Vanessa Carrion works at Clearwater Institution for the Criminal and Mentally Insane. And when a young killer named Harry arrives, strange things begin to happen. It is up to Vanessa and her ragtag team of misfits to figure out the chilling puzzle. A puzzle that is enough to make any sane person go mad.


2. Richard

“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” 
― Edgar Allan Poe

All three of us stand in silence while gaping at the scarlet red puddle. I cover my nose as my imagination heightens the smell. Zayn looks over to me when he hears my quiet gagging. "We need to go find someone." All nodding our heads in agreement,we spin around to be greeted by a rugged looking fellow. He puts on a smile and sticks his hands in his coat pockets. How long has he been standing there?

"Hello, I am here to see someone." The man has a voice that can challenge Harry's raspiness. He's quite tall, I'll say 6'2 at least and his jawline is so sharp that it could cut you. He has fringe that makes him looks like a 20 year old burn out.His pink lips curve up more when he sees me basically checking him out.  He is standing right at the point where he can see the common room and still stare down the hallway we're standing in. His eyes slowly follow the trail of blood down the hall and back to us. He begins to walk towards us and I tighten my grip around Zayn's forearm. 

"Sorry but visiting hours are from 10am-5pm On Saturdays and Sundays. Try tomorrow though." The man laughs at me and looks down at his feet. "I'm here to see your Mom,Vanessa. Don't you remember me?" The man is standing arms length from all three of us. I shudder when he reaches out to brush his thumb against my cheek bone. Retrieving his hand, he looks over my head and points at the puddle of blood. 

"You kids have made a mess with this red stuff haven't you?" "Well actually we were just about to find someone to clean it up so..." My eyes follow him as he walks pass us and towards the blood. All of us turn to see the man stoop down in front of it curiously. He drags his pointer and middle finger through the substance and holds his fingers up to the dim light. The blood begins to trickle before he slowly inserts his fingers in his mouth. He inhales loudly through his nose and I gag when the audible sounds of him sucking his fingers ring out into the hall. Lifting his head up, he gives us a small smile. "Yeah, may want to get someone to get this up soon. Fruit punch can be hard to clean when it's dry." 

"Richard! There you are." The man smiles and walks towards my mom. "You just look absolutely beautiful tonight Selena." The man whose name we have learned to be Richard, gives my mom a kiss on her hand and she blushes profoundly. "Oh you remember Richard don't you hija?" I shake my head and Richard laughs. "I just asked her a few moments ago and she doesn't remember me. I would be quite offended but I haven't seen her since she was like what, eleven,twelve?" "That's so odd though. Well anyway Vanessa, Rich used to come upstairs to see you all the time when we first moved in here." Richard smiles fondly at the memories and I'm starting to feel like I've gone insane. If he visited me so many times how come I don't remember him? 

"Well Richard is going to take me out to dinner and a movie so I will be back soon. I've got my cell phone if you need me. Everyone is about to go to bed and I expect the same for you all." My mom rushes over to me to kiss me on my forehead. "When I get home, we're going to talk about how you disobeyed my order to stay away from Harry." I glance to the right and for a second I almost forgot that Harry was here.He was quietly toeing at the ground with his foot. Mom pulls away and I nod my head. "And for Christ's sake what is this red stuff all over the floors?" "'S fruit punch. Smelled it myself." Well I wouldn't call that smelling. "Alright, just go get Jerome to clean it. Bye kids, love you." Me and Zayn simultaneously say I love you back to my mom. She grins at us, giving one last wave before disappearing out the door.
Immediately Harry is stooping over the 'fruit punch' and is poking his finger in it. He rubs it around on his middle finger and thumb. Bringing it to his nose, he winces and pulls his fingers away from his body "This is no doubt blood."  Well if a killer says it's blood, I'm gonna believe that it's blood. I watch as a smeared streak is left on Harry's grey jumpsuit after  he wipes his fingers against the fabric . "I'm going to get someone to clean this and I'm going off to bed." My head spins and I can't even imagine dealing with people bombarding me with various questions. "Did you do it? Do you knows who blood it is? Blah blah blah."  I glance back to the blood drenched daisy. "Let's get going you two." 

After I walk the boys back to their rooms, I make it up to my own room and fall back onto the  bed. Switching on my lamp, I groan as I see the daisies sitting vibrantly in the water bottle. I snatch the bottle and throw it in the waste bin next to my bed. It feels as if Richards touch has lingered on my cheeks, forcing me to remember the events just a few moments ago. 

 I snatch my towel from the edge of the bed and quietly pad over to the bathroom. I turn the shower on and curse as the burning liquid hits my skin. I don't really mind though, the heat is making me feel more relaxed. I start humming some awkward tune as I stick my head under the shower head. I hear creak much like the one this morning and I stop humming. My body is in no state to deal with shit right now so I snatch the shower curtain back. I see my bathroom door cracked and I know there's someone up here. I hastily shut off the water and throw on my clothes. I regret not trying to dry my hair as the back of my shirt starts to become soaked. As I walk across to my bed room I switch on the light and almost cry out. I pick up the water bottle with shaking hands and I set it back on the nightstand. The two daisies greet me like an old friend. I snap my head up as I hear the main door shut. I run out of my room and curse my parents for giving me such short legs. I skip each step and swing the quite heavy door open. 

I look down the hall to see a figure dart around a corner. I run full speed to be only met with Dylan sleeping soundly on the floor. Damn it, the creep must have ducked in somewhere. I look back down to Dylan and sigh. Wow, what a great guard we have here. I walk over to him and nudge his nose with my big toe. He just stirs in his sleep and clutches his flash light in his hand. The gleam of his name tag makes me sigh louder and I turn away from him.

