from Harry? What if it's something that will cause my emotions to go haywire again? I walk over to my dresser and shove it in the top drawer . I don't need that right now.

"Who did you have over?" She asks picking up a black shirt with "Parting Glass" writing is white italics. 

"A friend." That must be Harry's. I grab it from her and throw it in the top drawer also. 

"Oh-" Her smile speaks what I already knows she's thinking. I had sex with him. She sits down on her bed and nods. 

"Finally got initated?" She asks. I huff and fall on the bed. 

"Never say that again. I didn't have sex with someone he's a friend."

"Friend." She says with air quotes. 

"Why do you find that hard to believe?" She shrugs and pulls her clothes out onto her bed. 

"Well for one you're a college girl. You have guy friends. You're freaking 19 for God sakes." I squint at her.

"Sorry I'm not a whore."

"So, you're calling me a whore?"

"That's not what I said." She pushes her hand in my face, playfully, and walks into the bathroom. 

"Are you hungry?!" She screams from the bathroom turning on the faucet. 

"Actually, yeah. I'm kinda starving!" It's so good to have her back. I met her last year in our English Comp class but we grew so close and we got dorms toether this year which was amazing. She's been in Washington for the holidays since last tuesday but now that she's here, I'm thrilled. I'm not actually that hungry but I really want to get out the dorms and spend some time with her, plus school starts tomorrow and I at least need today to releive some stress. 

She walks out the bathroom with freshly done make up and her sunkist blond hair in a long waterfall down her back. 

"Let's go." She says grabbing her bag. I grab mine and follow her, locking the door behind me. Thursday isn't a really busy day on campus so we decide to stick close and head to Rev cafe in South Mountian. It's not to far but we take my Jeep anyway. 

"Hey, do you mind if I put my CD in?" She holds up a black canvas with "Lumineers" printed on top and a picture of a small child and woman standing in a vintage setting. 

"No, it's fine." Putting it in she skips to the 7th track and turns it up. "Where did you hear them from?"

"My sister. She bought me the CD for Christmas. They're good, huh?" They actually are. I've always been a folky girl and she's been the alt girl so it surpsrises me that she likes them too. I pull into the parking lot, which isn't filled at all maybe a few cars scattered here and there.

Rev Cafe is a small joint with a brick foundation and clean cut interior. I grab my bag and head inside and scope out a booth, finding a menu. Everything looks good that I get hungry just looking at it. Emma orders a burger and fries and I do the same. We make small talk until the food comes.

"I have so much school work to do before school tomorrow." I sip on the cokes the waitress brought over to tide us. 

"So then your staying in today?" She nods. I hadn't really had anything planned today but I was hoping she would drag me out, after all it is the last day. I spot blond hair bobbing through the doorway and the jingle of the bell ahead. His face is over run with facial hair, even at the party it looked like he was training to become a lumber jack. I remember his lips on my cheeks and flush.

"Did you hear me?" Emma snaps, removing me from my dream. 

"No, I'm sorry."

"Norie!" She pouts. His head snaps in our direction and a smirk spreads before he licks his lips and draws the attention of his comapnions. His is so much more solid without the beverages clouding my vision."Who are you-" Her gaze leads to Alex as he walks our way followed by his crew. "Who is he, Norie?" I don't know which one to say. "A random guy I kissed at a party yesterday" or "oh he got me drunk so I put him as the screen saver on my phone" Is it still there? 

 Before I can respond Alex and his buddies are already at our table asking us to make room. 

"Norie my girl." Emma eye's grow wide and a grin develops over her confused face, Alex follows it by wrapping his arm around my shoulder. "How have you been?"

"Perfect." I smile. I don't want Alex to have an insight on my personal life. 

"And whose your friend?" He focuses on Emma and her frowning. She's not very good with strangers. 

"Emma." she snaps. He chuckles and loks back at me.

"Guys, this is Harry's girl." He says to his friends.They all mutter together but I can't understand them. Harry's girl?

"Um, excuse me but I'm not Harry's girl. I'm noone's girl." His blond friend crosses his arms and smirks.

"Doesn't seem like she likes him to much."

"I don't." I nterject.

"Well, he was basically your hound dog the night of the party." Alex says. The waitress comes to drop out plates off. Alex takes a fry from my plate.

"You guys should come to the party." His other friend chimes. "Shouldn't they?" 

"They should. Shouldn't they?" Alex smiles. "Come-"

"We have a lot to do." Emma tells them. I nod. I don't want to be around a bunch of drunk people having more fun than me and I definatley don't wan tto party again after Lou's party. I've expeirenced a hangover and I don't want to deal with that again and I know as soon as I get around another cup of alcohol I will lose it. 

"Oh come on Norie." He squeezes my shoulder. "Emma, get on board." I can feel her irratation flow through the room as her eyes peirce into Alex. 

"Umm...I think we'll pass."

"You don't want to party before a whole week of school?" It sounds so tempting but I know it will bite me in the end. 

"I guess-" I say looking across the booth to Emma who looks extremely pissed. 

"Yeah! Now that's my girl!" He slips his hand in his jacket pocket and pulls out a little white card. "It's my number. Text me for the info." 

"You have card made for your number?"

"I'm a wanted man." He informs me. His body is covered with tattoos and scars along with the man next to him. 

"Got any request, Zayn?" Zayn! I look across the booth to a man with brown hair and soft but harsh brown eyes. His body is covered with tattoos.

He smirks. "Request?" I ask, looking from Zayn to Alex. Zayn shakes his head and steals a fry from Emmas plate.

"No, I'm good. Let's go."

"Bye, Norie." Alex whispers ans runs his fingers up my arm. "See you there." His lips touch my cheek and in an instant they're gone.

"What the hell was that? Who the hell is he?" Emma snaps, looking to me. 

"He's a..." What is he? A friend? Absolutley no! I gulp and look back at her. "He's a..."

"Oh my God. You've slept with him! I knew it!" 

"I did not!"

"Then, who is he?" He eyes are cold and I can half tell that she is being serious.

"A friend." I lie.

"I'm not going to that party."

"You have to!" I demand. 

"Why do you have to give in to everything. You're like a rug!" I shake my head and stare at her. 

"I need to get my mind off things."

"So you hook up with some guy you barley know, because it seems to me that you don't know him that well." She spits.

"You know what... I'm not hungry." I put a 10 on the table and grab my bag and leave. The last thing I need is to be persecuted by her. I walk to my Jeep and click the door open. Without noticing I'm dialing Harry's number. 

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