Wait, I'm a Tomlinson?!?

I'm an orphan. Nineteen years old. I know, I should have left by now. But us eighteen and older love it here! I got adopted by my idol. My name is Abby. I live in Doncaster, England. And here's my story. (They're swears in here, cause I thought it might be more funny if there was so yeah.)


37. Chapter 33

Abby's POV

I woke up, still on Liam, I'm surprised he didn't move us to beds. I carefully took my phone out of my back pocket and scrolled through twitter. Looked through my mentions, mentally responding to the hate and whatever. I looked at the time and realized it was really early, but I'm going to have to head on over to the dance studio in like two hours. I stepped on the floor, carefully trying not to wake up Liam, I failed and fell. I groaned and sat up off from the ground. "So much for not waking him up" I mumbled. "You okay Abby?" Liam asked squinting since he just woke up thanks to me. "Yeah I'm fine Li. I tried to not wake you up and you know how that turned out" I said chuckling. He laughed, "why are you up so early anyways?" He asked. "I have to head to the dance studio to meet with my old instructor" I said. He nodded. 

I arrived at the studio and smiled at all the memories. Hopefully he doesn't work me up too much, my asthma's been worst these days and yes I have asthma, it kinda sucks. "Abby! How's it going?" My dance instructor David said. "I've been going great! You?" I asked. "Awesome! I have this new routine to Ariana Grande's song Break Free and you would be perfect for this!" He said. "Thanks David!" I said. 

(If you want to see it, search on YouTube, on a computer sadly, Matt Steffanina Break Free) 

I'm honestly so out of breath right now, I just don't show it. Ugh! Chest pains! I quickly got home and rushed to the bathroom, grabbed my inhaler. As I was going to inhale the stuff, I heard a scream coming from the living room. Before using my inhaler, I ran to the living room, inhaler still in my hand to see what was happening. "What's going on?" I asked. Ugh, I'm even more out of breath now since I ran. "There's so much food in here!" Niall yelled. "I can't breathe!" He added and faked passing out. "I can't breathe right now" I mumbled. I put the inhaler in my mouth again, but Louis interrupted me. "Abby! Help!" He yelled. I ran, yeah I know I shouldn't be running, but it sounds urgent. Anyways, I ran to his room, to find out he only needed help to pick out an outfit for his date with Eleanor. I walked back downstairs and I fell on the couch breathing heavily. I dropped my inhaler while doing so. "Abby! Can you help me with my hair?" Zayn yelled. I started walking to his room. "Quickly!" He added. I walked faster into his room and did whatever he wanted me to do. 

After all that, I walked to my room and collapsed on my bed, breathing heavily. I'm literally trying to catch my breath, but the thing is I can't. I looked around for my inhaler, but I forgot where I left it. I literally can't breathe at this moment, chest pains and ugh! I need water, water is my usual solution to when this happens. (True story btw). "Can someone please get me water?" I asked. "Why don't you get it yourself?" Michael asked. "Not helping" I said while panting. "Please Michael! I really need water" I said. "Fine" he said and went to get me water. He came back with a glass and by now, it's getting worst. Stupid asthma. I chugged it down and I walked downstairs to find my inhaler. I found it on the carpet by the couch. I picked it up and did what I had to do.

I didn't realize that everyone was in the living room until I was done. They all looked at me. "What?" I asked. "Since when did you have asthma?" They asked. "Since I was a kid" I said. "And we didn't know" Louis said. "Well, I haven't been getting any asthma attacks lately so, I guess I didn't have to. I always have my inhaler with me. Except for now" I said. "Okay good. We care about you, we don't need you dying" Louis said quite sassily. I raised my eyebrows at him. "Okay sorry" he said. "I'm sorry too, I should've just gave you water right away instead of being a dick" Michael said. "Apologies accepted" I said. "Stupid dance, Louis and Zayn"I said glaring at them. "Oh! And Niall" I said glaring at him too. "What did I do?" Louis, Zayn and Niall said. I glared at them. "Niall shouted and I ran to see what was going on, Louis shouted for help and it was just so I would choose an outfit for him. And Zayn made me run and fix his hair" I said. "Oh, sowee" they said cutely. Ugh, these boys. "I forgive you" I said with a straight face and annoyed voice. 

A/n Hey guys! I know right, boring chapter. But, keep in mind that she has asthma. Because in a few chapters, something will happen. DUN DUN DUUN!! Anyways! Please comment. It shows that people actually like this and want me to update. I love you guys! <3 

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