The Dark Waters

Ten years ago, two girls got swept out at sea by a mysterious force. Unfortunately, after about 30 minutes of struggling in the treacherous waters a strange creature drags the two 6 year old girls deep below the water. Hours later, they then wake up finding themselves abandoned on a mysterious island. Later on, when the girls stupidly decided to go for a swim, they find tails in the same place as their feet. Ever since that night the girls swore to each other to hide their dark secret and protect each other. What happens when they run into a certain group of people… and two of them get suspicious? Will things get better or worse? What happens when the creature that tried to kill them returns? Read on to find out. You’ll never know what secrets hide below the dark waters.


2. Lost & Found

~Haruhi’s POV~

It’s a Saturday! I finally get a day away from the Host Club.

    “Haruhi! Can you make me some tea?” Dad asked.

    “Okay dad.” I agreed. I got up from my mother’s shrine and went over to the kitchen. After I made the tea, I went into the living room.

    “Haruhi there’s someone here to see you!” Dad called out. When I went to the door by my dad I dropped the cup of tea.

    “Haru-chan!!” Honey-senpai yelled jumping into my arms. What is the Host Club doing here?

    “I’ll go clean that up… sorry dad.” I apologized getting a cloth to wash it with. After I finished cleaning I went over to the group. “What are you guys doing here?”

    “We wanted to invite you with us on a mini vacation!” Honey-senpai yelled excitedly.

    “Where?” I asked.

    “To Okinawa! We are going to go swimming on the Otoris’ island…” Hikaru started.

    “And sailing on a boat.” Kaoru finished.

    “Not just any boat. My family’s regatta.” Kyoya stated.

    “It’ll be a week long vacation!!!!” Tamaki said excitedly. WHAT?!? I’ve never been on a  yacht before.  I want to go...or maybe i don’t.  You know what, I’ll ask my dad and see what he says about it.

“Um...” I thought.

“She would love to go!” my dad yelled.

“What, but don’t you need help around the apartment?” I asked.

“Don’t be silly! I’m a grown man. I can do it myself.” he assured. I was beginning to get worried. It’s not that I had  a fear of boats. It’s just ….how am i going to survive 2 weeks with these guys?? But then again, my dad seems so happy that i finally made some friends.

“Ugh! Fine I’ll go.” I agreed.

    “Yay!!!! Haru-chan is coming!!! Haru-chan is coming!!!”  Honey-senpai cheered.

    “Yay.” I sarcastically commented.

“Unfortunately Haruhi, my family is running a little low on cash so we could only afford about 30 different choices of bathing suits for you to wear.’’ Kyoya mentioned.

“It’s okay Senpai.” I stated unconcerned.

“Well let’s go!” Tamaki-senpai yelled. Hikaru and Kaoru grabbed my arms, pulled me out the door, and threw me in their limo. Once we got to the dock,  Hikaru and Kaoru pushed me into the girls’ bathroom along with a pile of bathing suits.

“Don’t take long… the ship leaves in five minutes.” Hikaru yelled. I rummaged through the pile and pulled out a one piece pink bathing suit with white ruffles at the top. At least it’s not revealing. I undressed, slipped on the bathing suit, and put my clothes in a bag. Before I could walk out the door, the twins pounded on the door.

“Haruhi c’mon! The boat’s leaving!” Kaoru yelled. I opened the door and we met the group on the yacht.

“Nice of you to finally join us Ms. Fujioka.” Kyoya stated. I just rolled my eyes and walked over to the railing. My eyes wandered as I looked out at the never-ending sea. As I was looking out at the sea I saw a little girl in the water. She was drowning!

“Let go… let go… embrace the tail… let go… ,” a voice chanted.

“Natsu-chan!” another girl screamed. Okay! Now I am freaking out.

“Whatcha lookin’ at?” The twins asked while scaring the color out of me.

“There were two girls out there… drowning.” I said while processing what I saw.

“We don’t see any girls…” Hikaru stated.

“Why would there be girls in the middle of the Ocean?” Kaoru protested.

“I-I don’t know…” I said.

“Haru-chan! Haru-chan!! Come swim with me!” Honey-senpai pleaded. I sighed, but agreed to go in the water.

