author thanks to movellas

its a story about a girl named olivia who became famous from writing and has her books published around the world. But what happend when a certan 5 boys read her book??

this is a birthday present for my duckies go check her out


1. Vas Happenin? just chilling!

Olivia was sat on her bed in her flat thinking .

"its so wierd  three years ago i left school and got a call from movellas saying they want me to be an author" She giggled and decided to kill some time by painting her nails a lovely shade of green ,when she heard her phone play the ringtone that made her worried.It was her agent.

"Hello" she said calmly not wanting to sound worried ."Miss stenning, i have some great news." Olivia felt a weight being lifted of her shoulders "Okay" she said."Because your new book is selling well ,you are going to tour america on a book tour" She said sounding pleased with herself. Olivia just stood there with her mouth wide open in shock "What do you mean my book is selling well?" olivia asked trying not to scream and faint ." Miss Stenning, your book has made it into the new york top tem most read" . Olivia couldnt believe it "so why the tour ?"she asked. She heard her agent sigh . " The contract that you signed when you first got your book published, states that the author has to go on a book tour if the book is a great sucsess" "oh okay " was all olivia could get out of her mouth. "im going to send you the details over email, Good bye Miss stenning "  "good bye " and with that ,Olivia hung up.

She layed on her bed with her face in the pillow when a muffeld scream was released from her thoat .

Then she heard the "ding" from her computer ... new message





thanks for reading this is the first chapter of many

sorry for any mistakes


i love you all!

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