My New Teacher📓

Samantha lives a normal life and has never been in love before. Until a new hot teacher comes to town. She lives in NYC and starts falling for her teacher. Will he feel the same way?Will she get in trouble?


6. A new student

I was looking at my new bracelet i had made. Then i suddenly tripped and the bracelet went flying all the way on top of this guys head.Dang it! My new bracelet is freaking gone! I chased after the guy who took(not really took but you know what i mean) my bracelet.After a while of running he stopped and i walked up to him.I tapped his shoulder gently.

"Excuse me?Sorry, umm. my bracelet somehow landed on your head."

He turned around.I haven't see him around before.Must be new.Not bad looking,but of course Louis is THE best. I think. I asked him what was his name and if I could show him around.

"My name's Andrew. I would love you to show me around. That would be great." After he said that he handed me my bracelet.

I showed him where the lockers were and told him most people hang it there. Then I moved to the upper floors. When we were done I guided him to his first class. He was in Maths with me and Louis. Oh dear.

"Do we have a new student?" Louis asked.

I answered. "Ya. His name is Andrew." Suddenly all the girls were staring at him. Probably thinking he's gorgeous.


Hey guys. I'm updating a short chapter. Been really busy lately. Please comment to give me motivation for writing Together forever. Cause Idk if I'm gonna continue it. Also like it if you like it....ya. Bye.

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