The Dark Waters

Ten years ago, two girls got swept out at sea by a mysterious force. Unfortunately, after about 30 minutes of struggling in the treacherous waters a strange creature drags the two 6 year old girls deep below the water. Hours later, they then wake up finding themselves abandoned on a mysterious island. Later on, when the girls stupidly decided to go for a swim, they find tails in the same place as their feet. Ever since that night the girls swore to each other to hide their dark secret and protect each other. What happens when they run into a certain group of people… and two of them get suspicious? Will things get better or worse? What happens when the creature that tried to kill them returns? Read on to find out. You’ll never know what secrets hide below the dark waters.


1. The Legend

~No One’s POV~ {8 years ago}

Natsumi’s eyes shot open and she bolted out of her bright blue bed.

“Today’s our birthday!” she yelled to herself. She looked over to see her twin sister, Katsumi, still fast asleep in bed. Without thinking, she ran over to her sister’s dark purple bed and jumped on it. “KATSU-CHAN!! WAKE UP!!” Katsumi’s eyes slowly opened and a dark aura went around her. Woops! Her eyes had darkness written all over them.

“What. Do. You. Want?” she asked slowly. Natsumi shrunk down a little and got off the bed.

“Wake up… it’s our birthday.” she squeaked. Katsumi rolled her eyes and slowly got up out of bed. Natsumi zoomed out of the room, still in her plaid pajamas, and ran into their parents room to wake them up. When she opened the door, she stood there confused. They weren’t in bed. What she didn’t know was that they were planning the twins’ surprise party. Very confused, Natsumi went  inside their room to look for clues as to where they went. While she looked in their drawer, Katsumi snuck up from behind, ready to scare her sister.

“Whatcha doing?” she asked while scaring the color out of Natsumi. She let out a shrill shriek and ran under her parents blankets. “You’re such a scaredy cat.”

“Shut up. No I am not.” Natsumi stated from under the covers.

“Then why are you under the covers and so pale?” she taunted.

“Um… well… oh shut up!” she defended. Katsumi laughed victoriously and ran out of the room. Natsumi chased her down the hall and they ended up out their back door. They landed face first in the sand. The family lived a beach house. It was beautiful, two story house with three bedrooms, a guest room, and two bathrooms. They started wrestling and ended up getting covered in sand. A tall figure stood over them. She had long brown hair, bright blue eyes, and was wearing a long flower print dress that went down to her calves. It was their mother.

“Look at you two!” she yelled in horror. “You are covered in sand! Now go inside, take a shower, and go get dressed. Your father is in his study so don’t bother him. I’ll go make some breakfast.” The twins nodded and ran inside. Katsumi looked over at Natsumi and saw she had a tears on her face by the time they reached the room.

“What’s wrong?” Katsumi asked.

“They forgot our birthday!” she cried on to her sister’s shoulder. Reality struck Katsumi and she held back the tears.

“Don’t worry… they still love us… they just forgot.” Kat reassured her sister. “Wanna know what will make you feel better?”

Nat’s eyes lit up and they both yelled in unison, “The ‘Which One is Katsumi Game’!”

“WOW! We haven’t played that since we were four. I’ll go dye my hair!” Kat called out.

“Okay! I’ll pick out our outfits!” Nat informed happily. Katsumi took her shower first, dyed her hair bluish purple to match her sister, and cut it the same length. Meanwhile, Natsumi picked out a blue and white sailor dress that matched her sister’s. After Kat finished her shower, they swapped places. Kat got dressed and Nat took her shower. When they were done, they decided to switch things up a bit. Kat always parted her hair to the left so she did it to the right today and Nat always parted her hair to the right so she went to the left. They made their outfits look exactly alike so there was no trace of difference.

“You ready?” Kat asked.

“Absolutely… let’s go confuse some of the people from our school!” Nat cheered. It was normal for the twins to be this mischievous. It was how they grew up together. The girls skipped down the hall and across the beach to their mother.

“Mom is it okay if we go play with our friends?” Kat asked.

“Um… I’m not so sure.” she said. Both twins gave her the puppy dog eyes and the mother eventually gave in. “Ugh! Fiine, but be careful.” The girls nodded, ran off the beach, and entered the park. Sitting there was this kid named Haru. The twins never talked to him, but have all the same classes as him.

“Hello Haru Yamazaki.” Kat said mischievously. Haru looked at them and shrunk down.

“The Kimura Twins.” he whispered shrinking back. Their smiles grew bigger.

“We have a game for you. Wanna play?” We asked in harmony.

“Um… s-sure.” he nodded.

“It’s called… ‘Which One’s Katsumi’!” they cheered. The little boy swallowed some air and nodded. “Close your eyes!” He followed the command. As his eyes were closed, the girls put on the same colored beanie and swapped places. “Open!” The boy’s eyes opened and he hesitated. “Well, which one is who?” He thought for awhile, before pointing to the girl on the right.

“Um… you’re Katsumi and she is Natsumi…” he stated hesitantly.

“Wrong!” the twins laughed.

“See… I told you he was just as ignorant as the others.” Katsumi stated with a straight face to Natsumi.

“If only there were some smart people in our school.” Natsumi sighed.

