The Story of a Fallen Angel

An Angel fallen from the depths of pain is trapped on earth after she took just steps into the forbidden pathway. No Angel that went down ever came back and i mean you couldn't blame a helpless girl could you? she just wished she new what was down there.


2. The Disguised Figure

Eriana P.O.V

Hi I am Eriana I have short blonde hair and blue eyes my best friend is Alinia who becomes a fallen angel i want to follow her but I shan't be condemned to The Valley of Pain.

"NO! Alinia please NO!" I screamed but she didn't seem to hear me she was nearing the edge of the forbidden path walking towards it like she didn't realise she was moving she was just staring at the path. "Alinia snap out of it! please don't do this you aren't controlling yourself!" I screamed at her i could do nothing i felt like a statue pinned to the ground the feeling like all you can do is watch.

I didn't think I ran up to her I jerked her shoulder she fell I - as soflty as I could - pinned her down and waved my hand in front of her face. "Anything please Alinia c'mon please wake up!" I yelled at her then a thought came to mind. The Master I must get him! I pulled Alinia to the furthest point away from the path, spread my wings and flew as fast as I could to the palace it wasn't too far i just hope she didn't fly to the path. I reached the palace I ran as fast as i could I raced past the guards who chased after me but i didn't care "Master, Master please it's Alinia she can't control herself! she is just staring and walking in a straight line towards the path" I screamed as i ran through the corridor towards the throne room.


The Master heard me and came quickly, I took him to her and he carried her to the palace she slept the night in a palace room


The next morning came I rushed to find Alinia gone The house was no longer locked I freaked out until Alinia sneaked up behind me and yelled "your it" in my ear. I spun around she was back to her normal self, "your on!" I yelled and we chased each other all day and went to the food stall to get some pommegranates.

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