Legally Niall's,

This story is based on if Niall Horan didn't become famous.


2. The Start of Something New.

      Brittney's P.O.V.  

        As the new school year starts, I walk down the marble floored hallways to go to my first period class. I already knew I was going to be late on the first day. Great for my reputation, I thought sarcastically as I kept walking. Soon I suddenly collided unexpectingly causing my books to fly and scatter around the ground.

       Great, I look up to meet a pair of ocean blue eyes staring back at me. Oh i'm so sorry I was in such of a hurry to get to my class that i wasn't paying attention, I said to this mysterious boy.

Niall's P.O.V

      No it's my fault I wasn't even paying attention to the people around me, I said to her. She looked so beautiful even though I basically just bulldozed right into her. She had beautiful hazel eyes that you could get lost in. She is the first girl I actually payed attention to, and maybe it was fate. I need to know her, I can just feel it but, now i need to get back to reality.

What will happen next? You decide their fate.!


How do you like it? I need your feedback.xx Thanks for reading and like and favorite this pleaseee. Next update will be TOMORROW. Stay tuned. Ty loves.xx

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