The Dark Waters

Ten years ago, two girls got swept out at sea by a mysterious force. Unfortunately, after about 30 minutes of struggling in the treacherous waters a strange creature drags the two 6 year old girls deep below the water. Hours later, they then wake up finding themselves abandoned on a mysterious island. Later on, when the girls stupidly decided to go for a swim, they find tails in the same place as their feet. Ever since that night the girls swore to each other to hide their dark secret and protect each other. What happens when they run into a certain group of people… and two of them get suspicious? Will things get better or worse? What happens when the creature that tried to kill them returns? Read on to find out. You’ll never know what secrets hide below the dark waters.


4. Not Alone

~Natsumi’s POV~

My mouth dropped to the floor.

"I what?" I asked.

    "How did you do that?" Kaoru asked.

    "Do what?" I asked.

    "You controlled the water." Hikaru whispered.

    "NATSU-CHAN!! THE MOAT'S DONE!!!" Honey called. I took this opportunity and rushed over with the buckets.

    “How’s Cho-chan doing?” I asked.

    “She is very hyper.” he giggled. My gaze met the cup and I saw the little seahorse swimming in circles in the water. Honey helped me pour the water in the trench and I carefully slipped Cho-chan into the water. She happily swam around in the moat.

    “How long have you had Cho-chan, Natsu-chan?” He asked me.

    "Well, Katsu-chan and i found him awhile ago and took him in. After that everything seemed to fall into place.” I said.

    "So I guess you care about him as much as i care about my Usa-chan?" He asked.

    "Probably." I agreed. "Wanna pet him?" Honeys eyes lit up.

    "Okay." He yelled. He put his hands in the water and Cho-chan brushed up against his fingertips.

    "Ms.Natsumi! Can you come over here for a minute?" Kyoya called out. My head shot up and so did Honey's. I got up and walked over to Kyoya, Tamaki, and Katsumi, who were all in a deep conversation. Their voices faded away once they saw me. Kyoya continued, "Katsumi has told Tamaki-senpai and me a lot about you two. I never knew that you were so energetic when you were younger." My cheeks went pink instantly.

    "Yea I guess I was..." I zoned out.

    "You twins have me flustered though. There is no trace of you two anywhere. It's like you don't exist. Care to fill me in or explain why?" He asked.

    "Um...we're ghosts?" I joked. I felt someone grab my shoulder and I jumped. I turned around and found Hikaru.

    "Ow." I squeaked.

    "Sorry. Just checking." He informed.

    "What high school do you go to then?" Tamaki asked.

    "Um…well…” I looked at Katsumi for help, but Tamaki caught on faster than we expected.

    “You don’t go to high school?!” he yelled earning the attention of the whole group. They soon all gathered by us.

    “But how do you not go to High School?” Haruhi asked.


    “LOOK OUT!” A voice yelled behind us. Before we knew it, Takashi-senpai was tackled on the floor by a girl. They landed to the floor with a thud. I helped the girl up and Katsumi helped Taka-chan.

    “Where did that vine come from?” Haru-chan asked.

    “Are you okay Takashi?” Honey cried.

    “I’m fine Mitsukuni.” he assured.

    “Seriously, where did that vine come from?” Haruhi asked again.

    “Who is this fine young lady?” Tamaki-senpai asked while kissing her hand.

    “I’m Momoki Otori.” she stated. Tamaki’s face drained of it’s color and he stepped back a step.

    “O-Otori… as in… related to Kyoya Otori?” Kaoru asked pointing to Kyoya.

    “Yeah… he’s my cousin…” she complained.

    “Why are you here Momoki?” he asked.

    “Well since it’s summer break and both parents are working… dad sent me to be ‘babysit’ by you.” she explained bitterly.

    “That vine swinging you did was pretty cool!” Honey exclaimed.

    “Thank you. I try my best.” She bowed dramatically.

    “Wanna see the sand castle Natsu-chan and I made?” he asked.

    “Who?” she asked.

    “Me.” I answered.

    “Oh ok…” she said. Honey was dragging Momoki over to the moat. “Is that a sea horse?”

    “Yea it’s Natsu-chan and Katsu-chan’s.” Honey explained. I went over to join in the conversation.

    “So who are the others?” she asked me.

