The Eighth Wonder of the World

This is a story about a girl and her dog. A great dog who helps Sandy Bolton conquer her fears and helps her through her life.


9. .

    We walked back to the house, that is Briscoe and I, and I continued to think about Brett. He was soooo hot! Now I wished that it was already tomorrow. I shouldn't have blown him off like that, he did invite me into his house, so why didn't I say yes?! Oh well, at least I get to see him tomorrow. It was a good decision coming back here anyway.

   I walked up my driveway and noticed a nice, grey Camry parked in it. Probably Matt's new car that he had been bragging to Taylor about. Why was he here anyways? I know he's rich and all, but Taylor should really break up with him, he's a jerk.

   I walked inside and shut the door behind me. Matt was sitting down at the kitchen table looking at a sports magazine. Wow. I didn't know that he read.

   "Hello." he said to me

   "Ughh." I replied in disgust

   "Not a good day?"

   "Not now that you're here."

   "Love you too soon to be sister-in-law." he said with a smirk on his face

   "What?" I asked, baffled

   "Oh Ya, I'm going to propose to Taylor by the way. Would she like 3 diamonds on her ring, or just one big diamond?" he said with a smirk on his face

   "She's not going to say yes to your proposal, you know."

   "Sure she will, how could she pass up a guy as hot and as rich as me?" he said laughing

   This dude is such a jerk.

   "Very easily." I said

   If it wasn't for his personality, he would be close to perfect. He has crystal blue eyes, short, brown hair, is very buff and athletic, is rich, and stands about 6'4.

   When Taylor and him walk around town together they look like a million bucks. They could both be models.

    "Look little girl, you may not like me, but you better get used to it because your sister and I are going to have a long,"  he stretched out the word long "happy life together okay?"

    I stuck my tongue out at him.

   "Love you too sis."

    He put down the magazine, took an apple off the counter, and began to open up the front door.

   "By the way, why are you wet?"

   I put my index finger up to protest but he stopped me midair.

   "Never mind, I really don't care." He laughed his stupid little laugh and walked out the door.

   I just glared at him until I heard the engine start and him pulling out the driveway. Briscoe growled. I loved this dog. He understood me so well.


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