The Bad Boy and Flynn

Meet Flynn Hanover. One of the worlds most famous eighteen year old. She as been in the acting business since she was three. Acting is all she has ever wanted to do.

Now meet Noah Parker. Scotland's bad boy. He is literally the definition of hot. He is perfection in the eyes of every single girl in Scotland. He has a secret that he doesn't like that share.

What happens when they end up crossing paths?

*The Bad Boy and Flynn*


1. Chapter 1:

My name is being called over and over again. Fans are crying and leaning over the barrier, just to touch me. They all want a piece of me. Every single one of them. It has never been any different and I don’t think it will ever change, though sometimes, I wish it did.


I smile until my cheeks ache and I have so many photos taken, it's unbelievable. 


Many of my cast members are with me. Holding onto each other’s waists because it’s daunting. It's scary seeing millions of people crying over you. Why cry over me? I'm nothing special. The fans want the films to be as good as the books they love and characters to be so accurate. 


The red carpet is plush and my white high heels sink into it. The rain plops onto the umbrella that is held above me, so my perfect brown ringlets don't get ruined and sodden. That is one of the perks of being famous, apparently we are incapable of holding umbrellas, and they hire people to hold umbrellas for us. I guess it stops my arms getting achy.


My dress is stunning, a Marc Jacobs piece. The dress is slightly figure hugging but shows my curves perfectly. The dress is white with tiny, little black polka dots. It’s sleeveless and has a tucked waist. It so beautiful. My makeup isn't too heavy, just enough to make me look fabulous, with stunning red lip stick that makes my whole face more mature. 


On my left is my co-star, Sebastian Carlonto, who tragically happens to be my boyfriend. Sebastian is cruel and horrible and treats me like crap. He's puts on this show every time we have a public event to attend. Tonight is no different. It's the red carpet event for our new film 'Love You to Death' which is based on a novel by Meg Cabot. It’s about a girl, Suze who is a mediator which means she can talk and see ghosts.


Seb is holding onto my waist and his fingers claw at my bum, making the crowd laugh and cry at our 'perfect' relationship. I can't slap his hand away like I want to; it will put an odd vibe in the air. People will get suspicious. They will know we aren't actually in love. I just giggle into his chest, cursing him mentally. 


More photos are being taken before we get guided away. We are directed inside the lobby and over to a table with two seats. I take one and Seb takes the other. He rests his hand on my thigh and I shrug it off. He pulls a face which quickly changes as we have company. 


"Flynn, Sebastian, don't you two look like a picture?" A bright eyed, woman says. She is wearing a red dress with matching red lipstick, a little bit like mine. Her black stilettos are so high, it’s a wonder she can walk in them. I can’t say much, my heels aren’t much smaller. Her hair stunning blonde hair is wrapped around her head elegantly, and made into a bun.


"Aw, thank you!" I giggle and grab hold of Seb’s hand. 


"We are from OK! magazine and we've been told we could have the second part of that interview now?"


"Sure, no problem!" Seb chirps. 


"Let's get down to business! I only have a few questions!" She says and a chair is pulled up for her and she gracefully sits down. I wish I looked like that when I sit down, I Iook like an elephant. She pulls out a voice recorder and turns it on before continuing. 


"Seb, you've been dating for nearly two years now, is there any plans of maybe marriage?" The woman asks. 


I nearly throw up at the thought of marring that oaf. And whoa, steady on! Where did marriage come from?! 


"Well, we've been talking about it but we really want to focus on our jobs but you never know!" Seb gives a slight wink. 


"That's cute. Really is. Now Flynn, is there any plans for your two year anniversary?" 


"We don't know! We honestly don't know! We been told not to do much, so I’m guessing there may be a surprise party!" I giggle like a little girl. 


"Ooh, secrets, eh?" This woman laughs.


"So many!" I laugh along, knowing this line was about the only truth I've spoken so far. 


"And lastly, Flynn, you've been in films and on TV since you were three and you're now eighteen, do you have any other plans you want to do?"


This question takes me by surprise. 


"Yes, actually, I'm thinking of going to university, but you never know!"


"Alright, thank you for taking time to talk to me today." The woman says. 


"Thank you for the interview!" Seb says. 


We small talk and have a few pictures taken before I have had enough. My heels pinch at my toes and my cheeks hurt from smiling. I love my job and what I do, but enough is enough.


"You've had enough already?" Sebastian spits into my ear. 


"Yeah, of you!" I reply back rapidly before making another pose for the camera. 


"You're such a bitch, Flynn." 


"Right back at you." 


More photos are taken and eventually my manger allows me to go. She knows how much I despise Seb and how little I want to do with him. I think everyone knows. Well everyone except the public.


"Thank everything beautiful!" I say as I drop into my limo.


"Flynn, that was risky." My mother says sternly. 


"What was?"


"You talking about uni, we never discussed it properly." 


"You know how much I want to go. I love the acting life, but I want a few degrees, I want to have a little normalcy."


"And I get that, but won't it be too stressful?" My mum says. 


"Mum, I'm eighteen and I go to premieres every other week, I think I could handle it."


"Your father would be so proud." She wipes at her eyes. 


Talking about my father is a raw patch, he died a few years ago of a brain tumour and it really hit hard. We are fighting stronger than ever, my mother and me. I have no other siblings and my mother never dated again, so it’s only us. But I like it this way and it’s never lonely in our huge house. My manger, Kelsie, stays a lot of the time as does my agent, Clara. We are just one huge family. I wouldn’t change it either.


"I know." I croak. 


“Will you focus on your studies if I let you go?”


“Yes, mum, I promise! As soon as I get my degrees, I’m getting straight back into acting. I just want to do something like what other people my age are. They all have degrees. What happens if nobody wants to hire me for films or TV shows? I wouldn’t have any degrees, and I wouldn’t be able to work!” I whine.


“That wouldn’t happen. You are too skilled at what you do, Flynn.”


“I know, but I really want to do this mum.” I whisper.


"I know, that why I already got you into a university in Scotland, the University of Dundee."


"Really?" I almost scream. 


"Yes," My mother laughs. 


"Jeez, mum, I love you so so so much."


"Anything for my little girl." She cries. 


At this point, my life is only going up.  Even if I am an actress who has so much money I could literally throw it away, life can always get better. 

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