The Dark Waters

Ten years ago, two girls got swept out at sea by a mysterious force. Unfortunately, after about 30 minutes of struggling in the treacherous waters a strange creature drags the two 6 year old girls deep below the water. Hours later, they then wake up finding themselves abandoned on a mysterious island. Later on, when the girls stupidly decided to go for a swim, they find tails in the same place as their feet. Ever since that night the girls swore to each other to hide their dark secret and protect each other. What happens when they run into a certain group of people… and two of them get suspicious? Will things get better or worse? What happens when the creature that tried to kill them returns? Read on to find out. You’ll never know what secrets hide below the dark waters.


8. Surprise?!?!

~Natsumi's POV~

•Dream• Kaoru and I were swimming out in the ocean in the middle of the day. He didn't mind that I had a tail when I showed him. He actually loved the idea. Just as much as he loved me. We were both floating on our backs looking at the sky.

    "I love spending time with you Kaoru." I confessed.

    "I love it too. It's too bad we have to leave soon." He replied. We both looked at each other.

    "I wish you could stay." I pleaded. "Katsumi and I will miss you guys soo much. Especially me."

    "We'll miss you girls too. I'll miss you the most." He whispered. We started to lean in and our lips met. Sparks flew everywhere and butterflies knotted in my stomach. I smiled against the kiss and pulled away. As I reopened my eyes I gasped. It was Kyoya. I gave him a look of confusion and he had a big beautiful smile on. "I love you Natsumi. I'm gonna miss you. I'm so sorry."

    "Sorry for what?" I asked. I felt a hand grab my leg and pull me under the water. As I resurfaced, Kyoya was gone. I looked behind me and saw Katsumi swimming frantically towards me. She was eight years old again, and so was I. This was the night we both went missing. I tried to move but the underwater force was too strong. I looked down and saw that my tail was gone, and that that my legs took its place. I still had the my necklace around my neck though. Then why were my legs there. I looked down at my legs but I couldn't see them. The ocean water turned black as night and wrapped around me. I saw the piercing black eyes that haunted my dreams staring back at me. It told me to let go and embrace the tail. I shook my head and tried my best to keep my head above the water. I looked for Katsumi but she wasn't there. I heard her screaming getting louder and louder in my ears. I covered my ears and started to kick frantically.  

    "Let go...Let go...embrace the tail Natsumi...close your eyes and let go." A million voices whispered in my ear. The voices got louder and louder, and so did Katsumi's screaming.

    "No...NO!!! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! AAAAAAAAA!!!!" I started screaming and thrashing. Tears bled out of my eyes and my vision blurred until it went black completely. •Reality• I woke up screaming and crying. My door burst open to reveal a frantic Hikaru. I was still screaming this whole time from the traumatic event that just took place in my dreams. Hikaru ran over to me pulled me into a hug. He sat on my bed while I lay in a fetal position on his lap. I eventually stopped screaming and was sobbing softly. He quietly stroked my hair and whispered that it would be okay and that I was just having a dream. I dug my head into his shirt and sobbed louder. This whole time he just sat there hugging me and telling me I'm okay. Once I calmed down he started to talk to me.

    "Are you okay?" He asked. I shook my head. "Do you want to talk about it?" I shook my head. "Do you want me to get Katsumi?" I nodded sheepishly. He nodded and slowly laid me on my bed. He left the room to go get Katsumi. I sat there shaking for a while. I took in my surroundings and sighed. It’s only 11:31 pm. After about 5 minutes Katsumi entered the room.

    “Katsumi?” I asked in a weak voice.

    “Yeah its me.” she said walking in slowly. I immediately  began to cry into my hands. She rushed over to me and started hugging me.

    “Hey its ok. its ok. It was just a dream. I had a bad dream too.” She was rocking me back and forth like a baby. I always felt okay when I am with my sister. She feels the same. I know for sure I would have done the same thing she is doing.

    “Well, you know why this is happening right?” I ask.

    “I know, its our birthday tomorrow.” She looked down disappointed.  Any other girls in the world would be excited for their birthday. But not us. Its the day we became these creatures and it makes us go a little “crazy”. It’s like werewolves with the full moon. We have bad and scary dreams, we hear things, and our powers get really out of control. Someone knocked on the door.

    “Who is it?” Katsumi called out.


    “Come in.” she instructed. He came and sat on the other side of me.

