The Eighth Wonder of the World

This is a story about a girl and her dog. A great dog who helps Sandy Bolton conquer her fears and helps her through her life.


6. .

     I sat in my room with the covers pulled over my head. Briscoe lied next to me.

    "Ok Briscoe, now we can't be too loud because then Taylor will definitely make us go to bed, but I have something to show you."

    I leaned over my bed and pulled out an old, grey scrapbook with pages hanging out of the sides. I turned on my reading flashlight and pulled the sheets back over Briscoe's and my head.

    I opened the book to the first page. There was a picture of 4 people in all white shirts, and blue jeans. A little blonde headed girl stood next to a lady sitting on a wooden stool. A man stood behind both of them with his hand on both of their shoulders. The man was tall, with broad shoulders and black hair. The lady with the brunette hair held a baby in her arms that was covered up in a white blanket.

    "This is me, Briscoe." I pointed towards the baby in all white. "And this is Taylor, the little girl standing next to the brunette haired lady." I pointed to Taylor.

     "And this is mom and dad. They're pretty easy to point out." But I pointed to both of them just to make sure he knew who they were.

      "This scrapbook was the only thing I could save from Taylor's burning pile. That's why it's all tattered and torn. Well, that and it's about 13 years old. Taylor doesn't even know I have it." I laughed.

    Briscoe looked at me and just listened. He was a good listener.

    "This picture is our whole family together. Don't we look so happy?"

   I began to smile, but like all of my smiles, it faded away. Briscoe sensed my sadness and managed to stick his head under my arm.

     I turned the page to a picture of two little girls running in the fall leaves. A tire swing held the brunette haired lady in the background.

    "This is a picture of my mom, Taylor, and I when I was about two. This is one of my favorite pictures because we all were in motion with smiles on our faces."

    Briscoe barked at the picture.

    I cupped my hand over his mouth.

     "Shhh Briscoe! Taylor's gonna kick you out!"

     I playfully slapped him on the head. He just looked at me apologetically.

    I continued to show him pages of the scrapbook until my eyelids felt droopy. I put the book back under my bed and pushed the covers off of me.

    "It's hot in here! Don't you agree?" Briscoe started to pant as if to answer my question. I walked over to the door and turned on the fan switch.

   "There, that's better."

    I walked back to my bed and pulled the covers over Briscoe and me. I then fell into a deep sleep and dreamt about Briscoe and I having the best summer of our lives.


     "Breakfast is ready!" Taylor yelled from the kitchen.

    I grumbled and flipped around to where I wasn't facing her voice. Briscoe woke up at the movement of my body and jumped on me. He then jumped on me and began to bite the covers and pull them. 

    "Stop! Stop Briscoe!" He ignored my voice and continued to pull off the covers

    I gave in.

    "Fine!" I grunted "I guess I'll get up!" I pushed myself up out of bed and walked over to the cracked mirror. Without the extra weight holding down the covers, Briscoe flipped over on the floor. I giggled at him.

   "I guess your game of tug-o-war is over?" He growled playfully then ran into the kitchen.

    I brushed my long, sandy blonde hair and then put it into a fishtail braid. I took off my pink nightgown and polka dotted socks and slipped on a navy blue and white striped shirt with jeans. I then walked into the kitchen where Taylor was yelling through the phone.

   "I have to work today you know that, so why do we even bother to argue?! I have to make money you know!" She yelled through the phone.

   I continued to walk over to the counter and picked up my scrambled eggs. Briscoe showed his puppy face as I sat down and started to eat. I gave in to his desperate little eyes and threw him a piece of my egg. Taylor still yelled through the phone. I guessed she was yelling at her boyfriend Matt. She always had this conversation with him. He always wanted her to stay home so they could hang out. Matt didn't understand that she had to work, unlike him. He comes from a rich family so he has never had a day of work in his life. Matt was kind of a stuck up rich boy.

   She slammed the phone down on the counter. She looked over at me with a scowl on her face.

   "This is already not going to be a good day." She said.

   Taylor walked out the front door with her fancy leather purse in her hand that Matt had bought her for her 23rd birthday. She put on her round, black sunglasses and flipped her blonde hair backwards.

   "Tootles." she sang in her bird-like voice with a little wave floating in the air "I'll be back around three, oh and don't go outside." With that she shut the door and left me alone in the house. Bored. As always.



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