Wait, I'm a Tomlinson?!?

I'm an orphan. Nineteen years old. I know, I should have left by now. But us eighteen and older love it here! I got adopted by my idol. My name is Abby. I live in Doncaster, England. And here's my story. (They're swears in here, cause I thought it might be more funny if there was so yeah.)


9. Chapter 8

Abby's P.O.V

I woke up and went downstairs to eat, I'm starving!!! Then I remembered something. "Diana!!! When are we going to do a collab with O2L???" I asked. "In an hour!! They arrived here last night!!!" She yelled. "Ok thanks" I said. I went upstairs to my room to take a shower. 

"Abby they're here!!!!" Diana yelled. "What's with the yelling?!?!?!" Harry yelled coming out naked, I'm used to it but Diana isn't. "Diana how are you not used to it?" Harry asked. "Yeah I think you should be used to it since you've been dating Luke for two months" I said. Harry started laughing and we high fived. "Wazzup!" JC said. "JC!" I yelled beating Diana to hug him. "What about me?!?" Kian whined. "Aww I wouldn't forget to hug you" I said pinching his cheek then hugging him. "Hey guys!" Connor said. "Connor!" Diana said hugging him. "Diana I want a turn! You go hug Trevor who just walked in" I said. "Hey Connor" I said hugging him. "Trevor!" I said hugging him after Connor. "Where's my Rickbear?" I said pouting. "I'm here Teddy Bear!" Ricky said walking in dramatically. We hugged, and he hugged me tight, literally TIGHT! "Rickbear.... Can't...... Breathe" I said. "Oh sorry just excited to you" he said. "Me too! High five gurl!" I said and we high fived. "Where's Sam?" I asked. "He missed the flight, but he went on the next one. He should be here in an hour or so" JC said. Diana and I nodded. 

Ricky and I are doing our collab first on my channel then O2L. Anyways we are starting our video now. "Hey guys!" I said. "I have Ricky Dillon here! He is mah YouTube bestie!!!" I said. "Hey guys I'm here with Abby.... Tomlinson! Yep that's right Louis Tomlinson's sister everyone's been talking about. I could hardly believe it myself when I first heard" Ricky said. Then Harry came down naked. "Harry if you come anywhere near us while we are making a video, I swear I will chop off your baby making cylinder!" I said. Ricky laughed. "Harry I'm not joking! Go put some boxers on!" I said. "Are you used to him being naked?" Ricky asked. "Yup, he practically is everyday" I said. "Anyways, O2L are in London! Obviously I live here. So this collab is going to be Commenting on Comments. You have all heard of it! But if you're new to my channel then it's basically reading comments on our videos and making a comment" I said. "Ok so let's get started!" Ricky said. I grabbed my laptop to look at our videos to start commenting in comments. "Hey guys! So the first comment is from CatLee435 and it says “Abby you are so pretty! I love you and your channel so much!” Awww why thank you gurl you are pretty too!" I said. "This comment is from DeVin888 and it says “your so hot” um. Ok. Thanks I guess, lol" I said. "This comment is from friedchicken!! and it says “Ricky you are so hot! I love you” love you too! Thanks gurl!" Ricky said. 

"Ok that's it for today and check out the video we did on Ricky's channel, bye guys! Love you!" I said and ended the video. "Edit time!" I said. Ricky rolled his eyes. "What I love editing!" I said. "I know that's why I rolled my eyes" he said. "Whatever" I said. "Done! Time to upload!"I said. 

"I'm so bored!" I whined. "Harry!" I whined. "What?" He asked. "I know this might sound weird, but can we cuddle on the couch?" I asked. He nodded and sat beside me and we cuddled on the couch and Harry playing with my hair. "Abby!" Diana said. "What?!?" I asked. "Sam's here!" She said. "Really?!?!" I said jumping up and running to the door. "Sam!" I said. "Abby!" He said and we hugged and he picked me up and spun me around. I started laughing so Harry walked over to us to see what was going on. "I missed you so much!" I said. "I did too! You've grown" he said looking at me up and down (not in a perverted way, you perverted directioners. Eh, I'm perverted too). "And you didn't!" I said giggling. Harry cleared his throat. "Oh Harry this Sam, I'm the closest to him in O2L aside from Ricky" I said. "Harry" he said shaking Sam's hand. "Nice to finally meet you, us boys are boy directioners" Sam said. 

"Trevor lets do a Beyoncé cover!" I yelled. "Ok what song?" He asked. "How about Sweet Dream I love that song" I said. He nodded. After that we watched a movie. I soon fell asleep. 

Harry's P.O.V

Abby fell asleep on my lap. I decided to let her sleep on my bed. I picked her up bridal style and she stirred a little but fell asleep again. I smiled at her. I feel eyes on me, Connor. The O2L boys know where all our rooms are. I carried her to my room and set her down on my bed and placed the covers over her. 

Connor's P.O.V

Abby fell asleep on Harry's lap so he carried her bridal style, she stirred but fell back asleep. Harry smiled at her. He carried her to his room? Are they a thing? Wait! Am I jealous? Harry came back out. We were all sharing the guest room which was beside Harry's room. We all decided to go to bed after the movie.

I woke up and went downstairs. I'm so hungry. After I walked down Abby walked down dragging Harry down with her. "Hey Connor" she said. "Hey" I said. She walked in the kitchen to cook breakfast. "Harry stop! It's hard to flip the pancake!" Abby whined. "Fine!" He said and went to the lounge where I'm at and turned on the tv or telly is what they call it here. We are all moving here and staying so I better get used to the British terms. "Styles! Franta! Breakfast!" Abby yelled. Harry and I walked in the kitchen to find five plates. "Why is there two extras?" I asked. "For Diana and Niall, they're going to rush down here in 3...2...1" she said. Then Niall and Diana both yelled running down the stairs "I smell PANCAKES!!!!" "Ok then" I said. I have notice she's been wearing the same necklace everyday. After showering, when she wakes up, when she goes to sleep. I wonder who gave it to her. "Abby, where did you get your necklace that you always wear?" I asked. She blushed. "I got it from Harry" she said smiling and looking at the necklace. 

"Where are my keys?" Harry asked frustrated. He was in the lounge looking for them. "Found them!" Abby said running to him and handing him his keys. How does she know it's his keys. "How did you know that was his?" I asked her. "Because of the A keychain I gave him the same time he gave me this necklace" she said. "Oh ok" I said. "See you later" Harry said, then kissing Abby's cheek and hugging her. "Hey Connor, you wanna ask them if they want to go to the mall? I'm really bored and the boys are going to rehearsals so" she asked. "Yeah let's go" I said and we went up to there rooms. 




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