“Hey you ok? What did you dream about?” He asked me. I hesitated. Katsumi answered for me.

“Uhhh...yeah she is um.. just worried about our birthdays tomorrow.” I saw it in her face that she did not want to say that. “Damn.” I said quietly to myself. I could see that she was thinking the same thing.


~Katsumi’s POV~

What the hell is wrong with me?! We didn't want anyone to find out and make a big deal. Our birthday is honestly the worst day in the year for us. But what was I supposed to do? I had to think fast.

    “Oh really? We have to have a party for you girls tomorrow!!” Hikaru insisted.

    “No its fine. Don’t make a big deal.” Natsumi and I said in unison.

    “Come on please! Come on Katsumi!” Of course he turns to me! I can’t say no, especially when he does those puppy eyes. Crap! He started with the puppy eyes! I looked at Natsumi and gave her an apologetic look.

“Fine.” I said.

“Great! Well, I’m going to let you two soon-to-be birthday girls get some rest for your big day tomorrow. Good night!” he said running out of the room.

“What the heck Kat?” Natsumi snarled at me.

"I'm sorry. Look all we have to do is stay as far away from the water as possible and we should be fine. Also if we start hearing things we can just tell the other twin ok?”

    “Ok” she agreed.

“Alright lets go to bed.” she nodded. I began falling asleep. Tomorrow is going to be

a long day.


***Next Morning (12:00am)***

~Natsumi's POV~

My eyes shot open and I sat up. A few seconds later my sister did the same. We looked at each other then both slowly tired to face the clock.

            "12 o'clock.” we said together. It's our birthday. We both couldn't wait for it to be over. I started hearing whispers.

           "Come Kimura Twins. Dive in. Embrace it. Embrace the tail!!!" I started getting really scared.

          "Kat! The voices!" I whispered.

         "I know. I can hear them too." They began getting louder.

         "They want us to go into the water." I said while softly crying.

         "It's ok calm down," Kat said while trying to figure out how to calm us both down. "Everything is going to be ok." I could tell she had an idea in her head.

         "Do you remember the poem that mom used to read to us when we would get scared at night?" I nodded. She looked at me telling me to recite it with her.

          "I am brave. I am strong. I am safe. Right where I belong. My twin. My friend. Will be here until the end. So wherever I may be. On land or out at sea. I am always safe. At home." We said together. It was shocking how much we sounded like her. To be honest, we hadn't really talked about our family in a really long time. This is the first time we had talk about mother in years.

    “Now I know why she told us to stay out of the water when we were only eight.” Katsumi whispered. I nodded in agreement. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

    “Kimura twins… happy birthday!” we heard Momoki whisper/yell as she entered the room with two cupcakes. Inside the cupcakes were candles with our initials on it. She set the tray of cupcakes next to Cho-chan and walked over to us. She engulfed us in a big hug, but pulled away when she noticed how tense we were. “What’s wrong?”  

    “Today’s the day we turned and every year on our birthday that creature in the water comes back for us…” I blurted out. What? Where did that come from?

Momo-chan hugged us again and whispered, “Don’t worry… you’re safe now. You have a whole group of friends to protect you okay?” We both nodded. She was right. “Now c’mon! Let’s go get some breakfast.”

“I’m not really hungry…” I trailed off.

“Oh please,” she scoffed, “you have to want SOMETHING to eat.”

“No it’s okay. I’ll just stay here and tend to Cho-cha-”

“It’s surprising that you don’t want to see Kyoya.” she whispered with a smirk. I thought it over for awhile.

“Maybe I’ll just have ONE thing to eat.” I thought out loud.

“Okay, let’s go!” She said leading us down the hallways and into the kitchen. My mouth almost dropped to the floor when we entered the room. There were streamers hanging from the ceiling, a cake on the table, presents by the counters, and best of all, all our friends were sitting at the table waiting for us.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” Honey-senpai yelled while running towards me for a hug.

“What? Why? When did-... How?!” Katsumi asked in shock.

“Kaoru and I pulled an all nighter.” Hikaru explained. “It was Kaoru’s idea.” Kaoru gave Hikaru a look and a small blush spread across his face. A small pang of guilt went through my stomach.

