I'm coming home (Delena)

After two years in London, Elena is returning to Mystic Falls, but only for three months. She is looking forward to see all of her old friends, except for two persons, she'd rather not see. Will she be able to be faithful to her english boyfriend? Or will her stay in Mystic Falls change everything? Delena!


13. Reunion

Chapter 13: Reunion


“Now, Ric, are you sure this is a good idea?” I said, when he pulled up next to the school Elena was lecturing at. “Damon, stop doubting it! You need to go and talk to Elena. At least sort out what happened. Go in, and try not to catch her attention before she's done lecturing,” he said and pulled the handbrake, “and Damon. Try not to kill anyone.” I nodded and got out of the car. I looked at the small building in front of me. Why was she lecturing such a small school any ways? Her talent was too big for small schools like that. I guess there was no going back now. With a sigh, I pulled together and went through the front door. I closed my eyes and used my vampire senses to find out where she was. It had to be the gym hall. Walking with my normal human speed, I slowly headed to the gym. I was nervous. I hadn't felt this nervous for a very long time. I had her book in my hand. I was really going to do this.


-Elena's point of view


Do you still have time to sign one more copy?” I froze as I recognized the voice. I turned around and saw Damon standing with a copy of my book in his hand. “Or just time to talk for a bit...”


I quickly turned around to hide the tears in my eyes. “You can't be here, Damon... You should be home. In Mystic Falls,” I said and tried stopping the tears from rolling down my cheeks. I didn't want him to see that I was crying. Oh God, I had missed him so much. But what the hell was he doing in London? Why wasn't he in Mystic Falls, living his life without me? That was what I had wanted, when I left him behind. I didn't want to talk to him or Stefan. Maybe they would try to get together again. Bonding, like the brothers they were.


“What if I don't want to be in Mystic Falls?” he asked as I heard him getting closer. “Damon, stop. You can't be here. You just can't. Go back to America. I can't. We can't...” Why was I trying to hide my tears? He knew I was crying, I turned around, and was surprised to see him standing very close to me. “Don't cry. I'm not going anywhere,” he said and gently wiped away my tears. I looked at him, and felt every emotion I had tried to suppress coming back. Every feeling of loss, of love, of hate, of lust. All those feelings had been hidden, beneath my alcohol. I cried, like I have never cried before.


I had missed him, so much. I loved him, so much. And yet, I couldn't be with him. Our past was too important. My past with Stefan, his past, being a monster only thinking about blood, sex and killing people. And booze. But why did the past have such big impact on my present? Shouldn't I forget about the past? Isn't that why the past is called the past? Because everything happened in the past. Damon was perfect. Why did I deny my feelings towards him? I was denying it all, because of what I had caused. What I and Katherine had caused. Both of us had ruined the relationship between Damon and Stefan. I wasn't any better than her, and I hated my self for being so.


I felt his caring arms gently hugging me to his body, and I just let the tears flow. I wanted him to leave, but I couldn't hold it back any more. I grabbed his leather jacket and held him closely. I felt his grip around me tighten. “Why did you leave me, Elena?” he asked. His voice was trembling. Was he crying as well? I pulled my self together and looked at him. The feelings in his eyes broke my heart. I had never seen him be so sad before. He was sad, confused, heartbroken and I hated seeing him like this. Was all of this my fault? The answer was clearly yes. This was my fault, and I had to do something to repair it. But how was I supposed to fix this, without going back to him? I couldn't go back to him. That would be the end of his relationship with Stefan.


“Please answer... Even though it might hurt. If you don't love me, please say so. If you can look me in the eyes, and tell me you don't love me, then I'll leave right away. I'll catch the first plane back to Mystic Falls and I won't ever bother you again. But only if you really don't love me,” he said, a small tear running from his beautiful blue eye. I pushed him away and looked down the floor. “I can't tell you that, Damon. But you have to leave. You need to get back to Mystic Falls. Or to Italy, to be with your brother. But you're not staying here,” I said and started walking towards the exit. But he wouldn't let me leave. He sped and stopped me, by grabbing my shoulders, bending down so that our eyes were at the same level.


“But I'm not letting you leave until you tell me whether you love me or not,” he said as I tried breaking free from his grip. I cursed his strength. There was no way I was going to get out of his grip. “Please, don't do this...” I whispered and looked into his eyes. Those eyes I loved so dearly. His lips tightened as he looked back and forth between my eyes. “I am not letting you go. And I am not going, until you answer. I don't want to lose the love of my life. Because I love you, Elena. I love you more than anything in this world, and I don't want to stay away from you. Unless you don't love me. If you tell me, right now, that you don't love me, I swear, I will leave and get back to my drinking and draining girls. I promise. But I need to know this.”