“You guys are so mean!” the boy yelled while running away. The twins just shrugged it off and walked over to the swing set. There were three seats out of four taken. The twins gave each other mischievous looks and walked over to the girl to the far right.

"Hello!" Natsumi greeted cheerfully. The girl in the seat shrunk down when she notice the mischief gleaming in her eyes.

"H-hi." She stuttered. The twins share a glance and smirked. 'This is going to be too easy'. They both thought. Before they could say anything their mother called them.

"Katsumi! Natsumi! I have a surprise for you!" She yelled cheerfully. She was talking about the surprise party. The girls smiled innocently at the girl on the swing, interlocked arms, and skipped to their mother. She led them to their backyard. The mother placed blindfolds on their faces and led them outside. Once she took them off, the twins gasped. Half their family was there and written on a banner was 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATSUMI AND KATSUMI!'. After the twins greeted every family member, they darted for the water. Only to be stopped by their mother. "Nuh uh! No ocean today." She interrupted. The twins put on a pout and walked back over to the barbecue. Katsumi looked at Natsumi.

"Wanna have some fun?" She asked with a smirk. [A/N No dirty thoughts!]

"Absolutely," Natsumi agreed. They went over to their Aunt Mizuki.

"Aunt Mizuki! Aunt Mizuki! Wanna play a game?" They both yelled. Natsumi put on an innocent look and gave her a heart shattering smile.

"Sure," she agreed, "what's the game called?"

“The ‘Which One’s Katsumi Game’!” they cheered. She gave the twins a confused look, but shrugged it off.

“How do you play sweet hearts?” she asked.

“Well you have to guess which one of us is Katsumi and who is Natsumi.” Katsumi instructed. The aunt nodded and studied our faces. She then pointed to the one on the left.

“You’re Katsumi and she is Natsumi.” she stated.

“Nope! You can’t even tell your two only nieces apart.” Natsumi fake cried. She was always good at fake crying. Before her aunt can protest, Mrs. Kimura called everyone for cake. The twins gave her an evil smirk and ran to the cake table.

‘For a twin set of six year olds, they really are evil,’ Aunt Mizuki thought to herself. All the family members gathered around the table on the balcony of the house by the twins’ rooms.

“Ready… go.” Mrs. Kimura announced. The whole Kimura family started to sing happy birthday to the twins in Japanese. After they ate cake the twins went up to the mother.

“Mother can we go for a swim later?” they asked.

“No!” the mother said sternly. The twins started to pout, but Katsumi got an idea.

“How about we make a bet?” she asked. “You play the ‘Which One’s Katsumi’ game and if you get it wrong then we go swimming…”

“No.” the mother continued. “You guys go straight to your room for the rest of the party.” The twins furiously stormed up to their room from the balcony and sat there looking at the ocean view from their balcony glass doors.

“I wanna swiiiim!” Nat complained.

“Well, mom said no so I guess we should try to get some rest.” Kat ordered. Natsumi nodded and they both decided to go to sleep.

***6 Hours Later***

    Katsumi’s eyes shot open as she was startled awake. She looked over to the source of the sound to see Natsumi opening the balcony doors.

    “Natsumi?” she called out. Natsumi ignored her and walked over to the balcony ledge. What is going on? Kat ran over to Nat and shook her shoulders. When Nat faced her she gasped. She was sleepwalking. Nat never slept walked. Kat slapped her across the face and her eyes snapped open.

    “Kat?” she asked. Kat nodded and noticed that Natsumi was practically over the ledge.

    “You were sleepwalking.” Kat explained.

    “Oh… well, I had a dream that I was swimming.” she stated.

    “You were about to.” Kat laughed. Natsumi took in her surroundings and climbed over the ledge and onto the cool midnight sand. “Where are you going?”

    “I wanna swim.” Nat stated.

    “Ok let’s go.” Kat agreed. The twins ran across the cool beach towards the calm waters. Nat took off her dress to reveal a blue bathing suit while Kat had a purple one. They already planned on going swimming. The water was smooth and comforting. While Kat resurfaced the water, she noticed Natsumi was swimming far out. “Where are you going?”

    “I can’t move,” she cried out. Her feet weren’t moving, but she was floating. Kat swam after her frantically. Every Time Natsumi’s head went under water she heard a voice.

“Let go… let go… embrace the tale… let go… ,” a voice chanted.

Kat started freaking out when Natsumi kept going under the water.

    “Natsu-chan!!” Kat yelled. Natsumi’s legs started bunching together and she let out a shrill scream as the inside of her legs started ripping open and stitching together. Water started filling Natsumi’s lungs as she was pulled deeper under the suffocating blanket of water. Kat dived under the water to grab her sister. Once she grabbed her hand she gasped. Her eyes were black as night and her hands were ice cold. Where her legs should be was a beautiful blue tail. It was painted multiple shades of blue. Each scale was a different shade. Katsumi screamed at the top of her lungs as she felt a stinging sensation in her legs. They were ripping and tearing as well. She looked down and saw that her legs were combined into a tail. The tail was tie dyed different shades of violet. Every scale glimmered off the moon light in the water. Before Kat could run, pull Nat up, or even think, she dragged her deeper under the water.

Ever Since That Night The Kimura Twins Were Never Seen Again
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