“Th-thanks.” I muttered. Katsumi went and sat in between Hikaru and Tamaki, and gave Hikaru a hug. When I looked at Tamaki his face twisted up a little. Was he jealous? I shook the thought off and sat next to Kyoya and Haruhi. Even though I tried to avoid it, I glanced at Kaoru and frowned. He looked hurt.  

“So what are the plans for today?” I tried to relieve the tension in the room.

“Well, you are going to spend an hour with each of us. We all planned something fun to do.” Kyoya explained. Katsumi and I nodded in agreement.

“Who goes first?” we asked in unison.

“You have to find that out for yourselves.” Hikaru laughed.

“Now close your eyes…” Kaoru demanded. After we did as we were told, we heard people moving around and the doors closing. When we finally opened our eyes again there was no one there. They all left us. Let the adventure begin. There was a note on the table in front of us. It read:

Natsumi and Katsumi,

This is the beginning of the adventure you are about to take. We set up somewhat of a treasure map for you. So I hope you are good with riddles. Natsumi take the note attached to this one. Katsumi keep reading.


I did as I was told and read the note attached to it:


Welcome to the first part of your treasure hunt. I’m sorry, but this is where you and Katsumi part until the end of your birthday present. Anyways, here is your hint to where I am:

What’s your favorite dessert?

See you there :)


    I rolled my eyes and giggled. When I looked up from the letter, I couldn’t find Katsumi. I guess she already left. I sat on the stool and thought it over. My favorite dessert. THAT’S IT!!! Mango sorbet! He’s by the fruit trees in the forest. I ran out of the kitchen, down the hallways, and out the back doors into the forest. Not that far along the path I noticed a little trail of M&Ms on the floor. This will be a fun trip.


~Katsumi’s POV~

Dear Katsumi,

Happy birthday! Sorry but this is where your sister and you part. For your first destination think about this: GDO


GDO?! What the heck is GDO?! I rolled my eyes and walked out of the room. GDO? GDO. I walked down the hallways and into my room. GDO. I stared at Cho-chan as he swam in his little cup. GDO. GIRLS DAY OUT!!! I shot up and ran to the beach. I saw Haruhi sitting on the edge of the cliff by the waters. Once she heard me running she whipped around and smiled.

    "Hi Katsumi. You figured out my letter." She said.

    "Yea, so what do you got in mind for today?" I asked.

    "Well we can practice your powers. Since you haven't used them in a while." She explained. I froze. We shouldn't be using our powers today but I don't want to be rude. I nodded my head and swallowed nervously. We both went into the house and into her room. She locked the door and I saw three flammable objects on the floor. "You ready?" I nodded. I stared at the little block of wood on the floor first. Not long after that did a small spark appear and soon the whole block of wood went up in flames. Haruhi drenched the flames in water without a bat of an eye and the fire sputtered and died. She nodded at me saying that I can continue. Time to test out if I got another ability. Every two years on our birthday Natsumi and I get a new power. I put all my concentration onto the block. The next block slowly lifted in the air. I can levitate stuff? Cool! I tried to combine the fire ability with the levitation powers. My left eye twitched and I felt my eyes slowly get warmer. There were turning red. I overdid it! The block clung to the ceiling for dear life as it bursted into flames. Haruhi threw the water at the ceiling, but missed. Uh oh! The whole ceiling went up in flames. My head started getting flustered and I panicked. Before I knew what happened all the water drained out of the previous block and onto the ceiling. I looked at Haruhi shocked and she shrugged. “It wasn’t me…” she explained. Was that… me? Did I also get water powers? That’s never happened before. Haruhi sat down and sighed. “Well, I guess you should go to your next person. Here.” She handed me a note and smiled.


The artificial ocean is your best friend!


    “Subtle,” I giggled to myself while shaking my head. Before I left I gave Haruhi hug and said good bye. “Thanks again! “No problem! Happy birthday!” she cheered. I gave her a smile and left the room. Time to go swimming with Momoki. I went into the basement towards the pool room. I knocked on the locked door and almost instantly did it swing right open to reveal a grinning Momoki.

She tackled me in a hug and yelled, “Happy Birthday Katsu-chan!” I giggled and hugged her back.

“Thanks.” I laughed.

“You ready to swim?” she asked. I looked at her confused. “It’s a swimming pool. Nothing can get in unless you let it in or bring it in.” I nodded in agreement.i took my bracelet of andI watched it slowly grow into a neckless. I looked at Momoki. She nodded towards the water and jumped in. “C’mon!” I swallowed and jumped into the water. My legs ripped and binded into my beautiful purple tail. I swam over by Momoki and sat by the shallow end.