I saw tears in his eyes, and couldn't help but let a few ones out my self. “For God's sake, Damon. I love you. Of course I love you. But I can't be with you,” I said and looked at him, first looking happy, then confused. “Why? What's in our way? Is it Stefan? Do you still love him?” he asked. I shook my head. “I don't love Stefan any more. You know that. But I can't help but see how much I remind of Katherine. You were starting to bond again. And what keeps you apart? Me. Stefan moved to Italy, because of me. You moved to LA, because of me. I am keeping you apart, just like Katherine,” I said and tried pushing him away. He didn't let go.


“You're not the reason for that, Elena. Trust me. After you left me the first time, Stefan came back. We had a month or so, where we actually had fun. But something's just not right between Stefan and I. You could say that we have grown apart. We fought all the time, him still wanting to make my life a living hell, for taking Katherine away, and my grudges against him, for making me what I am today. But when you came back, I realised that I don't hate Stefan for forcing me to turn. Because if I hadn't turned, I would never have met you. I would never have felt your sweet kisses, the way you touch my heart. You look like Katherine, but you're absolutely nothing like her. Katherine played us, having us both fooled. You are the sweetest, most unselfish person I have ever met. And you're making me a better person.” I looked at him with tears running down my cheeks. I wanted to kiss him so badly.


“That's why I can't live without you. You're my everything. I think about you every moment of my life. I have been in love with you, ever since I first saw you. That love has grown stronger, as I got to know you. I have never met someone like you, and I never want to let you go. You're my life, Elena. And I don't want to live without you.” He pressed his lips against mine, with a passion I have never felt before. Both of us were crying, as I put my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Why on earth had I ever left him? His arms hugged me tighter to his body as we ended the kiss and looked at each other. “I love you, Elena. Please, don't leave me...” I had never seen Damon this way. He looked like a little lost child. A child that didn't know where to go, or what to do.


“I won't, Damon. I will never leave your side again,” I whispered as I smiled at him, and wiped the tears of his cheeks. I didn't want to fight it any more. I didn't want to fight Damon any more. This time, I was going to stay with him. I had to. I couldn't do anything else.


“Is this gentleman disturbing you, miss Gilbert?” I looked at Joe, who was coming from the door to the hall. I smiled as Damon wiped the tears from my cheeks. “No. He's not disturbing me at all,” I said and gently kissed him. “Is he going with us to your apartment?” Joe asked. I let go of Damon and looked at Joe. He was suppressing a smile. “If he wants to,” I said and looked at him. He nodded and grabbed my hand, as we walked outside to the car. We got in the back, and I let my head rest at his shoulder as Joe drove us home.


“You certainly haven't been wasting your time,” Damon said, as we stepped into my apartment. I laughed and went to my secret stash of blood bags. “My assistant and best friend, Lucy, decorated it for me. I haven't really been sober enough to do it my self, and Lucy has pretty much helped me with everything, since I came to London,” I said and threw a blood bag to him. He caught it, and looked at me in confusing, while he started drinking. “I have been drinking a lot lately,” I said and shrugged, as I bit into my own blood bag.


“You, drinking? That kind of removes the image of the sweet little girl you used to be,” Damon said and laughed. I gently hit his arm as I sat down with him on the couch in my living room. “I thought the image of me being a sweet little girl was ruined, when we had sex,” I said and raised one eyebrow. He smirked and placed the empty blood bag on the table next to my couch. “Why don't you remind me how naughty you can be?” he said and started kissing my neck. I laughed, half moaning, and pushed him away. “Not now, Damon. We need to get rid of these, Lucy may stop by,” I said and grabbed the two empty blood bags. “She doesn't know you're a vampire?” he asked as I went to the place I got rid of the empty blood bags. I returned to him at once. “Nope. Nobody here knows I'm a vampire,” I said and sat down on the couch. “Nobody? How do you get away with feeding? Compelling, I assume?” he said, as he put his arm around me. I shook my head. “I don't really feed from people any more. I drink animals and blood bags,” I said and leaned closer to him. I enjoyed feeling his strong body next to mine again. “Ugh, don't go all Stefan on me. We're going to change that. I'm sure you miss feeding from the vein,” he said and stroke my cheek. I smiled. “A bit, maybe.” His finger moved from my cheek to my chin, and gently turned my head, so I was facing him. “Then we'll have a great dinner, as soon as we're out of London,” he said and kissed me. I smiled and sat in his lap. Clearly surprised by my actions, his hands found their way to my ass and his lips followed mine in a dance of passion and love.


His hands slowly started taking off my jacket, moving on to my shirt. Both were thrown on the floor. “We shouldn't do this, Damon,” I whispered, even though I really felt like having sex with him, right here, right now. “Why?” he said as his hands moved to my bra. “Because I don't want to rush into things. We need to wait... Please, I don't want to screw this up before we have begun,” I said, “no pun intended!” He looked sad, but I knew he understood, and that he agreed. “Fine, so no sex. But can we cuddle?” he asked, using his puppy eyes. I knew I had no chance of rejecting those eyes. “Okay,” I said and stood up, grabbed his hand and pulled him to my bed. 

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