Cold Angel

The Cold Angel... legends claiming to have seen this monster roaming the wilderness, preying on the souls of all things beautiful...


2. Encounter

I wander through the woods this day

Waiting to see my beloved

Who promised to meet me here

I want her to see me here

I want to sweep her up in my arms

Spin heraround

While kisses me and tells me

The affectionate words I long to hear

But instead I encounter nothing

Nothing, that is, except the cold wind

That arises so swiftly

I glance through the trees

My eyes sweep the forest

Searching for the cause of the sudden gusts

And lock upon the dark figure in the distance

Squinting into the cold breeze

I wave my arms to my lover

Calling out to let her know I am here

The figure swivels around and sees me

And I shiver at the cold feeling I get

She is not my lover 

She is the most beautiful creature on Earth

But she is not the one I was waiting for

I smile apologetically

But she doesn't seem to take it

She starts to walk towards me

A swift trail

Maybe to say hello? I wonder

What she wants with me

When she gets closer I lose my breath

In my throat

She is more beautiful than anything I've ever seen 

Her long hair blows in the cold wind

She smiles a tentative smile at me

A shy glance my way

And my heart stops cold

But it's not until I regain my mind that I wonder

Why she is dressed in fine, thin silk

In such cold weather

A white dress like that of an angel

Maybe she is an angel

I swallow hard when she reaches my side

She takes my hand

And says, without words

Come with me, O Warm One

Come to my Cold Empire

I shudder as her frozen fingertips caress my hand

Thoughts of my lover slip away

Dancing away into the cold day

She touches my arm, taking hold

I reach out for her face

She takes me by my shoulders

And leads me away

To where, I don't know

I don't care

As long as she is there

She smiles again

I stare hard

Who is she?

Who am I? 

Where does she come from?

Why does she want me?

I barely notice the journey

Lost in her beauty, I can't focus

On the trees where we travel

She smiles once more

Her teeth show this time

And terror shoots through me

She has daggers as teeth

Pointing to the place she kisses

She sits me down in a cold icy chair 

And kisses me on the cheek, the shoulder, the neck

Her kisses send jolts of fear

Icy cold fear

Through me

Sharp pains on my throat

She pulls the warmth from me

Your soul is warm,

My... my soul?

I have heard of her! The Cold Angel

Feasting on souls of those she sees 

And the world swerves

And fades to black

Cold, pitch black


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