The Eighth Wonder of the World

This is a story about a girl and her dog. A great dog who helps Sandy Bolton conquer her fears and helps her through her life.


11. .

     I woke up with drool running down my face. Ewwww! I ran to the restroom and quickly washed it off. Looking at myself in the mirror, I thought, "Soon I will be different, soon I will be pretty." I was so excited to get a total makeover. And it wasn't all for Brett...Brett!

    I ran to my room and looked at my clock.

    11:30 a.m

   "Oh my goodness!" I screamed

   How could I have slept this late!

  Even though we hadn't set a specific time to meet, I still wanted to show up early so I could spend as much time with him.

   I threw on an orange tank top and shorty short super cute shorts jeans. I also slipped on black and white Keds gym shoes.

   I did a side Dutch braid on my hair. By the time I was done I was pretty satisfied with my look.

   I ran to the kitchen and grabbed my hiking bag. Briscoe came trotting from my room. I noticed Taylor was gone. She went to work without waking me up to tell me! Oh well, I actually didn't care.

   Briscoe and I sprinted to the woods, of coarse, him taking the lead.

    I ran passed all the thick brush, somehow without falling. When I finally got to the creek I saw Brett skipping rocks. I hid behind a tree and waited until I caught my breath.

   I tiptoed up to the creek behind him. I slumped down so he couldn't see me and on the count of three I popped up and yelled "Boo!"

   He turned around so fast that he tripped on a root and tumbled backwards.

   My hand covered my mouth to keep me from laughing.

   "I'm soooo sorry! Are you ok?" I asked him apologetically

   He started to laugh

   "Yes, I'm fine."

   Briscoe trotted over towards him and started licking his face.

    "Briscoe stooooop!" I yelled at him, a little embarrassed

     "It's okay, it's okay." Brett said laughing while he pushed Briscoe off of him

   He got up and brushed the dirt off of his Nike shorts.

   "So...what's you want to do?" I asked, rocking back in forth on my heels

   " you want to come to my house? I could show you around and we could play video games later." He replied

    "Sounds like a plan." I said trying to hold the excitement in me

   I was sooo excited! I was actually going to go into Brett Wood's house!

   "Ok then, let us commence forth!" He said

   I began to giggle.

   He walked forth and I trotted up to him, taking my spot at his side.


   It did not take long to get to his house. All we had to do was jump over the creek and walk out of the woods to get there. I was so excited to learn that the hottest kid in school was practically my neighbor. I wondered why I had never seen him on the bus, but I soon answered myself when I remembered he did after school sports year round.

   We walked up to his house from the backside. His house was a cute little 2 story brown bricked home. I loved it instantly.

   We walked up to his back door. A concrete, arched patio surrounded his door, with a stone path leading to an in ground pool. Beautiful landscaping surrounded his whole house and the pool as well.

   He noticed me eyeing the pool as he opened the back door.

   "You want to go swimming?" he asked

   "What? Oh no, I was just admiring the scenery. Your house is beautiful!" I replied

   "Well thank you, and we can go swimming sometime if you want...I know you need the practice..." he said laughing at the flashback of me almost drowning in the creek

   "Hey, in my defense, Briscoe pushed me in and the water was moving really fast." I said, also laughing

    "Yah, yah, yah...blame it on the dog."

   We walked into his house. Briscoe just stood outside of the still open door.

  "Oh, could Briscoe come in?"

   "Sure, my parents won't mind, we even have a dog ourselves."

   "Really? What is it?"

   "Girl, and she is a collie."

   "Cool. I'm not sure what Briscoe is...I'm guessing he's a mastiff times 57 other different breeds."

   Brett started to laugh, although I really wasn't making a joke.

   "You're funny." he said

   My heart skipped a beat.

   "I like that." he also said

   Okay, I think my heart is going to jump out of my chest.

   "Well thank you. I try to be."

   I whistled to Briscoe and he came in obediently. Brett shut the door and locked it.

   "Have to keep it locked at all times incase some robber comes in. Parent's rule, not mine."

   "Yah me too, I'm actually not even allowed to go outside during the day when my sister is gone, but I do it anyway."

    "Same here."

    We walked into his country styled kitchen and he took two juice boxes out of the fridge and threw one to me.

   "Thanks I said."

   "No prob. Want to see my room?"


   We walked up a flight of stairs and down a small hallway until we entered his room. I liked his room. It was a light brown with a full sized wooden bed in the middle. A wooden nightstand was to the left of his bed and a wooden dresser was to the right. A flat-screen TV sat on a wooden stand across his bed and plaques awarded to him from basketball and football were hung on the wall.

   "You're quite the athlete aren't you?" I asked, amazed at all his awards

   He just shrugged his shoulders, "There's people that are better."

   I liked how he didn't brag about anything.

