Summer Cruise

18 year-old Emily is on vacation on a cruise-ship with her oh-so-lovely parents, so she obviously thought it would be a horrible 3-weeks, but when she ran away after a fight with her parents, she meets the punk Louis, the dish-washer at the ship, they immediately had a connection and they may or not fall in love, if you want to know the answer, just read and please give feedback so i can improve my writing skills :)


3. 3.

"I love you so much Emily, Would you be my girlfriend?" Louis asked. I giggled and answered him with a yes. Just when we were about to kiss I heard some noises.

"Knock knock!"

I opened my eyes and realized I must have fallen asleep. I sighed, thinking about my wonderful dream when I heard the noise again.

"Knock knock knock! Em?! Emily are you there?!" I heard a voice say and realized it was Louis, bringing me my food.

"I'm coming!" I whisper-shouted and ran to the window, opening it and letting Louis in. He gave me a very nice smelling plastic bag.

"Oh god, thank you so much! I'm starving!" I thanked him and gave him a quick hug. He actually smelled very nice. I blushed a bit and he noticed, giving me a quick, small smile, making me quickly turn around fast.

"Uhm... Well have a seat!" I quickly told him, trying to make the situation less awkward. I sat down on my bed and Louis sat down next to me. I opened the plastic bag, revealing a delicious sent. I smiled and got the food out of the bag.

“Do you mind me eating with my hands? I don’t have any cutlery here in my room.” I asked him.

“It’s okay, I eat with my hands almost every time, unless it’s an important dinner, or at fancy restaurants” He answered me and I started eating the pasta he brought. But it was kind of hard if you don’t have a fork, and I ended up being really tomato-sauce red around my mouth.

“Oh god… I’m such a pig!” I stated and Louis laughed. He stood up and got me a wet washcloth from the little sink I had in my room. He gave it to me and sat down again. I started rubbing my face, trying to get it off.

“Is it gone?” I asked him.

“No there’s still a bit right there” he said pointing at my cheek. I started rubbing again but at the place he pointed.

“Is it gone yet?” I asked him again and he shook his head.

“Here, let me do it.” He said and I gave him the now orange-red washcloth. He started to gently rub it off. I stared at his eyes, realizing how blue and beautiful they actually were. As I kept staring I didn’t noticed him stopping, now staring back at me, both completely lost in our thoughts. Out of a sudden, Louis began leaning forwards, me mirroring him. When our lips were just an inch away from each other, Louis accidently made my plate, who first laid on my lap, fell on the ground, making us pull away.

“Uhm… I’m so sorry, it’s my fault, thousand times sorry!” Louis said a bit uncomfortable as he helped me cleaning the mess on the floor, both our cheeks burning brighter than the sun.

“It’s okay…” I gently told him, throwing the broken glass pieces in the trashcan. I heard him murmuring something under his breath, wondering what he said. I sat down back on the bed and asked him what was wrong.

“Never mind, everything’s fine!” he quickly told me with a smile. I quickly smiled back at him. The situation was getting more awkward every minute, nobody saying something. Louis looked at his watch.

“I better go, it’s getting late and I have to get up early tomorrow for work, preparing breakfast and stuff, if you don’t mind of course.” Louis told me and I nodded telling him he could go.

“Thank you for your food, Lou! I really appreciate it!” I told him and I thought I saw his eyes lit up a bit at the nickname I gave him. He smiled and gave me a quick nod.

“It’s no problem, Em! If you need me or your parents hurt you just call me and I will come over!” he told me and I smiled thanking him.

“Can I still give you a hug after this all?” I asked him and he smiled.

“Of course you can!” he answered and opened his arms. I held him tight, sniffing in his delicious smell trough my nose trills. He let go and I took a step backwards, allowing him to go. He walked to the window and stepped outside, giving me one last wave before he got away.

Louis POV:

As soon as I was out of sight I began cursing at myself, remembering the short-but-wonderful moment.

“Why do I always ruin everything? I just wasted one of the best opportunities in life!” I almost yelled, getting a couple stares of some couples, seated romantically on the benches at the deck. I couldn’t care less. I quickly speed walked to my hut, getting in and preparing myself to go sleep.

As I took a shower I couldn’t think of anyone else but her, she was just so perfect, her eyes just made me melt. Oh how I wish I could’ve tasted her lips, but of course the odds aren’t in my favor today, they never were actually…

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