~Natsumi’s POV~

The sandy ocean floor held me lightly as I lay down and stared at the sky from the water. The sun’s reflection looked so beautiful from the ocean floor. Before I could close my eyes, a giant shadow came over the top of the waves. A boat. I sat up and swam to look for Katsumi, only to find her playing with her baby sea horse, Cho-chan. She had it ever since she was 12. I got her attention by sending a current wave her way. Cho-chan ran away, startled. Her head shot up and she looked at me sending me a glare. I pointed up and she saw the boat. ‘Visitors,’ I thought. Katsumi’s eyes lit up and decided to swim up to the boat. I grabbed her arm and gave her a weird look while shaking my head. She rolled her eyes and swam up to the side of the boat. I decided to follow her and swam up also. Wow, when you stay in the ocean for eight years it really screws up your eyesight. After thirty minutes, I gave up on trying to see clearly and just mimicked everything Katsumi did. Eventually I got bored. “Katsumi… I’m gonna go and play with Cho-chan.” I informed.

    “Okay, but be careful, they are heading the same way as you…” she babbled on.

    “I know… I know… I’ll swim low under.” I stated rolling my eyes.

    “You’re such a child…” she muttered. I swam under the boat and towards our island hang out. Once I got there, I looked around the reef for Cho-chan. I sent current waves in every direction in search of Cho-chan. A minute or so later she came wobbling over to me. My hand hovered over her head and I patted her head. I swam over to a reef, with Cho-chan at my side, and lay down on the rocks. Cho-chan sat on my stomach and fell asleep. My eyes slowly closed, but I was rudely interrupted by a giant wave current knocking my off the side. I brushed myself off and froze. Where’s Cho-chan?! I looked down and saw him unconsciously drifting to the bottom of the ocean. Katsumi rushed over to me.

    “What was that wave all about Katsu-chan?” I asked clearly agitated.

    “That wasn’t me… wait! Where’s Cho-chan?” she asked. I pointed to the bottom of the ocean and her face went pale. “Y-You let him drift to the seafloor… BY THE CARPET SHARKS!?!?” she started freaking out and swam downwards to get him. I rolled my eyes and swam back to my reef. Will Cho-chan be okay? My thoughts were interrupted by a voice.

    “Are you stuck over there?” the voice yelled. My eyes widened. My tail! I pulled off my necklace and put it on my wrist. I watched frantically as it slowly shrunk to a bracelet and my tail slowly became legs. Before I could even think of what to do next, a wave from the boat knocked me over and I was in the water. I was about to sigh, but my lungs started to burn. Wait! I was human now… I forgot how to swim. My legs started kicking and I wasn’t going anywhere. Not even to the surface of the water. My legs gave out and my head started pounding. I can’t last like this forever. My hands fumbled to get the bracelet off, but failed as the world became dark and my mind went numb. I let myself be consumed by the darkness as wave currents pushed me onto the reef.

~Haruhi’s POV~

I struggled to push Tamaki-senpai away from me. “Get off!” I demanded.

    “My little girl looks so adorable in her bathing suit. I can hug you all day!” Tamaki-senpai yelled.

“C’mon boss let go!” Hikaru and Kaoru yelled prying him off me. I let in a big breath of air as oxygen finally came back in my system.

“Takashi! Takashi! A girl over there is drowning!” Honey-senpai cried frantically waving his hands around.

“What?!” we all yelled.

“Over there! By the reef!” he sobbed pointing over to a part of the water that was moving.

“Hikaru! Kaoru! Help me search the water!” Tamaki yelled.

“Yes boss,” they yelled in perfect unison. All three of them ran on the reef and moved their arms around the water. Our faces grew pale as a giant wave washed up on shore. As the water washed away, in its place was a limp body. The girl!

“Guys over here!” I yelled running over to her. She was wearing a blue bathing suit that had slight rips and tears on it. Tamaki-senpai lightly moved me to the side and examined her.

“Kyoya… can you check her pulse?”  he asked. Kyoya-senpai nodded and put two fingers under her jaw line.

“She’s still alive, but is having problems breathing…” he said emotionless.

“So… I am guessing she needs CPR?” Hikaru asked with a devious smirk on his face.

“Not from you two perverts!” Tamaki-senpai screamed in alarm. Kyoya rolled his eyes and gave her chest compressions and moments later she started coughing up water all over Tamaki-senpai’s shirt. She kept coughing for a minute or so before she took solid deep breaths. She slowly took in her surroundings and shrunk down in fear. Tamaki-senpai put on a charming smile and lifted her face.

“What is a beautiful maiden such as you doing in the middle of the ocean?” he asked. She didn’t even blink as she smacked his hand away. Wow. That’s a first. He stepped back in shock. She opened her mouth to speak, but no sound came out. Wow. The poor girl must be terrified. To wake up surrounded by strangers.