   "Do you play any sports?" he asked

   "Used to, until my parents...well let's just say I don't anymore." I said trying not to get him suspicious about my screwed-up life.

   "Really? What sports did you play?" he asked

   "Well, I was really good at volleyball."

   "Oh, that's cool."

   I liked how he didn't ask me about my parents and how he minded his own business.

   He walked over to the TV set and turned on his PS3

   "Want to play?" he asked, handing me a controller.

   How could I refuse?

   "Sure I said."

   I noticed I said "sure" a lot. Oh no, he probably thinks I sound dumb now! What is my problem?!

   "Have you ever played Major League Baseball 2k-12?"


  "Oh...well, I think you'll like it, it's pretty cool."

   He sat down on the end of his bed and patted the side, urging me to do the same.

   I walked over to his bed and sat down, but fell backwards once I realized his bed was not firm, it was...squishy.

   "Oh!" I said, struggling to get up

   "It's a water bed by the way, think you already figured that out." he said while laughing

   My face started to get red with embarrassment.

   "No, actually I didn't." I said, also laughing

   He took my hand and helped me up...his hand was so...warm...and firm...and strong! Just the kind of hand you wanted yours to clasp with. This was the second time I had touched his hand...the first time I didn't notice how perfect it was because I was too embarrassed from practically drowning to realize. I threw my hiking bag on his bed.

   I sat up and he started to move the controls around to where he could play multiplayer. He showed me the controls and we began to play.


   When he got bored with the game, probably because there wasn't any competition for him since I sucked, he asked me if I wanted to go outside again. Of coarse, I said yes.

   I grabbed my hiking bag and threw it on my shoulder again.

   We walked down the stairs and to the door when he stopped.

   "Hang on, I forgot about Sarah." he said, leaving me at the back door.

   Sarah? I had been in his house for over an hour and didn't notice another person in here? Who was heart began to fill with panic when I though about how he could've had a secret girlfriend hiding in his house somewhere. No. He would not leave a person in another room for over an hour, and besides, the house is too small for me not to realize or hear another person. But maybe she was taking a nap.

   The clatter of nails running across the wood floor woke me from my thoughts. A brown collie came bouncing around the corner and ran to where Briscoe and I were standing. She smelled my hand and then automatically turned her attention to Briscoe. They started to sniff each other.

   "This is my dog, Sarah. She had been locked up in her cage the whole time we were upstairs."

   A dog! Sarah's a dog! Goodness, I am so stupid sometimes.

   "Awww, she's beautiful!" I replied

   "Ya, she's something. My parents got her a year ago from an animal rescue place." He said

   I bent down and started rubbing behind her ears.

   "Well she's a doll, I love her!"



   We were walking in the woods with Briscoe and Sarah following close behind, sniffing at every little tree they passed.

   Brett looked at me in a strange way. I just looked back at him and smiled.

Brett's point of view:

 She was beautiful, she may not know it, but I did. I loved her sandy blonde hair, how her brown eyes sparkled, and especially her attitude. She was sweet...and she always has been...well at least since I've known her, I just moved here two years ago when I was in the sixth grade. She walks very delicately, like a petal that just fell off of a flower and is blowing in the wind.

   I can tell she is very unsure of herself, the way she stuffs her loose hair that fell out of her pony tail behind her ear, and the way she hesitates between most of her sentences to see if what she said made sense, I always understand her.

   I have always kept a keen eye out for her, she seldom talks at school, sits with people who look lonely, and will always help if you need it. Sometimes I peek over at her table at lunch...I sit with the popular kids. I'm not exactly proud of my friends...the way they act towards non-popular people is usually in a mean way. I hope I don't come across like that to people.

   I wonder if she thinks the same about me... I don't care if my friends disapprove of me asking out a non-popular girl, I would do it in a heart-beat...but then again I wouldn't. I like our relationship at friend mode, and I wouldn't want to change that. Usually young relationships only last for like a day or two anyway...and she doesn't even seem like that type of girl who I would go out with just to go out with, like all the other girls I went out with because my friends pressured me into it and they think it's cool to ask out girls...well I don't because young relationships usually end...and I don't like breaking girls' hearts.

   She jumps at every tree root that comes across her path like she may hurt it as if it has feelings. I just watch her and smile. She notices this and returns the smile...but soon looks I feel stupid like I just creeped her out. Trying to shoo off the awkward stare, I ask her something.

Sandy's point of view:

  He looked at me...what does that mean? Probably nothing. I mean, come on, he's the hottest guy in the grade and I'm like the most unpopular girl. *Sigh* That's disappointing. Oh well.

    "So like...what do you do on summer days like this?" he asks

    "Well...this year I have been hanging out with Briscoe and you a lot...but in the past I have just stayed at home and played games on the computer...or read. So I'm pretty much bored all day." I said

    "Yah, same here. My parents are always working so I stay at home and play on the PS3. I really don't know what I would do without that thing!" he laughed a little and I also had to laugh "But it's strange for kids to look forward to school, I know I do. It's a chance for me to start my sports up again and hang out with my friends. that I have you...I am much happier because I have someone to be with during the summer and I don't feel so lonely."