I don't want to go back to the room but I also don't want to be wandering the hallways. I look at the clock that only reads 9:20. Zayn should still be up I suppose. I'll get us some ice cream from the kitchen and I'll stay until my mom finds me; it's not unusual for me to sleep in Zayn's room. My mom always lets me stay when she finds that I've wandered off and she just wakes me up extra early the next morning.

Liking my plan, I begin to walk away from Dylan and towards the kitchen. I wrap my arms around my body to try to keep myself warm. The hard floor is cold beneath my bare feet and I'm starting to regret not wearing pants either. I look down at my pale freezing feet thinking that it wouldn't be such a bad idea to get a pedicure. A nice mint color may look alright. 

"Late night stroll?" I jump at the voice, holding my chest to keep my heart from breaking free. "Jesus Harry you scared the absolute shit out of me." I place both my hands on my knees and lean forward, trying to slow down my rapid breathing. "What are you even doing out here?" I stand up straight as my breathing goes from post marathon to a light jog. "Had to use the restroom." I narrow my eyes at his claim. "I know you've only been here for three days but, you will learn that there's two sets of bathrooms on the end of each hall where the rooms are. Also this is the way to the kitchen, cafeteria and other junk. Apparently you can't read the million of signs up all over the place. " Harry pretends to be astonished at the 'new' information I give him. "Thanks, I didn't know that." I turn away to leave him be, I'm too tired to do anything. But something occurs to me and I turn back on my heals.  

 "How did you get out of your room?" Harry raises his eyebrows as if he doesn't know what I'm talking about. "The doors can only be opened from the inside with a key or a code.How did you get out?" I slowly step towards Harry with each word. By the time I'm done, I'm standing directly in front of him. He has a smile that looks like he's, impressed of me? Or like he's plotting my death. "I have my ways Vanessa." 

And here's what I've learned about Harry Styles in the past 72 hours. One: he's fucking creepy. Two:He's either frightening or friendly. And three: he is quite aware that he can scare the shit out of someone with the smile he's giving me now. 

"Well let's get you back to your room Harry." Harry's gaze shifts towards the white door to the right of us and I eye him even more suspiciously. Once he realizes that his eyes linger for to long he shifts his gaze back to mine. "Yeah, it's getting sorta late. You can take me back to my room. 

Harry lets out a chuckle when I grip his bicep. "If you wanted to feel my muscles, you could have just asked." 

One other thing I've learned, Harry is quite aware of how attractive he is. 

"Oh please kid, I'm just making sure you're not gonna escape. I may be 5'5 but I will not hesitate to kick your ass." Harry laughs at my serious but empty threat. When we are near Dylan, I think it's a good idea to wake him up; I'm not walking Harry to a room by myself. 

"Dylan, Dyl. Wake up." I repeat my gesture from earlier and poke his cheeks with my toe. When I yell his name in his ear, he finally wakes up. Stumbling to his feet,he holds his flashlight like a baseball bat, ready to swing. "Chill out Dyl, I need you to walk with me and Harry to his room." Dylan rubs his big brown eyes with his fist like a little kid. "Yeah, Ok, let's go Styles." 

All three of us make the journey with little chatter. I'm surprised to see that Harry's room is actually right next to my fathers. Making a mental note, we watch as Harry enters his room and the door makes a quite click as it shuts. Through the slither of the window, we see his light go on and then shut off a few seconds later.

"Hey wanna sit with me for a little while?" Well I know I don't wanna go up to that room alone.

I nod my head and throw my arm over Dylan's shoulder. I haven't had a proper talk with him in a while and I'll just see Zayn first thing in the morning. 

But next thing I know I'm being quietly waken up by my mom. The movement of my body makes Dylan jerk up. My mom winces as Dylan shines the bright flashlight in her eyes. "Jesus, I'm sorry Ms.C. Thought you were an intruder." He shuts the light off and my mom shakes her head. "Go get some sleep in Zayn's room sweetie, Louis is going to be here in a bit." Dylan yawns and stretches his arms lazily over his head. "I'll see you all in the morning." I stand up to allow Dylan to get up and I mindlessly wander towards the stairs to our little living quarters. I punch in the code into the door and struggle to open it in my sleepy state. 

"Oh let's get you to bed cielo." My mom and I walk, more of stumble, to my room where I plop down on my bed. "Good night." My mom kisses the side of my head and I nuzzle further into the warmth of my pillow. "Almost forgot Richard bought you something tonight. He's just the sweetest." If I wasn't so tired, I would have scoffed. But I am and my body isnumb and I'm just about to go under.....

"I'll put them in some water and leave them here on your night stand. I make some indescribable sound and a few moments later I hear a glass something being placed on the wood. "Goodnight." 

I turn over in my bed towards the door, watching my mom leave. I flicker my eyes toward the vase of flowers before closing them again. Wait,what? 

Turning the light on, I grab the vase of daisies with limp hands. Forget this shit. I grab my key card and quietly exit my room. I tiptoe down the stairs and silently open the door. I have intentions of going to Zayn's room but for some reason my body is carrying me to Harry's. Sliding the white card I'm a little perplexed as I see him no where in his room. I'm a curious person but I'm not stupid, so there's no way in the world I'm stepping foot in that room.

Letting out a frustrated breath, I make my way back to the stairs so I can try to get some sleep. Louis isn't here yet so it looks like we're guard-less for right now. I stop walking when I hear quick footsteps approaching me. "Vanessa." I turn to see Harry running barefoot towards me. He thrusts an old looking picture in my hands and I squint at it. It's faded along the edges but you can clearly see some man staring blankly ahead into the camera.  "What the hell is this?" I give the photo back to him and cross my arms.

"It's Richard almost twenty years ago, when he was a patient here."  

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