The Story of a Fallen Angel

An Angel fallen from the depths of pain is trapped on earth after she took just steps into the forbidden pathway. No Angel that went down ever came back and i mean you couldn't blame a helpless girl could you? she just wished she new what was down there.


7. The Voice Unmasked

Alinia's P.O.V.

I realised what i had done, I had fallen, I was no longer a glorious being. I was dark and shadowed by evil, I had made such a bad mistake that even The Master couldn't fix it for me! I sadly left Eriana crying at the edge of the meadow, i left my best friend and ran toward the figure on The Path.I don't know why i did it, I felt like I was safe when I was with the figure and I couldn't just deny it.


Eriana's P.O.V

I only just remember seeing Alinia running to the path before going home, tears streaking my face. I decided to tell The Master about Alinia, anyway he has the right to know.

~at The Master's palace~

Master, Alinia crossed the border she has entered the pathway! I said pushing through the Guardian Angels and running into the throne room. "She made her own choice" He said softly. But she was my best friend! can't you do anything? I cried out. "I am sorry, I will not make the decision to be loyal for her, it is too late" He replied.

I ran home and cried myself to sleep. Oh why did she do that she has never ever challenged the rule of The Master before! could she not hold onto that last bit of loyalty in her, yet she had to let her curiosity take control of her mind!


Alinia's P.O.V

I followed the figure and Anabri down the path which was surprisingly light now, Anabri moved towards me and walked in my footsteps. "Hey Eriana will be fine, you will see her again" She said without any doubt in her voice. What, how would I see her again? She is a loyal angel! I said questioning her. "She will walk the same path you did! your her Best Friend She won't leave you behind in the dust!"Anabri answered without hesitation emphasizing on 'best friend' making me think. Why did i do this to her, I have basically made her be disloyal why oh why did i ever do this!? "Alinia? Uh we are nearly at the campsite keep moving!" Anabri called back harshly. Oh coming I called. 

~10 minutes later~

"Alinia, this is The Campsite, it is where we sleep and do daily activities. Go to The Shadow's tent he will tell you who he is after you make your vows to them and then He will decide what you will be and do." Anabri instructed. Ok I said and found His tent "Ah Alinia is it? take a seat I have a very special mission for you!" He said motioning to a seat on the far side of the tent. Uh okay, Is my mission dangerous? i said nervously sitting down. "No, it isn't dangerous. You are to be sent to Earth! I do not have room in my campground for you to stay here and you are a very beautiful young woman and will find a good immortal life on Earth!" The Shadow said. Did he really just say that? In Heaven no angel has ever thought of going to Earth! it is said to be a horrid wasteland!

Um why me? cause like i was hoping to keep my wings and be immortal! I asked with slight horror in my voice. "Well, but of course you can keep your wings and immortality but YOU alone must be sent to Earth. I cannot spare anyone else!" He had said these words with annoyance, obviously bothered by my questioning. Of course I will go I said I mean what else is there to say?

"Okay I will call your new P.A. to show you to your house and arrange you to be tutored on how those human life forms live. Now all you must do is make your vows to be a Dark Angel and I shall unmask myself so you may see who I really am.



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