Summer Cruise

18 year-old Emily is on vacation on a cruise-ship with her oh-so-lovely parents, so she obviously thought it would be a horrible 3-weeks, but when she ran away after a fight with her parents, she meets the punk Louis, the dish-washer at the ship, they immediately had a connection and they may or not fall in love, if you want to know the answer, just read and please give feedback so i can improve my writing skills :)


4. 4.

"Zzzzzzzz, zzzzzzzz"

I just was cleaning the dishes when my phone started to vibrate, waking me up from my thoughts. I dried my hands of and grabbed it, seeing Emily was calling me. I pushed the green button and brought my phone to my ear.

"Hey Em! What's up?" I asked and almost received a heart-attack when I heard some sobbing at the other end of the phone.

"Louis? Please hel-beep beep beep" I heard Emily's voice whispering, before the call ended.

"Oh god..." I murmured under my breath. I slipped my phone in my pocket and speed-walked to my boss.

"Sir, I have to go now, there's something terribly wrong with a friend of me and I really need to help!" I stated. My boss sighed, really annoyed.

"It's just getting busy?! Couldn't you choose an other time?!" He was very angry right now. I apologized gently.

"Alright! Go now!" he said and I thanked him, hanging my kitchen apron on the hook and almost ran to Emily's room, almost tripping over a baby who just crawled on the pad, receiving some angry stares. Of course I couldn't care less, Emily was maybe in danger!

I received her window and started knocking madly, but there was no respond from anyone. I started yelling her name. Still no respond. I began cursing again and ran back inside the ship, to the front door of the hut. As I reached the door I didn’t hesitated but knocked. I heard someone walking and the door was opened by an angry looking man, probably her dad.

“What do you want?!” he seemed annoyed. I scratched the back of my head and asked if Emily was there.

“Who are you? Why do you want to see her?!” he asked annoyed.

“Hello sir, I’m Louis, a friend of Emily and I want to ask her something, if you don’t mind of course…” I replied as nice as possible.

“Of course I do mind! I don’t want my daughter to be friends with such a rebel as you are! Otherwise she will also get tattoos and stupid stuff like you have! Get away here, now!” he almost was yelling, and to be honest I felt some tears pinching in my eyes. I may look like a bad-ass but I don’t really are one.

“But sir…” I tried but he slammed the door in my face. I sighed, getting out my phone, trying to reach Emily, but I got to her voice-mail. My stomach began to ache because of my worries. I dropped down on my knees, hand in my hair and back against the wall. I closed my eyes and wondered what I should do, when I had made a plan, maybe I am a badass?

I walked to the reception, and greeted one of my colleagues politely. While he was busy with a tourist, I sneaked trough the door behind the desk. I looked around searching for the spare keys. I opened some drawers and finally found some. I searched for the right one and just when I slipped it in my pocket my colleague came in.

“What are you doing here? Dish washers aren’t allowed right here!” he stated and I apologized, saying I always wondered what would be here since I was younger. Luckily he believed it and I quickly walked away.

As I walked through the hall I took a look at my watch. It wasn’t dinner time yet, so I decided I would first got to my own hut, getting some stuff I may needed in case of emergency. When I was ready I went back to Emily’s room and I laid my ear on the door. I still heard the voice of her dad inside, so I walked to the closest fake tree, who stood there as decoration and hid after it, waiting for Emily’s parents to go away for dinner.

Half an hour and a few back-stretches later the door finally opened. I saw Emily’s parents locking the door and walking away. I quickly took my chance and ran to the door. Luckily the key fitted and I walked inside, admiring how big this hut actually was. I quickly search for Emily, whisper-yelling her name but without answer.

I started looking in the different rooms, when I found her bedroom. And there she was, lying on the ground and eyes closed. I immediately ran to her and got on my knees, trying to shake her awake.

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