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One direction one shots please don't look at my old one. Basically my laptop broke so I'm doing it on the iPad and it won't let me access my old one so if you want a one shot favourite this movella, comment what I tell you to and enjoy?!


2. Aria

- again sorry for auto correct -

I slid the key into the lock of my house and walked in. The heating was off which was unusual because Niall usually left it on all day. Oh well, maybe he forgot.

"Niall. Niall?" I called out but got no reply. Probably asleep I giggled to myself and dropped my bags on the floor, I had just been Christmas shopping for Niall with Perrie and El which was awesome. I wandered into the living room and saw the tv was turned off and there was no sign of life. That was strange, usually Niall dozed off on the couch whilst watching spongebob. I frowned and tiptoed upstairs invade I woke him. The bedroom door was open a crack so I went in and saw… nothing, no sign of any human person was there. What the hell?! I ran over to the en suite bathroom and again there was nothing. Suddenly a flash of pink caught my eye, I scrunched my nose up as I picked the post it note off of the dresser and read it.

' To my princess Aria, I am so sorry that I didn't tell you but I am now I'm america and will not be back for a year or longer, I'm so sorry I just couldn't bring myself to tell you. Call me as soon as you read this and just remember I love you. Niall xoxox '

My eyes overflowed with tears as I hugged my knees to my chest, that betraying jerk. How could he not realise how much this hurts, I picked my iPhone up and rang his number. He picked up on the second tone,

"princess!!!" he shouted down he phone. I sobbed down the phone line , making him feel bad.

" how could you Niall, I thought we where in love, people who are in love don't lie to each other did you actually think I was going to be ok with this?!" I cried and waited for him to answer.

"I'm sorry love, I just couldn't tell you I know how much it hurts to leave." His voice broke but I laughed scornfully.

" You wouldn't know how badly I'm hurting right now even if you where killed." I yelled and I can imagine him cringing on the other end.

" I-I'm sorry Aria I really am." He started crying and I felt pity, but not enough.

"I really love you Niall, I really do. But I can't trust you. We're only 19 maybe we need to see other people." I sighed with a heart full of sorrow. His sobs rung through the phone line, harmonising with mine.

"Aria I-" I cut him off by throwing my phone forcefully against the walk and watching it smash into thousands of pieces. My palms where clammy as I sobbed into my pillow, I had nothing left. I had given up my world because of my own selfish reasons and I'm pretty sure I can't get him back

Sorry if it's bad. I can do another one if you want. It's my first one

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