“This is amazing! I have never swam on my birthday!” I gawked.

“Why not?”

“Because that thing that tried to kill us might come back. Ugh! I never wanna see that evil thing again!” I vented.

“Well you’re safe in the pool. I won’t let anything hurt you.” she promised. There was a small silence. “So… you and Hikaru?” she winked at me.

“NO!! We just started going out a while ago! Don’t be dirty!”

“Hey! If I were you, it would’ve already happened.” she joked. I shook my head and giggled. Then a thought hit me.

“Momo-chan. How did you know that our last names were Kimura?” I asked.

“I have my ways.” she giggled. Natsumi probably told her. There was another silence.

“Well, I should probably go to my next person…”

“Wait! No! Please stay a little longer.”

“No I really have to go.” Before I could move I felt a powerful presence holding me down. Momoki slowly moved over to me and got closer.

“You’re not going anywhere.” she smirked. Before I could react she ripped off my necklace and levitated out of the water.

“Wh-what are you doing?” I squeaked.

“You really shouldn’t have brought up the last name conversation. You should’ve gotten your first suspicion then.” she giggled evilly. “You know… that sea monster that tried to kill you could’ve had a reason? Ever heard of sacrifices?” I slowly nodded my head. Her eyes slowly rolled to the back of her head and was replaced by those black soulless eyes that haunted us for years. “Poor Katsumi. You were so naive. Now anyways, I need to go round up your sister. And don’t get any ideas sweetheart. Yell for help and when the boys get here they’ll see your tail.” she threatened. “I would love to stay and chat but I have a Kimura twin to find.” She giggled and walked out the door. I heard the lock click and her footsteps faded away. ‘Be careful Natsumi.’

~Natsumi’s POV~

I waved good bye to Honey and Takashi before I made my way back to the house. I unfolded the note that Mori gave me.


Hope you enjoyed cake with Honey-senpai. For part 2 of your present, go to the place where water meets the land at a 90° angle. Good luck!

-Kyoya Otori

I smiled to myself and thought about it. Where the ocean meets the land? Oh god Kyoya you couldn’t think of an easier riddle? Ok so… where the ocean meets the land? I walked over to the front of the house towards the beach. 90° angle… A CLIFF!! Kyoya’s by the cliff. I ran over to the cliffside and my mouth dropped open when I got there. No one was there. What? Before I could react, I felt two arms wrap around me.

    “Guess who?” he questioned.

    “Tamaki?” I joked. I heard him laugh from behind me and I spun around to face him. “Kyoya!” I laughed.

    “Happy birthday!” he congratulated.

    “Thank you.”

    “You ready for your present?”

    “Yea.” He led me over to the cliff side and before I knew it, I was thrown over his shoulder and he jumped. I screamed on the way down and my stomach filled with butterflies when he held my hand. The water rushed towards us and soon we were consumed by it. I swam to the top and met Kyoya face to face. Only then did I realize he had no shirt on. My face went red and I heard him chuckle. We swam out by the reef and sat on a couple of rocks. I felt a tingling sensation spread through my feet and I looked down to see they were turning blue. Scaly blue. My tail! I positioned myself so I was sitting on my feet and I sighed. This isn’t happening! This can’t be happening! Kyoya looked over to me.

    “Are you okay?” he asked with his face full of concern.

    “Y-Yea just fine.” I lied. He sighed knowing that I wasn’t going to tell him and looked off at the clouds.

    “How was your first present with Honey-senpai?” he asked changing the subject.

    “Good. We had a lot of sweets and even played with Usa-Chan and Cho-Chan.” I boasted. He started laughing, but stopped abruptly.

    “Um… natsumi… There’s something I have to tell you…” he started.

    “Yea…?” I say while staring into his eyes. He starts slowly leaning in.

    “Um… well… I think I love-” I was cut off by a giant bubble of water consuming me and lifting me into the air.

    “Miss me sweetheart!” I heard Momoki call. What?

    “Momoki what the hell is going on!?” Kyoya yelled. “What are you doing to Natsumi?”

