years later

a story about what happened several years after the battle at hogwarts what happened to everyone?


1. Welcome Rose


The sound of the alarm woke me up seconds later i was in the bathroom vomiting the good news is this is almost over wen i came back to my room Ron wasn't there anymore i went downstairs and he wasn't there either then i remembered i had to go to Ginny's and Harry's house to visit their son James

i rapidly dressed and went to the car when i got to Harry's house everyone was already there.We were eating then i had a lot of pain and i whispered to Ron "The baby is coming" for the first time in my life he stopped eating everyone got in their cars and went to the nearest hospital.

1 hour later

She was a beautiful girl "lets name her Rose" Ron proposed "a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" i said, she was born on April 12 2006 she was a redhead just like her father with brown eyes a day after i left the hospital when we got home i got to admit i was scared Ron noticed and he asked me "Are you okay you seem nervous" im just thinking that maybe im not going to be a good mother, im scared" you are going to be the best mother in the world dont worry im scared too but i know that Rose will love you a lot"thanks" i said "i will take her to her room" when i went into Roses room the baby started to cry when i went away so i stayed there until she fell asleep.

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