Wait, I'm a Tomlinson?!?

I'm an orphan. Nineteen years old. I know, I should have left by now. But us eighteen and older love it here! I got adopted by my idol. My name is Abby. I live in Doncaster, England. And here's my story. (They're swears in here, cause I thought it might be more funny if there was so yeah.)


5. Chapter 4

Louis's P.O.V

She is so similar to me. Brown hair, blue eyes, the sass, attitude and more. I can't help but think she might be my sister. "Louis, I want to know my birth last name because right now it's Tomlinson" Abby said. I nodded and went upstairs to my room and found the envelope with all her info. I found her birth certificate. Her name is "Abigail Louise Tomlinson" wait what?!? "Holy shit!" I said more like yelled. 

Abby's P.O.V

"Holy shit!" We heard Louis say. "What is it Lou?" I asked. He came down with a piece of paper in his hands with wide eyes. "Let me see" I said grabbing it. My eyes widen. "Holy shit!" I said. "What's your name?" Diana asked. "My name is Abigail Louise Tomlinson" I said shocked. "Ok what's your real last name?" Diana asked. "Tomlinson, even look for yourself" I said handing it to her. "You are a Tomlinson, parents Johanna Tomlinson and Mark Tomlinson" Diana said. "That makes sense" I said. 
"When am I going to meet Perrie, Eleanor and Danielle?" I asked the boys. "Today" Louis said. "I better go shower!" I said running up the stairs. "Can I join?" Ashton asked. "Never in your wildest dreams Mr Irwin" I yelled to him. I grabbed a pair of sweats and a jumper and hurried to my washroom. I got out the shower and dried my hair, then I put it in a messy bun. I put my clothes on and ran downstairs and found Ashton on the couch. "Where is everyone?" I asked. "They went to take a shower, I already did earlier" Ashton said. I nodded then went upstairs to my room and grabbed Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I went back down and gave my book to Ashton because the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there stood Perrie, Eleanor and Danielle. "Hey" I said and walked to the living room. I laid down on the couch with my head on Ashton's lap. I started reading HPATHBP (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince). I closed the book and put it on Ashton's lap and walked towards the stairs. "Louis! Liam! Zayn!" I yelled. "Your girlfriends are here!" I added. "Boys" I said in a tone of annoyance. "You mean men" Zayn said walking down the stairs and kissing Perrie's cheek. "Never in a million years" I said mocking Zayn's tone from BSE. "Payne come down here now don't make me come up there!" I yelled. Liam came running down the stairs. He kissed Danielle's cheek. "Lou! What's taking you so long? I can't believe I'm actually saying this but Zayn was the first one down! Jeez!" I yelled. "Ok I'm here!" Louis said walking down the stairs and kissing Eleanor's cheek. "I'm hungry!!!!" I said. "Yeah same here!" Niall said. "Ok Harry!! Make lunch!!" Louis yelled. "Fine!!!!" Harry yelled back. He ran downstairs shirtless I'm still getting used to that. "Care to introduce me" I said to Louis, Liam and Zayn. "Right, Perrie, Eleanor and Danielle this is my sister Abby" Louis said. I waved at them and they waved back. "Abby this is-" I interrupted Louis. "I know who they are, Perrie is from Litte Mix, big fan by the way, Eleanor is a model for Hollister, and Danielle is a dancer" I said. "Ok let's eat" Zayn said. "FINALLY!!!" I yelled and ran to the kitchen. The doorbell rang. "I'll get it!!" I said running to the door and opening it. "What the hell are you doing here?!?!?!" I yelled/asked. "I need to see Harry" she said. "Louis help me get Taywhore Swift out of here!!!" I yelled. (No hate on Taylor, just for the story) Louis came out of the kitchen and chuckled. "Harry!!!" I yelled and he came out. "What the hell are you doing here!!!" Harry yelled. Then everyone came out to see what's going on. "Here to see you" Taylor said. "Get out!" I yelled. "No" she said.  "Bitch" I said. "Do you smell something?" She asked. "Do you mean your personality?" I asked. "Oooh. Bitch showdown, someone get popcorn" Louis said. "Way ahead of you" Zayn said holding a bag of popcorn. "Did a cat drag something in here?" Taylor asked. "Do you mean your face, yeah I would go to the doctor's if I were you" I said. "Like you're any better" Taylor said. "You're right but at least I'm not a Barbie that looked like her face got raped by a crayon" I said. "Oooooh" they all said. I smirked at her knowing that I'm going to win this battle. "Brown hair is no longer in" Taylor said. "Neither is blonde" I said. "At least I'm more famous than you" he said. "We'll at least I don't sound like a dying pig" I said. "Oh ya I want to hear you sing" she said. "Here" Harry said. "You recorded that??" I asked. He nodded and pressed play. After it was done she has no more comebacks to say. "Nothing to say? Thought so bye-bye" I said waving my hand dramatically. They chuckled. "Bitch" I said right after she left. Harry chuckled.  "What?!?!" I said. "She stole my reputation" I added. "What's your reputation???" Harry asked. "Being a bitch" I said. They chuckled. "I'm guessing you don't like Taylor" Louis said. "What kind of a directioner would???" I asked. (Again just for the book. I know a lot of directioners who are swifties, one of them being my bestfriend) "Good point" he said. "I'm mean she called you guys off at the VMAs! I shouted at my tv then Anna came in my room to make me shut up!" I said. They chuckled. "I honestly only like one of her songs" I said. "Which is?" They except Diana asked. "The one with Ed Sheeran in it" I said. They chuckled. "I mean who wouldn't like a song with the Ginger Jesus  in it?" I asked. "Good point" they both chuckled.  "Let's go back to the kitchen I'm starving and I don't want Niall to finish mah food" I added as I ran to the kitchen. 

"I'm bored" I said as I started reading with my head on Ashton's lap. "What do you want to do?" Someone asked me, a girl. "When she reads she can hear but doesn't listen" I think Louis told her. "Let's go to the beach" I heard someone say, I shut my book and sat up. "I love the beach!" I say excitedly. "Now you listen" Niall said rolling his eyes. "I'll go get ready!" I said running up the stairs to my room. "Guess we're going to the beach" Zayn said. "No shit Sherlock" I said. "Your reputation IS being a bitch" Harry said. "NOOO, my reputation is being a cupcake, duh" I said sarcastically.

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