    “Stay out of this Kyoya!” she hissed. I looked around frantically as my head started pounding. I was running out of air. “C’mon sweetheart. Show Kyoya what you REALLY ARE! You’ll live if you do. For now…” A tear slipped out of my eye and into the water.

    “Put her down!” Kyoya yelled while throwing a rock at Momoki. She used her powers to sling shot it back and hit him in the stomach. Kyoya went flying back into the water and didn’t resurface.

    “KYO-” I started yelling, but was cut off with water filling my lungs. Without having anything else to do, I put on my necklace and watched my tail fully grow. Momoki smirked and dropped the water bubble into the water. I was dragged under the water and I power swam to Kyoya. I saw his leg was caught on a bunch of rocks. I helped him free and we both swam to the top. Once he got to the reef, he clutched his stomach in pain. I looked at Momoki.

    “Cousin Kyo-chan… why don’t you look and see what you’re precious Natsumi has become.” she instructed. He looked over to me and saw my tail. He looked at me in horror and slowly backed away to another rock. Kyoya. Another thought hit me.

    “Where’s Katsumi?” I asked. She gave me an evil smirk.

    “Let’s just say she’s busy.” she taunted. I was about to comment on that when Hikaru and Kaoru ran over to the cliff side.

    “What’s going on?” Hikaru asked.

    “We heard a scream.” Kaoru announced. He froze when he saw me. “What the hell happened to Natsumi?!” I was speechless.

    “Natsumi was about to tell you something…” Momoki laughed. I gave her a death glare.

    “Um…” my eyes narrowed. “Wait! You’re that creature that tried to kill us when we were eight!”

    “Wow look everyone… It’s captain obvious.” Momoki taunted.

    “Where’s my sister?” I repeated this time more frustrated.

    “I don’t know?” she laughed. I gathered shard of ice from the waters around me and levitated them. I aimed the shards at Momoki and shot them forward. Without even thinking she swiped them out of the way and shrugged. Kaoru dodged the icicles and they got lodged into the ground. A spotlight shone over them.

    “Kaoru!!” Hikaru cried as he ran over to him. He pulled Kaoru up and hugged him.

    “I’m fine Hikaru.”

    “You gotta be more careful. I was worried sick.”

    “I’m sorry. Do you forgive me?”

    “Yea.” They smiled as their eyes lit up. My attention went back to Momoki. I was about to say something when I heard the door slam open. Our attention went to the person in the doorway. Katsumi. She dragged herself and her tail towards the cliff by Momoki. She flopped over to Momoki and whipped her with her tail. Momoki gasped as she fell into the water. Katsumi sat at the top of the cliff with a smug look on her face.


    “Natsu-chan!” She sat at the cliff’s edge and avoided the twins’ confused glares that pierced through her tail. “Are you okay! Did she hurt you?!”

    “I’m okay but Kyoya’s hurt!” I called.

    “Okay, I’m making my way dow-” With a flash of light, Momoki was right by Katsumi’s side and shoved her off the cliff and into the water. She let out a frightened screech as she came in contact with the water. I swam over to her and we both stared up at Momoki.

    “Finally. The moment I have waited for has arrived. Now to finish you two brats off!!” she yelled. A clump of cosmic energy formed in her hands and she held it over her head. “Say goodbye to Kyoya and Hikaru, Kimura Twins!” We both braced ourselves for the worst. We heard the lightning zap and-

    “NOO!!!” we heard someone yell. The beam of light came towards us, but was redirected and hit Momoki straight in the face. She fell into the water with a power shriek and a last gasp of air. We all looked to the source of the scream. Haruhi. We all looked at her in shock as her hands held bolts of cosmic energy.

    “What…” Hikaru started.

    “The hell…” Kaoru continued.

    “Just happened.” they finished. Honey-senpai and Takashi joined us and looked in shock.

    “What did we miss!?” Honey-senpai cried.

    “A lot.” Katsumi stated. Katsumi and I helped Kyoya out of the water and onto the land where the Hitachiin twins helped him over to a safe place to sit. Katsumi and I watched the water turn green and yellow and then die down in bubbles.

    “See you next year.” I laughed. My laughing died down when Katsumi’s eyes turned all black and she froze.

