Through the Dark

This story is about a girl named Paige who gets teased at school. She loves soccer and has a crush on a guy she knew since she was young. She joins the soccer team to impress him and she's one of the best players on the team. Although she leads the team to victory her teammates tease her just because she doesn't "fit in".


3. Meet my brother

        I open the gate and walk up the long driveway to the house, I do have a large house, it's been in the family for years. Dad moved out a few years ago, leaving the house to Peter. I opened the doors and tried to bolt upstairs. I make it to the middle of the hall on the second story, I try to open the attic door, the attic's my floor, but Peter stops me.

       "Who was that?" I try to go around him, but he just moves into the way again. 

       "It was just a guy from school, he gave me a ride because it was raining, that's all." I'm able to push past him and climb upstairs, he follows me.

       "That's all?"

      "Yeah, don't worry Peter." Peter's much better than Dad ever was, he's more responsible and caring. 

        If I told Peter how I really feel about him he would flip out, he's super protective now. Secretly I like how Zayn's always there for me, it's nice having a friend again, I've almost forgotten the feeling.

        As soon as I went to my room I decided to take a shower to get out of these wet clothes so I wouldn't get sick. When I got out I told Peter the news.

        "Peter." I yell.  

         "Yes Paige?" He comes to my room in a hurry after I called. 

         "I made the soccer team and it's all thanks to you." Peter has been training me for a while now. He has a scholarship to play college soccer.

         "Really baby sis? I'm so proud! You've worked hard." He hugged me for a while and we sat in silence. "What position are you going to play?"


         "What! That's amazing."

"Thanks, and thanks for your help." He left my room and that's when I noticed I didn't have my phone with me anymore.            

      "Crap! I must have left it in Chason's car." I whisper to myself, it's the first thing I have to ask for when I see him tomorrow. How could I have forgotten it? Lucky for me no one except Peter texts or calls me anymore. 

       "Peter, I'm going for a walk! I don't have my phone with me, you'll have to use the bell!" The bell is a large bell, like the Liberty Bell, that we use to call for each other when we don't have any other way to communicate. It's in the dark red shed across from the main house.

      Peter walks down the stairs from the second floor, his floor, and grabs a soccer ball from the rack, size 5. "Bring  a soccer ball and practice footwork, and why don't you have your phone?"

     "Uh," Should I tell him the truth? Why not? I have nothing to hide! He knows nothing about my crush on him, "Left it in Chason's car."

     "Okay, I'll ring the bell."

    I walk outside, I don't really feel like practicing tricks, so I just dribble the ball along the path through the woods. I instantly wish I had my phone so I can listen to music, the only thing I have with me is my ball. It's the deep purple one I got at a talent competition in Alabama. Every year they hold one, you can either go alone, or go in teams, Peter and I won second place.

    I start to juggle the ball a bit, only on my feet, I've been working on it for a while, I can walk a long time like this now. I bounce the ball higher and run under it, it comes down behind me where I kick it back above my head. Yes! I've been practicing that for weeks! I practice a few more tricks before I sit on a stump. Everything's been going pretty well for me, something's going to happen to me. I don't know why I can't have good things happen to me without suspicion creeping up on me, it just does.

     The bell's ringing stops me from worrying about it, I drop the ball and start dribbling it back home. "Peter! Peter! I've got the move down! Watch!" I step inside and start juggling the ball, I pump it up like before and perfect it, I juggle a few more times for good measure then catch it. "How was it? I think I'm gonna beat you in the Talent Competition this year! Why'd you ring the bell? It's not even dark yet." I look around the room, Peter's not here. 

      I walk outside toward the bell house, "Peter! Did you miss that?"

     He turns around and laughs, "I guess I did, show me." I repeat the trick for him.

     "Why'd you ring the bell?"

     "Oh, that kid came back with your phone." He points behind him to Chason, standing in front of the bell house. Peter lea to go make dinner leaving Zayn and I alone. 

     "Thanks, Chason, but you didn't have to, I could've gotten it from you at school." I told him.        

     "Actually I just wanted to see you again." Then he handed me my phone. I can't believe it, he came here to see me. 

        "Really? Who would want to see me?" I whispered to myself unconsciously, but I guess he heard me.

        "Why would you say that, Paige?" He replied. I covered my mouth before I can talk to myself anymore. I have no idea what to say, other than Peter, I have nobody that actually cares what happens to me, much less wants to see me, not even Dad cares anymore.

        "I don't know it's just-" I begin to say but he cut me off.

         "Paige your beautiful, smart, and very talented anyone would be lucky to have you." I looked down and bit my bottom lip. What is he saying? Does this mean he likes me? 

        "Paige dinner's ready!" Peter yells, "Coming! Chason, would you like to stay for dinner?" I have to be nice this one time, he's always there for me anyway.

       "Sure why not, well, if it's okay with your brother." 

      "I don't think he'll mind, oh, and, thanks for everything you've done, I've been a brat to you lately. I guess I like to be my own superhero."

        We walk inside and we set the table to have dinner. "Peter, this food is great!" Chason says.

        "Thanks I try, and thanks for bringing Paige home today." Peter answers.

        "No problem," there's a silence after a while, we're all just pushing our food around our plates. "So, do you play soccer too?" Chason's saved his skin.

        Peter's eyes light up, "I happen to be one of the best, Paige is living proof, I taught her everything she knows."

       I laugh, "Everything?"

       "Okay, so youtube might have given her some ideas, but mostly everything is from me!" He's bubbling with pride now. All through dinner they rant about which soccer team's the best or which position is most important. They settled that the goalie was least important and the forward and midfield were at a tie for best. 

      "I've got to go home now, thank you for dinner!" Chason gets up and grabs his jacket.

      "Anytime! Come back soon so we can have a juggling competition later!" Is it just me or are they better friends than I am with him? 


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