“What’s wrong?” Hikaru asked from her left side.

“You look a bit… scared?”  Kaoru whispered from her right. She shot up from her spot and took a step forward, but her legs gave out and she fell right into Kaoru. He caught her in his arms and helped her up, while Hikaru muffled his laughter with his hands. “Stop it Hikaru! Are you okay?” he asked. She didn’t even blush. Instead she removed his hands and stepped back. Her legs moved slowly, as if she was just learning how to walk.

“Guys…leave the poor girl alone.” I demanded walking over to her. “Sorry about her… what is your name?” I asked. She tried to speak but her voice failed her once again. We all stayed quiet for awhile before we heard a startled voice.

“NATSUMI!!” she yelled frantically. It was a girl. She looked exactly like the other girl, who I assume is Natsumi. The girl was carrying a cup of water. Inside the cup was… a seahorse?? What? Natsumi slowly wobbled over to the girl and they hugged. “I saw you wipe out on the reef… are you okay? Did they hurt you?” she bombed the poor girl with a dozen questions. Natsumi shook her head and hugged the girl tight. I am guessing they’re sisters.

“Who are they?” Hikaru asked Kyoya. We waited, but there was no response. His face was completely pale. For once, Kyoya-senpai was speechless. The girls were in their own little world chatting with each other about the seahorse in the cup. The twins took the opportunity to approach the girls.

“So are you girls twins?” Hikaru asked.

“Wow look at Einstein over here,” Natsu-chan sneered.

“How can you tell?” the other girl asked sarcastically. Hikaru rolled his eyes at the girl.

“And who are you?” Kaoru asked.

“None of your business.” the other girl sneered. The boys looked at Kyoya who shrugged.

“Fine how about we make this interesting…” Hikaru said mischievously.

“What do you mean… interesting?” Natsumi asked.

“By playing the ‘Which one is Hikaru game’!” they cheered. The girls’ faces grew pale and they exchanged looks.

“Fine…” Natsumi complained.

“Okay in the game you have-”

“We already know how to play.” the other girl cut Kaoru off. The twins exchanged confused glances.

“How did you- Anyways! Let’s play…” the twins said in unison. They ran in a circle and swapped places. The other girl was about to complain about not knowing who was who when Natsumi pointed to the one on the right.

“You are Hikaru…” she stated. He smiled.

“Wrong…” he laughed.

“No. I am not wrong… you can’t outsmart a twin Hikaru.” Natsumi laughed. They both put pouts on their faces. “And we are not saying our names until we know who you are…”

“Well, I’m Tamaki Suoh.” he said with a smirk.

“I’m Honey! And this is Takashi!” Honey-sempai yelled.

“I’m Kyoya Otori,” he said.

“I’m Kaoru, but you already know Hikaru.” Kaoru giggled.

“Now… who are you?” Kyoya-senpai asked.

“She’s Katsumi!” Natsumi introduced.

“And she’s Natsumi…” Katsumi finished her sentence.

“What were you doing in the water though?” Kaoru asked.

“We’ll tell you only if you play our game…” Katsumi smirked.

“What game?” Hikaru asked.

“The ‘Which One’s Katsumi Game’!!” Natsumi yelled cheerfully. The twins went pale.

“B-But that’s our game?” Kaoru said questioningly.

“No… we’ve been doing that game since we could talk…” Katsumi defended.

“It’s probably a twin thing…” I interfered.

“Sooo… are you just gonna stand there like a rock or play the game?” Katsumi taunted.

“Wha-Fine.” Hikaru muttered. The two girls twirled and ran in a circle. After a minute or so, they stopped and stood still.

“Okay… which one is Katsumi?” they asked in unison. Kaoru hesitated, but pointed to one of the girls.

“Umm… you are Natsumi and she is Katsumi.” he stated. They giggled and shook their head.

“Nuh uh. Nice try, but I’m Natsumi.” she giggled and winked at Kaoru making his cheeks turn red. Did she just make him blush? They pouted and sulked back to us. Natsumi’s eyes lit up when she saw Honey-senpai. I knew at least one of the boys would get to her. She looked at Mori-senpai. “Is he your little brother?” she asked.

“They’re cousins.” Kyoya said.

“He’s so adorable…” she gushed.

“Hiya!” he giggled. “Why are you on Kyo-chan’s island?”


