Truly, Madly, Deeply

"Do you love me?" The curly haired boy asks me.
I look up to see a vulnerable looking Harry staring down at me.
I'm still for a moment and I take his hand in mine. I put it over my heart and I stare into his beautiful green eyes.
"My heart only beats for you." I whisper.
Harry pulls me closer and I feel his lips on mine.
"I love you."


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It has been a long day of work at the local flower shop, and with it being so close to the holidays business was booming.

The little bell at the top of the door signaled a customer was coming in.

"Welcome to Flowers For Us. How can I help you?" I say kindly smiling at the lady walking in.

She starts walking towards the counter and I put on the pink store apron.

"What type of flowers are you looking for ma'am?" I ask her.

"Well I want to get my daughter flowers for an early Christmas present, but I don't know what to get her." She explains.

"I understand. You should consider getting her roses, but not just any roses, beautiful red roses; some that smell good and that are delicate just like your love for your daughter." I smile.

I leave her to decide on what she wants and head back near the counter.

"Kelsey!" I exclaim as my best friend, and co-worker, of five years enters the tiny shop.

"You know your shift is in three hours, right?" I ask confused.

"Yeah I know but I was bored so I thought I'd come in early." She replies pulling an apron over her head.

"So how was another date with Mr. Perfect?" I ask raising my eyebrows.

"Harper he's seriously amazing. He opened the door for me and even brought a gift." She gushes.

"Now I have to meet this guy, he's all you ever talk about."

"Oh that reminds me. Would you mind doubling with he and I tomorrow night for his birthday dinner?" She asks.

"I would love to, but I don't have a date."

"We have a date for you, we just needed you to agree. Louis' best mate, Harry, doesn't get out a lot and Louis asked me to set him up with one of my friends." Kelsey explains.

"So how does he look?" I say questioning her about the boy.

"Brown, curly hair, big green eyes, tall and tan. I think you'll like him." She says nudging my shoulder.

The lady I was helping earlier comes over and I wrap the flowers for her.

"That'll be $16.57." I announce.

She nods and gets out a little black purse. I spray the flowers with water and she hands me the money.

"Thank you again dear." She says exiting the building and I give her a smile.

The rest of the day goes by fast with people from all over coming to pick up their flower orders.

I lock the shop's doors as Kelsey and I walk out.

"It's so chilly!" I exclaim to Kelsey while pulling my jacket closer.

"I know, why does it have to be winter." She laughs.

I make my over to my cherry red Mustang and get in. I wait for Kelsey to leave and I speed out of the parking lot towards my house.


I walk into my house and head straight for the kitchen.

"Unconditional, unconditionally, I'll love you unconditionally."

Katy Perry's voice rings out throughout my home signaling that I have a text messages.


Hey girlie! Are we still on for tomorrow night? xx


Of course, lovely! I can't wait to meet Louis:)


You'll love him, and your dates quite a looker also, babe :*

I gotta go Louis' taking me out.


I return my phone to its original place after reading the message and finish in the fridge, taking out various sandwich toppings and a can of Sprite®. I make the sandwich and head into the living room kicking off my shoes and popping in Pitch Perfect my favorite movie of all time.

While the previews are on I dash up the stairs to my room grabbing two blankets from the nearest closet and change into fuzzy blue pajamas. I race back downstairs to press play and snuggle into the couch wrapped in blankets.

I enjoyed my own company for the night, laughing at Fat Amy's, or Fat Patricia, never ending jokes.

By the time the movie finished it was well over twelve so I sleepily walked upstairs holding the blankets.

I got into my bed, under the fluffy white sheets, and let my muscles relax, drifting into the dark, yet peaceful world of sleep.


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