little white lies

niall the typical bad boy the one who smokes weed the one who get all the girls the one who likes to fight etc but one day at the London performing arts high school a new girl named Alex comes and changes Niall's life forever.


2. First day



Alex POV


Oh God. It's the first day of school. I am so nervous I cant wait. I quickly got out of bed, start the shower, and get my make-up, turn my music up, and start showering. 20 minutes later  I go to my closest and get out a pair of leggings, chambray shirt, beige combat boots, and deep dark purple circle scarf. I get started on my hair and it's the first day of school so I don't want to look too overboard so I put my hair in a high messy bun topped with a white bow. By now it's 7:50  I run to the kitchen and grab a banana and head out the door into my black land rover, I put my bag on my passenger seat and turn up my music . I start sing to counting stars by one republic . I looked at the time it was 7:53 . I'm late to my frist at of school. 15  min later  I arrived at school and head to the office and see a lady and  say "hello miss I'm new here and I don't know what classes I'm in." she said "wait one moment. The dean is busy right now he will be with you in a little." I nodded my head and smiled and said "okay." I sat down on the chairs and waited about 10 min and I see the deans office door open and hear "Niall I hope this is the last time I see you in my office early in the  morning. Go to Miss.Sanchez and get a pink slip and head to class." Then this tall , blonde guy with dark black jeans,a white plan shirt ,jean jacket and high tops walks out and said "miss.sanchez my pink slip please." The lady said "Niall already in the office at early morning new record." He looked at her while she wrote something then I hear "Alex, please come to my office." The guy at the front desk waiting for his pink slip look at me and said "you get in trouble? And the name is Niall . Yours?" I looked at him and said "no I'm not in trouble I'm new here and my name is alex"  Niall looked down at my outfit and bite his lip he was pretty hot And then the dean walked up to me as said "come in Alex" I walked into his office and sat down. He asked what I did to get into this high school. I said " I'm a model." He said "okay I have your class ready then " and handed me a paper with all my classes he said "welcome to your new home" and shakes my hand and I said "may I go?"  I walked out to still see Niall in the office I walked passed him and he grabbed my paper and looked at it and said "wow you have the same classes as me."  And I asked " umm Niall right.,  umm can you lead me to drama?" He said "sure i need someone cute to talk with in my classes." And winked and head to drama.  I hope I don't start to like him. 












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