    “I think you should ask Honey-senpai because I just met them yesterday.” I laughed. She nodded and pointed the question to Honey-senpai.

    “Well, the one with the blonde hair that keeps hugging the girl with the short hair is Tamaki-senpai. The girl is Haru-chan. The twins are Hikaru and Kaoru. The guy you smushed into a pancake with your vine swinging was Takashi. She is Natsumi. Her twin sister is Katsumi. And you already know Kyo-chan and me.” he explained pointing to each and every person. Momoki processed all the names and replied with a fast nod.

    “So where is she going to sleep?” Haruhi asked.

    “She can stay with us?” The twins asked.

    “No, you perverts!” Tamaki yelled.

    “Why doesn’t she just sleep in the same room as Kyo-”

    “No thank you!” Momoki yelled.

    “Fine, then she can stay with Honey and Mori-senpai.” Tamaki said.

    “I’m okay with that.” Kyoya agreed.

    “Then it’s settled.” Tamaki said.

    “Yay! Momo-chan can stay with us!” Honey cheered. Honey jumped into Momoki’s arms and she carried him over to the crowd of the group. Katsumi joined me over here.

    “How’s she doing?” she asked.

    “She’s fine… very hyperactive.” I laughed.

    “What are we going to do about the whole High School situation?” she asked concerned.

    “I don’t know. Maybe we can enroll or something?” I asked hopefully.

    “Yea… maybe in the same school as-” she stopped herself.

    “Same school as who?” I asked curiously.

    “Yea… the same school as who?” Hikaru and Kaoru asked from behind me making Katsumi’s face burn red and mine grow pale. I let out a surprised scream and swung around on my heel.

    “Were you spying on us?” Katsumi asked angrily.

    “Who can say?” They laughed rhetorically.

    “Well it was none of your business.” I sneered.

    “You wanna go to the same school as us?” Kaoru asked.

“Aw you must miss us already.” Hikaru laughed.

“As if.” Katsumi scoffed. I scooped Cho-chan up in the glass cup and we walked away from the sandcastle and over to the cliff side to talk in private. We sat in the middle of it and put Cho-chan in the middle of us.

“So in the same school as who?” I continued the topic.

“Hikaru.” she stated.

“Why would you want to be in the same school as Hika-Oh. You have taken a liking toward him haven’t you?” I asked. She nodded slowly. Why would she have a crush on Hikaru? He is so mean to us!

~Momoki’s POV~

Kyoya, Tamaki, and Takashi all sat up by the balcony to talk while Haruhi, Honey and I were deep in a conversation.

    “Wait, so if you go to Ouran Academy then how come I have never seen you before?” she asked.

    “Well, Kyoya and I are opposites and we barely get along so… yea… I keep my distance. Since he is in the Host Club and everything and so are you… then I don’t go there at all.” I answered.

    “How did you know I was in the host clu-... Well you are Kyoya’s cousin. Nevermind.” haruhi mumbled.

Without warning Honey jumped on my back and yelled, “Let’s go to the balcony!” I stumbled forward, but ran down the beach, into the house, up the stairs, and onto the balcony along with the others. Hikaru and Kaoru were watching Natsumi and Katsumi from a distance, Tamaki and Kyoya were in a deep conversation, and Haruhi was catching her breath from following us into the house. Honey jumped off my back and ran down the stairs. I sat down on a chair by the balcony and pulled out a drawing pad from my bag. This view would make a beautiful picture. I used my mechanical pencil and started to carefully sketch the sunset. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see Takashi staring at me. Was he staring at me this whole time? I heard Honey-senpai sit down next to me as he started to devour some sweets. I let out a sigh. He was probably looking at Honey. Speaking of Honey… he snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Whatcha drawing?” he asked.

“The sunset.” I said.

“Your picture looks really good.” he gushed.

“Really?” I questioned.

“Absolutely!” he cheered.

“Thank you.” I beamed.

“Can I show the others?” he asked.

“Not right now… I’m not even done with this one.” I laughed. When I looked back at the cliff the twins were gone. I wonder where they went. A loud crash and screaming confirmed that they were downstairs.

“Hikaru! You! Are so!!!! DEAD!!!” I heard Natsumi threatened.

