Through the Dark

This story is about a girl named Paige who gets teased at school. She loves soccer and has a crush on a guy she knew since she was young. She joins the soccer team to impress him and she's one of the best players on the team. Although she leads the team to victory her teammates tease her just because she doesn't "fit in".


4. He Texted Me?

          After dinner I went up to my room to do some homework. In the middle of me doing my homework, my mind went on thinking about him. Chason. I don't know why I like him so much but he makes me feel safe.

         Swoosh. My phone went off. I had received a new text from I number that I hadn't recognize. Hey beautiful. I read, it made me smile, but I still had no idea who it was.      

        Who is this?  I don't have a lot of numbers on my phone. Actually the only contact I have is Peter's.

         Oh, sorry, it's Chason . I hope you don't mind I saved my number on your phone. I guess I forgot to put my name. It's him, it's really him. He put his number in my phone? Does he likes me? No, probably just wants to be friends, I see a lot of people at school who put each other's numbers in their phones.

       Oh, okay. What am I supposed to say? I now realize I have no social skills anymore. 

       Are you ready for tomorrow? Oh yeah, tomorrow's the first day of practice. 

      No, I'm nervous! Nobody on the soccer team likes me that much! Not to mention I barley made the team. It's true, I know for a fact no one on that team likes me, I barley made the team, I can tell I'm going to be a bench warmer. Next to Amanda and Baylee, I've just learned to play for all anyone knows. 

     What are you talking about? Am I talking to the same girl who did that amazing trick for her brother, the same one who won second place in a talent competition with her brother? Because she's amazing, she DOES have a friend, me.  I can feel my heart lurch, oh my goodness, my feelings, I forgot about them. I don't answer for a while, You still there?

     Yeah, sorry, you ready for practice? 

     Yeah, I'm pumped can't wait to hit the field and and show everyone what I have! Do you think you can teach me that trick you showed Peter today? We should hang out more.

     I can't believe he wants to spend time with me. This isn't normal for someone like me. But, I kind of like it. I wonder if he likes me as much as I like him. 

     If you can teach me some of your moves, anyway, I'm going to bed. I look at the time, it's only ten, but it feels like midnight. I feel myself being pulled into my dreams when my phone vibrates. Out of instinct I punch, my fist hits the wall. 

     Can I give you a ride to school tomorrow? I smile through the pain of my knuckles. 

     That would be great, pick me up at seven?

     See you then.


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