The Story of a Fallen Angel

An Angel fallen from the depths of pain is trapped on earth after she took just steps into the forbidden pathway. No Angel that went down ever came back and i mean you couldn't blame a helpless girl could you? she just wished she new what was down there.


5. A Realisation

Eriana's P.O.V

I couldn't help it I stood on the edge watching as she pulled herself into this mess. She motioned weirdly and hid in the bushes i did the same to see Anabri sneaking down towards The Path. Anabri walked slowly into the forbidden area then she walked straight down The Path! Anabri wasn't a loyal angel! she worked for the pained evil down The Path! Alina walked out of the pathway and straight up to me. "I won't do it!" I said and hugged her. "You already did!" I heard a soft voice I turned and saw Anabri and the shadow moving out of The Path. "I can't change that?" I asked "No you can't! once you step in you can't act like you never did." Anabri said with a tinge of anger in her voice. Anger something i had never heard before.

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