“What do you mean Kyo-chan’s island?” Katsumi pried.

“Well, this is my family’s island… and private property… so do you have a reason to be here?” Kyoya asked.

“We don’t go on the island… we just-” Katsumi cut Natsumi off with her hand over her mouth. She gave her a dirty look and Natsumi shrunk down a size. “I mean…-”

“We didn’t mean to trespass…” Katsumi apologized. She grabbed Natsumi’s arm and they started walking away from us. Before they could get far, Honey-senpai stopped them.

“Why don’t you hang out with us? Can they Kyo-chan? Please?” he pleaded.

“I have no problem with that… they can stay in the guest bedroom.” he agreed. We all stood there in shock. Really?

“Yay! This is going to be so much fun! Natsu-chan… do you like cake? I love cake.” he started talking faster.

“I absolutely love cake!” she cheered. Honey-senpai’s eyes lit up.

“Then let’s go have some cake, ‘kay?” he asked pulling her arm and running down the beach to the beach house. Mori-senpai followed hot on their trail. Once they were gone, all the attention went to Katsumi. Hikaru and Kaoru smirked to their advantage.

“What’s wrong?” Kaoru asked.

“Can’t handle being alone?” Hikaru taunted.

“Uh… I-I…” she started stuttering. Her face turned pink and she ran after Natsumi. Tamaki-senpai faced Kyoya-senpai.

“Kyoya, why did you allow them to stay?” he questioned.

“Because… they are hiding something… and I am going to get to the bottom of it. Also, have you ever noticed how both sets of twins blush around each other. It would be great for business for the girls to see the twins’ love interests, especially towards other twins.” he explained.

“Love interest!? Are you insane?!” the twins started freaking out.

“They are so irritating!” Hikaru yelled.

“They remind me of you guys,” I giggled.

“Which means…” Tamaki-senpai gasped.

“Twice as much mischief…” Kaoru smirked.

“Twice the fun.” Hikaru stated.

“Well let’s check on the twins and Honey… who knows how much cake they consumed.” Tamaki warned.

“And twice as much cake devoured.” I muttered. Kyoya turned pale.

“Twice the money spent.” he sighed. I rolled my eyes. Does everything he thinks about involve money? We walked up to the giant beach house and entered the dining room. Natsumi was sitting next to Honey-senpai and they were both scarfing down mountains of cake. Katsumi was sitting next to Natsumi as she kept offering her cake, but refused. When they noticed us they paused and stood from the table. Both twins gave each other death glares. Honey-senpai broke Natsumi’s gaze by handing her a plate of cake. Her gaze met the cake and her and Honey-senpai continued their cake-devouring. Katsumi rolled her eyes at the twins and sat next to her sister.

“I see you’re enjoying yourselves.” Kyoya-senpai pointed out. Natsumi met his gaze and looked down blushing. Kaoru sat next to Natsumi and poked her wrist.

“Who gave you the bracelet?” he asked. Katsumi swatted his hand away.

“No one that concerns you.” Natsumi whispered. Why is she so timid?

“What’s in the cup?” hikaru asked Katsumi. “Is that a seahorse?” Natsumi nodded happily and grabbed the cup from Katsumi.

“Her name is Cho-chan!” she cheered as her eyes lit up.

“Why do you have a seahorse in a cup?” Tamaki-senpai asked.

“Well it’s our-”

“We found it in the middle of the reef and it was hurt.” Katsumi covered up.

“But it looks fine.” Kyoya interrupted.

“Yea… because we took care of it.” Natsumi agreed.

“She’s really cute.” Honey-senpai gushed.

“Yea… well it’s getting pretty dark out so I guess we should be going…” Natsumi said.

“Aw don’t go!” Honey-senpai grabbed her leg.

“We don’t wanna be a bother… it’s fine.” Katsumi agreed with Natsumi.

“Don’t worry about it… you can stay in the guest room. Hikaru and Kaoru will show you your room.” he instructed.

“Oh joy…” Hikaru and Katsumi muttered. Hikaru and Kaoru walked out of the room and the twins followed them.

“Are you sure that they like each other, Senpai?” I questioned.

“I’m sure of it Ms. Fujioka.” Kyoya-senpai said.

“What are we going to do with two sets of twins that are exactly alike?” Tamaki asked. We all looked at each other. He was right, because Hikaru and Kaoru’s pranks were bad enough, but now there is two sets of them.

“I don’t know, but it won’t be easy.” Kyoya sighed looking down the hall.

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