~Katsumi’s POV~

    “Katsumi?” I heard Natsumi yell. “KATSUMI!!! WHAT’S GOING ON!!” she started crying as my vision went all black, but I could still hear them. “Katsumi stick with me okay? Okaaayy…” her voice blurred out as I felt the ground make contact with the back of my head. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as my vision bubbled up again. When I woke up, I was in a bright room. My vision was blurry. I looked up to see a mobile with stuffed animals on it. I was a baby again. I looked to my right and gasped at who was next to me. Momoki. I tried to scream which came out as a loud wail.

    “Hush baby Katsumi… you’re time will come soon.” she whispered. She leaned in and picked me up. My face went red with anger and I started to scream and cry. I saw Natsumi in the corner crib as always. She was looking at Momoki all wide eyed. The door burst open to reveal our parents.

    “Get away from my baby!” Mom yelled.

    “Now Auntie Aiko, mother and you made a deal remember…” she trailed off. Deal? What deal?

    “I need more time!” My mom yelled. Time for what? My vision faded out and my hearing faded away. Wait! No! Time for what? NOO!!! My head shot up and my eyes opened. I was six again. My mom just finished giving me a bath so I was in my favorite purple towel. Once I got to the room I stopped. Natsumi was talking to someone.

    “What if mommy finds out?” she questioned.

    “She won’t now c’mon sweetheart. Let’s go swimming.” a voice said. Momoki. I gasped. I guess I gasped a little loudly because both their heads turned and caught my eye.

    “Katsu-chan!” Natsumi called. She was about to run towards me when Momoki pulled her back. She went closer and closer to me. She placed her hand on my forehead and I instantly felt a splitting headache. I heard a scream escape my mouth and my dad came rushing down the hallways.

    “Stay away from my daughters!” he screamed. My vision blurred and I hit the floor. I stayed like this for awhile, until I was in a new location. I gasped in horror. I was in the ocean. It was the night Natsumi and I were taken. We both had our tails and were getting washed away. Before the black oceans swallowed us, I heard a scream.


    “Katsumi!” I kept my head above the water long enough to see our parents swimming towards us. I gasped. They both had tails. My dad’s was a sunset orange and my mom’s was an emerald green. Natsumi was way under the water, so our parents reached me first. Mom pulled something off their neck.

    “Here Katsumi. Take this.” she said handing me a necklace. It was a turquoise blue necklace with stones in it. “These stones are very special. Each one contains a special power of yours. Hold onto it for dear life. It’s your last memory of this family.” She put it on my neck and a wave pulled me down. I breathed in and nothing happened. I was okay. I looked deep into the water and saw Dad pull up Natsumi. He put a necklace on her and she breathed in gratefully. Before we knew it, Dad was pulled under water. We saw him struggle and fight the force under water, but eventually he took a deep breathe in and his body untensed. He floated to the top of the water unconsciously and Mom let out a scream. Suddenly, Momoki emerged from the water and pulled Mom down. Mom elbowed her in the neck and swam to the top. “C’mon Katsumi let’s g-” I heard an Earth shattering crack and saw Mom’s head leaning the wrong way. Momoki laughed evilly and swam over to Natsumi and I. She put a hand on Natsumi’s forehead and her eyes slowly shut. What did she do?! She swam over to me and did the same thing. I got another splitting headache. My vision blurred before I completely blacked out.

    “Katsumi? Katsumi! Wake up!” I heard a voice yell.

    My eyes shot open and I sat up. I was on the beach in Natsumi’s arms. There was an ice dome over us and the others were pounding on the ice. She was blocking them out with the ice.

    “Natsumi?” I asked.

    “KATSU-CHAN YOU’RE AWAKE!!!” she yelled engulfing me in a hug.

    “Yeah.” I croaked. My voice was very sore. I slowly got up. I started walking away when I heard someone yell my name. Momoki. My eyes finally focused again.

"What?!" I said with anger basically pouring out of my ears.

"Did you enjoy what you saw?" She laughed evilly. I looked at her with an evil death glare. Without saying anything else I tackle her. I punched her multiple times. I was winning until she was able to get up. She pushed me into the water. I didn't have my tail and it was getting hard to breathe. Every time I would reach for my bracelet to put it on my neck Momoki would take my hand away. After about 10 seconds of  fighting under water I saw Natsumi next to me helping me fight. We pushed Momoki away. We were able to take off our bracelets but they were growing too slow. Suddenly Natsumi and I felt a huge force push us. Momoki had pushed the water onto us. We went flying. We hit our heads on something. I felt light headed and then everything slowly went black.

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