Vanessa Carrion works at Clearwater Institution for the Criminal and Mentally Insane. And when a young killer named Harry arrives, strange things begin to happen. It is up to Vanessa and her ragtag team of misfits to figure out the chilling puzzle. A puzzle that is enough to make any sane person go mad.


14. In libro Mortuorum

“It's a lot easier to be lost than found. It's the reason we're always searching and rarely discovered--so many locks not enough keys.”

― Sarah Dessen

"Are you sure you didn't see anything at all? Nothing suspicious." I look at the cop who has asked me this same question at least five times since he's began soft core interrogating me. "No sir, for the last time, I was going to get a snack from the kitchen, Mr.Jenkins began talking in incoherent sentences then he just dropped."

Okay so maybe I was lying just the tiniest bit but who could blame me? If I told them half of the shit I know they would probably try to lock me up in here myself. And the jumpsuits seriously need a color update.

"Well with the angle the knife was inserted combined with how deep it went shows signs that this clearly wasn't a suicide attempt." Ya don't fucking say. The cop closes his notepad and begins walking towards the marked off yellow section. "We're going to assign an officer here for a little while. Just until everything calms down. For now we're going to have everyone in their room by 9:10. And it may be a good idea to reset the master codes."

My mom is listening intently on all of the shit the officer is saying which is really just common sense honestly. I take this golden opportunity to cut through the mess and head straight for Zayn's room. Knowing him he probably slept through the whole ordeal.

"Zayn?" I knock on the door twice and after a moment I hear no answer.I sigh before sliding my key card through. "Zen wake up." But sitting on Zayn's bed is definitely not Zayn. He has creamy pale skin that looks like it hasn't seen sun in ages. The side of his head is shaved and the long curly strands are falling over his face as he looks down. The unlit cigarette between his ring and pinky finger reminds me of Emma. God I hope she's ok upstairs.

"Who are you?" The boy looks up from his hand and gives me a lopsided smile, almost as if he's supposed to be here. "No one important love." He goes back to nonchalantly picking his nails and I widen my eyes at him. "Well there was an attempted murder like an hour ago and since I've never seen you before that makes your name all that more important." The boy rolls his eyes like I'm inconvenient to him right now. "It's Matty." He sticks his finger he was messing with in his mouth to soothe it.

"Well Matty, where is Zayn?" He looks at me with wide eyes and a perplexed face. "You know the boy that this room belongs to?" The boy lets out an ah and swings his legs over the bed. "He's around here somewhere I guess. I hope." The boy crosses his legs and smiles sweetly at me. "Yeah that's it I'm getting the police."

"And what are you going to tell them,that a strange, but extremely charming man was in someone's room? Besides it's fine, I know Richard." "Ah okay yeah , that's even more reason for me to go get a cop." The boy begins laughing as he pulls his long curly hair into a ponytail. "Would you still get the police if I told you I'm here to show you something?"

"Intriguing but I would rather you answer the question of why the hell are you in Zayn's room." Matty pops the collar on his leather jacket and pushes himself off the bed. "To show you something sweet cheeks." The brit strolls right by me and out of the door. Once he realizes that I'm not following him, he walks backwards and pouts his lip out at me. "Aren't you coming?"

I groan and stomp after the boy down the hallway. "Where are we even going?" "The common room." The boy has bulky rings on his long slim fingers. He doesn't walk, oh no he strides like he owns the damn place. There's a looming presence of arrogance around him and he reminds me of someone but I can't think of who.

The common room is cold as we walk through the doorway. I flip on the light and squint as everything becomes ten times too bright. Matty goes over to the entertainment stand and begins to run his hand over the different sections of drawers.

"You still have that brass key love?" I feel the key that I haven't taken off since it's come in my possession around my neck and raise my eyebrow at Matty. "Have you been watching me or something?" Matty waves his hand at me and turns back to the tv stand. "I've done this about twenty times, now, come over here and unlock this drawer right here." Marty's pinky finger touches the familiar drawer and I almost laugh at him.

"Oh no this key fits something else, besides I already know what key opens that; I have a copy of it in my room. It's just filled with old Disney DVDs." Matty rolls his eyes and drags me closer by my arm. "I've been around a long time, I think I know what I'm talking about." I scoff and slap his hand off of my wrist. "Around a long time? You can't be any older then 25."

Matty stares at me with parted lips and a blank expression. He reaches back to pull out the pony tail, letting his hair escape and cover half of his face. "So why don't you just put the key in sugar."

I stare at him for a second and he finally pushes his hair back so I can fully see his full face again. He's not bad looking at all; he has soft features but when he opens his mouth, he ruins them.

"Okay,I'll put the key in." I begin grumbling my inner thoughts as I stick the ancient key in, just to humor him.

I hear the click of the lock but as I pull at the drawer, it doesn't move an inch. I turn back around to Matty with a winning smile." I told you this didn't open that." I wave the key around in his face and he pushes me to the side a bit. "You just need more elbow grease." He grips the handle and tugs at the drawer until it squeaks open. "What the hell?" I step closer to the drawer and he is now the one that's wearing the arrogant smile.

Peaking in,there is not a trace of movies in the drawer. There are old photos and books and dust. A lot of fucking dust.

"Put this on." The man takes a silver necklace with a charm of some sort hanging from it out of the drawer. Little dust particles swirl around us and I want to reach out to take one in my hand, make sure all of this is real.

"Yeah honestly this whole thing is creepy." "Vanessa, you've been to Section C, met Richard, found out your best mate's mom was terminated, found out your new friend has a twin that stayed here who is missing, befriended murders,and met Iliana but wearing a necklace is the creepiest thing?"

"Are you positively sure Richard isn't paying you to stalk me?" I clutch the necklace in my fist, admiring the charm. It just looks like melted together silver honestly, it doesn't have a shape or pattern. "Just put the thing on. Don't you trust me?" I advert my gaze from the necklace to the brown eyes in front of me. "No."

He begins laughing this loud and hearty laugh like he hasn't laughed in ages. "Smart girl, trust no one." So I've been told. "You may also want to grab the red hardback book." The boy looks down at his watch and curses. "I've got to get going. Make sure you close that before you leave out of here."

"Wait where the hell are you going? We basically just got here." He begins walking backwards with a smile on his face. "To the fiery pits of hell where I belong. Don't worry babe I'll be back."

"You still haven't told me why I should put this on." I wave the necklace in Richard's direction."It'll keep you safe and help you along the way. Just trust me."

"I think we've made it very clear here that I don't trust you."

The boy tilts his head back for a moment, letting his voice ring out into the room. "I like you, you're funny. I'll be back soon."

When the mysterious man turns the corner I fumble to put the old necklace around my neck. It makes a slight cling as it drops atop of the key. I turn back to the drawer and dig around the dust and old pictures until I see a dull red book. The title is written in shimmery gold and I use my wrist to wipe off the cover. "In libro Mortuorum." What fucking language is that?

I tuck the book under my arm pit and softly push the mystical drawer shut. Keep your mind open.

"Vanessa? Mija what are you doing in here?" I look at my mom and rub the back of my neck. "I was going to find a movie but I forgot my key upstairs. "You can't go wandering off like this when there is someone dangerous out in Clearwater. Head upstairs preciosa."

I walk past my mom to head to my room. When I get upstairs I sigh when I see Emma still deep in her sleep. I switch the lamp on to open up my night drawer. I place the book in the drawer, next to the movie cabinet key.

Well this has been a fun day.

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