“You too Kaoru!!!” Katsumi yelled. The twins bursted into laughter to a point of tears when Katsumi and Natsumi came upstairs soaking wet. They both had evil in their eyes.

“Why on EARTH would you even think of putting a bucket of ice water on the front door?!” Natsumi scolded.

“It’s the oldest trick in the book…” Hikaru laughed.

“We never knew you would fall for it.” Kaoru finished. The twins were too busy laughing that they didn’t notice the two girls went over to them. They poured the rest of the ice water all over them. The twins shot up.

“Hey! Watch it.” Hikaru warned.

“No… you better watch it. This is NOT over… This. Means. War.” Natsumi and Katsumi both warned storming out of the balcony and probably to their room. I got up from my seat to check if they were okay. When I peeked into their room, the ceiling was raining and candles were lit everywhere. I slowly walked into the room.

“Are you guys okay?” I asked. The rain froze in mid air and the fire was extinguished.

“H-How much did you see?” Katsumi asked.

“Enough to tell Kyoya and have you tested.” I answered. Their faces went pale and I started giggling. “I’m just kidding… look.” I put my hands out and a small flame grew on my fingertips and spread to a wild flame on my palm. Natsumi’s mouth gaped open.

“Woah… your power is like Katsumi’s… except you get fire on your skin and she can only light objects on fire.” she explained.

“So I am guessing you were controlling the water?” I asked.

“Yup.” she said.

“That’s cool. I haven’t met a water control type in a long time…” I rambled on. “So anyways… are you okay? You seemed pretty pissed earlier?”

“Yeah, we were just surprised. I can’t believe we fell for that.” Natsumi complained.

“Are you and Hikaru dating,” I asked Natsumi, “because when you guys were yelling at each other it sounded like a love-hate kind of fight.” They both looked at me. Her face twisted in annoyance and Katsumi’s face blushed bright pink. “What?”

“I don’t like Hikaru…” I started.

“Oh sorry… I thought one of you liked him… wait… Katsumi do you?” I interrogated her.

“I do.” Katsumi finished. I heard a gasp and my head shot to the door. I saw a flash of orange hair as someone ran down the hall. Please tell me that was Kaoru.

“What’s wrong?” Natsumi asked.

“What was it?” Katsumi questioned.

“N-Nothing. Just my mind playing tricks on me.” I lied. Hopefully they believed me. I can’t tell her that Hikaru knows she likes him. Have you ever seen a fire control type when they’re angry to full extent? It’s not pretty. I have a feeling either way this isn’t going to end well.

~Kaoru’s POV~
I tripped and stumbled as I ran down the hall. I was about to go and apologize to the girls when I found out ‘Natsumi has a crush on Hikaru’?! My heart shattered a little. I knew it! What am I going to do now? Should I tell Hikaru? This is bad. I don’t think I should tell him, but it would be the right thing to do… I am so confused. This is very bad. I mean- I think I like Natsumi and I know Hikaru likes Katsumi. I can’t imagine them dating though. My mind went a mile a minute shooting each question like a bullet to my brain. I was so caught up in thinking about this situation with Hikaru that when I opened the door to our room, I bumped into him.

    “Ouch! Jeez Kaoru! Why are you so energetic?” he asked.

    “Sorry…” I breathed.

    “What’s wrong?” he asked concerned.

    “Natsumi… you… oh god… need to catch… breath…” I breathed while collapsing on the bed. Hikaru lay beside me patiently and waited for my breathing to slow down. After a minute or so I gave him a thumbs up and he continued to bomb me with questions.

    “What happened?” he asked.


“Why are you so out of breath?” he interrupted.

“I just-”

“Did someone chase you?” he continued.

“No, but-”

“Was it those twin gir-”


“Sorry,” he apologized. “So what were you saying?” Now I need to think quick. How do I put this lightly? I can’t just drop the bomb on him and say-

    “Natsumi has a crush on you.” I breathed out. Woops. Well, that was easier than expected.

    “She does? But why?” he questioned.

    “I don’t know… all I know is I heard Momoki ask them who has a crush on who and Natsumi said she liked you.” I stumbled over each word.

    “What am I going to do?” he asked me.

    “I don’t know…” I sighed. His eyes lit up.

    “I know what we can do…” he said smiling evilly. He leaned in and whispered the plan for tomorrow. This isn’t going to end well.

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