   Oh my gosh, I can't believe he just said that he was glad that I was with him! Is he trying to go from friend mode mind. I know he doesn't like me in that way...he was just trying to be nice.

    "Yah...I wish I did sports because my life is sooo boring! I just don't want to bother my sister for any extra money to spend on equipment and crap like that."

   "Well...what sport would you like to do?"

   "Volleyball...definitely volleyball. I love that sport."

   "Hmmm...maybe she'll get you that for your birthday if you ask her."

   "Yah, maybe...but she usually just gets me clothes and stuff like that."

    "Well just say that you'd rather have kneepads and spandex for volleyball. That's really all volleyball players need."

    "That would be a good idea...but I really need the clothes because the only other time that I get clothes is on Christmas."

   "Oh, I see."

   "So what sports do you do?" I asked trying to change up the subject

    "Well, I did do baseball for like 4 years when I was little, and I did soccer for a year when I was like 5, but now I only do football and basketball. I have always done football. That is my favorite sport. I only do basketball because that's what all my other friends do."

   "That's cool...but do you even like basketball?"

    "What?" he furrowed his brow and looked at me a little weird like

   "You said you only did it because your friends do it."

   "Oh...yah...of coarse I like basketball. My dad used to do it and so he makes me do it. It's just not my favorite, and what other winter sport is there?"

   " could do swimming."

   "Oh no, definitely not swimming, I can't swim that good...I mean I'm not as bad as you...but..."

   "Hey!" I said and punched his arm

   "Ouch!" he said and started rubbing where I hit him

    "Sorry, but I am too good at swimming! It's just the water was moving really fast...and I panicked!"

    "Yah, yah...excuses, excuses."

   We continued to walk in the woods until we saw Briscoe and Sarah take off towards somewhere. I'm betting it was to Briscoe's secret spot.

    "Hey Sarah, Briscoe get back here!" Brett yelled to them, cupping his hand around his mouth

   "Briscoe! Sarah! Come on!" I also yelled

   They kept on running. I wasn't too worried about Briscoe because he seemed to come back, but I was afraid he would take Sarah with him and then they would get lost."

   "We should probably chase after them." Brett suggested

   "Yah, I'm afraid that they might get lost."

   We ran after where they were headed, and I was surprisingly able to keep up with Brett, or he slowed down so I could. We continued to run along the creek and found an old, wooden bridge that lead across it. I looked at him and shrugged, and knowing what I had in mind, he walked over it first.

   "It seems safe," he said

   "Ok, but if I fall and die, I want tulips on my grave, not roses."

   He laughed and so did I.

   I quickly ran across it, afraid that if I went slow it would collapse and I would begin my journey again down the fast-moving stream.

   "See? I told you it was safe. I'm always right."

   "Whatever." I said

   We both laughed and he grabbed my hand.

   "Now come on," he said "They're getting further and further away."

   He still held my hand and pulled me along behind him at a fast run.

   I somehow got the feeling that he liked to hold my hand because this is the third time!

   We began to run up a hill and when we got up there, we found a small, abandoned house. I think it would pass for a shack, actually, considering it was so small. Its wood was molded and more green then brown, and the roof was sideways.

   "What the-" Brett said

   "I don't know...I had no clue that this was the secret place Briscoe would head to everyday."

   "Let's go in!" He said

   "No way!" I grabbed his arm and pulled him back

   "Why not?" he asked, facing me

   "Why not?! Because it could collapse on us, that's why!"

   "The dogs went in and it didn't collapse, and plus it's held up through all these years of rain and wind, so I'm pretty sure that it's not going to fall down."

   "You think so?"

   "I know so."

  "Okay, well then...I'm trusting you."

   " should. I mean, when have I let you down?"

   I sighed, rolled my eyes and let go of his arm.

  "Yah! Our adventure begins!" he fist pumped the air and ran up to the front door that was cracked open enough so that a dog could get through.

    I followed behind him and rested my hands on his shoulder, using him as blockage incase anything would pop out.

   He carefully cracked open the door, and behind it revealed a dusty, old stove to the left, thrown over wooden chairs with a table, and a small fireplace. Wooden counters were on both sides of the stove, and old, mouse eaten blankets were spread over the floor.

   "Whoa." he said

   "Whoa is right." I replied

   We both walked in and Sarah and Briscoe were in a corner with the counter to the right of them and us diagonal. They were close to the door with a window above them on the door's wall. Sarah crawled under a blanket and we heard whimpering sounds just as she did that.

   The whimpers sounded dog-like.

   "You don't think-" I began to say

   " can't be...she never seemed pregnant."














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