My New Teacher📓

Samantha lives a normal life and has never been in love before. Until a new hot teacher comes to town. She lives in NYC and starts falling for her teacher. Will he feel the same way?Will she get in trouble?


3. Not safe

After drama i rushed out to the cafeteria siting alone.Knowing that Louis would be eating in the staff room.

"Mind if i sit here?" I looked up to notice Louis.

"Louis, you shouldn't be here."

"Just pretend i need to talk to you about homework."

"Look it's your first day and i don't want you to get fired ok?So lets just be safe."

"Ok, i'll only take a minute.I wanna ask you, are the type of girl to go to parties? or ditch?"

"Depends how i'm feeling really.Now please go!"

"Ok,ok.See you later love!" I continued eating my sandwich.Everyone wa staring at me since i was siting next to a teacher.Plus he called me love.Cute!

-After School-

So Louis told me to meet him at the park. Parks are where all your childhood memories are. I just love parks. They're my favorite place to be.I skipped all the way there happily and sat on a bench near a slide.Louis arrived a minute later and i suggested to play a little game to get to know each other.

"Lets just ask each other random questions."

"How old are you?"He asked me.

"18.How long have you been here?"

"All my life!"He said excitingly.

After a few more questions we got to know each other pretty well.I say we could be best buds or more...

"I gotta do some drama practice so."

"Want me to help you with it?"

"Uh."I was so distracted by his gorgeous face."Ok." plus i didn't want to leave him


"Thanks for helping me with my script Lou,opps. Sorry didn't mean to call you that."

"Its fine.Now come on,i have to show you something."

"Lou i-"

"Please?" he interrupted me.

"Fine." and i let him pull me with his hand.After a few minutes we ended up at the beach.What?He wanted to bring me to the beach?Aww.

"Come sit here." I  sat down on the sand next to him and felt the waves crashing on my feet and the sun setting. It was gorgeous.I wanted to stay like this forever.Then, the stars and the moon came.Seems that everywhere i go, I always see one star that shines the brightest. He handed me a little piece of paper but I didn't want to open it yet.

"Thank you Louis.This is really nice of you."

"Don't mention it." He leaned in closer to me but this i couldn't do.

"I'm sorry.I don't think we should."

"Ya, i'm sorry." Slowly walked back still hoping Louis would follow me but he went the other direction.{LOL One Direction!}I sighed at the sight of him walking away,but knew i would see him tomorrow.

I reached home and ran to my room. I opened the little piece of paper and it had his number. Should I call it? Yes. Without a doubt i dialed his number and he answered on the forth ring.

"Hey! Thanks for your number I guess. "

"Ya thought you needed it incase you wouldn't understand home work."

"Ya I'm sure."

"Want to walk with me to school? I'll pick you up at 7:45."

"Ok. "

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