I'm coming home (Delena)

After two years in London, Elena is returning to Mystic Falls, but only for three months. She is looking forward to see all of her old friends, except for two persons, she'd rather not see. Will she be able to be faithful to her english boyfriend? Or will her stay in Mystic Falls change everything? Delena!


6. Kidnapped

Chapter 6: Kidnapped


-Damon's point of view


“Elena, are you coming back in bed?” I yelled and looked at the watch next to my bed. She had been gone for too long now. I turned on my vampire hearing and couldn't hear her heart beating. Shit. I quickly got out of bed and put on some underwear. She had my shirt. When I got downstairs I found her purse and cellphone on the floor. She wouldn't just go without her purse. My car was still outside, so she couldn't just have gone. I quickly found my cellphone and tried calling Stefan.



“What do you want, Damon? Talk about how you got the girl?” he sounded tired. “She's gone, Stefan. Someone took Elena,” I said, ignoring what he had said. “Are you sure she didn't just left you? Again. I mean, she did it once, why not twice?” he asked. I sighed. “Because her clothes are here, her purse and cellphone is here. She didn't have any car here, and mine's still here. She wouldn't just leave in her underwear and my shirt.” Okay, maybe not the best thing to tell her ex boyfriend, and my brother. “Okay then. But where on earth could she be?” That was actually a good question. I had no idea what so ever who could have kidnapped her. “I don't know. I really have no idea , Stefan,” I said and looked at her purse. “I'm coming over... We'll find her.” And then he hung up. I put on a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt while I was waiting for Stefan. I couldn't stop thinking about Elena. What if she weren't okay? I didn't get much time to think about possible persons who could've taken her. Stefan rang the doorbell.



“Hello brother,” he said and stepped inside. “Hey... So, what do we do?” I said and poured bourbon for us. “Well, who could've wanted to take her? Besides me, of course,” he said and sat down on the couch. “Well, I don't know. I mean, she hasn't been in Mystic Falls for two years. How many enemies could she have here?” I said and frowned. “I don't know. Is there any possibility there could be someone from London here in Mystic Falls?” Stefan asked. I all of sudden knew who it was. “Her boyfriend. Or, ex boyfriend. She dumped him today because... Yeah, her and I, you know,” I said and looked at him. He nodded. “Well, let's go find this guy.”



But right as we stepped out the door, Alaric stood there. “Where's Elena, boys?” he asked and looked at us. We looked at each other. “We're on our way to find her,” I said. “And why does she need to be found?” Alaric asked. He didn't sound happy. “Well, because her ex boyfriend decided to kidnap her...” Stefan said and walked past Alaric. “Damon! How could you not take care of her!” Alaric said. He was indeed very angry. “She's not 17 any more, Alaric. She's 20 now, she can take care of her self. She doesn't need a bodyguard any more,” I said and walked past him. We wasted time, talking to Alaric, when we could be looking for Elena. “I'm coming with you! I have the responsibility for her.” And that's why Alaric joined our little rescue mission.



We had been driving around for an hour, when I got a text message. An address and a short message. “I will drain her to the very last drop, if you don't show up.” I felt sick. “I think I know where she is,” I said and handed the phone to Alaric. “Then go! We have to save her,” Alaric said.



“You had sex with Elena tonight,” Stefan said, while we were driving. I tried hanging on to my stone face, even though I was surprised. Why was he asking me this? And why right now? Alaric was sitting in the back of the car, with a very sharp stake. “Why are you talking about this, right now, Stefan?” I asked and kept my eyes on the road. I really didn't want to talk about the amazing night I had just spent with Elena. Maybe that was the last night I got to spend with her. “Oh, I just thought Alaric would like to know it. You said her clothes were at the boarding house. So, she's naked?” Stefan said. I felt like this was going in a wrong direction. “No. She's wearing underwear and my shirt,” I said quietly. I didn't want Alaric to hear this. “Maybe you should have brought her one of your sweatshirts or something, Damon. After all, she's your girl now, right?” Stefan kept on going. He didn't want to stop talking about Elena. “I'm way ahead of you,” I said and pointed at the bag in the back, “and yes. She's my girl now.” Stefan looked like he could kill someone. I guess he never fully recovered from their breakup. He didn't seem like it.



Damon, where are we going?” Elena was sitting next to me, blindfolded. She was smiling. “If I tell you, it won't be much of a surprise, right?” I said and looked at her. We were in the car, driving towards her surprise birthday party. 18 years old. I tried not to think about the age difference between us. “Can't you just tell me?” she said and tried taking the blindfold off. “No! Noo peaking, Elena, that's cheating!” I said and grabbed her hands. “Okay then... Can't we just stop driving for a minute, I'm getting car sick,” she said and grabbed my thumb. “Okay then... But no peaking!” I said and stopped the car in the side of the road. There was no one around us. We were at the countryside. She stepped out of the car and enjoyed the fresh air. I walked to her side and slipped my arm around her waist. She wasn't wearing her vervain necklace. “Okay, you can see, I'll just compel you to forget, okay?” I said and untied the blindfold. She looked around and smiled at me. “Thanks Damon,” she said and rested her head against my chest. I put my finger under her chin and made her look at me. “Elena, I need to do this. I know it's not right, because you're with Stefan and all, but I'm too selfish...” She frowned and looked at me. “Damon, what are you...” I kissed her. It was exactly what I imagined it would be like. The taste of her lips was sweet. I felt the butterflies in my stomach go wild, when she put her arms around my neck and pulled me closer. I never wanted to let go of her again. But I had to. Stefan and Caroline had prepared a big party, and she couldn't miss it. Even though I just wanted to take her home. “Damon... Please don't compel me. I want to remember this kiss. Please.” She was begging me. I felt divided. Of course I didn't want to compel her – especially not when she was begging me not to. But on the other hand, she was dating Stefan, and she wasn't suppose to know about my feelings for her. “Please, Damon,” she said and kissed me again. “Okay...” I whispered and kissed her. I enjoyed every second of it.



I had never been so worried in all of my life. Even when Katherine was being forced into the burning church. My feelings for Elena, was much stronger than what I felt for Katherine back then.



-Elena's point of view


“Well, I see your two boyfriends are coming to rescue you. This ought to be fun.” Adam laughed. He had made sure I couldn't go anywhere. I felt naked, only wearing my underwear and Damon's shirt. “I don't have two boyfriends, Adam. I have none, right as the moment. I dumped you earlier today, remember?” I said and tried getting free from the ropes, binding me to the chair I was sitting on. He swung his hand and hit me across the face. I had learned that Adam wasn't a human any more. He was a vampire. A new one.



I had been in the back of his car for a very long time, and then he had dragged me into this abandoned warehouse and tied me to a chair. And then he had drained two people in front of me. “Now, who of your boyfriends are most in love with you? Stefan or Damon?” he said and looked at his cellphone. “Oh well, let's text both of them.” I had seen vampires text before – it looks crazy. They often use their vampire speed, and doesn't even have to look at the screen. “Now, while we wait at them, let's have a bit of fun, shall we?” He put his cellphone back into his pocket and grabbed a knife from a table. “Adam, why are you doing this?” I asked and felt the fear. If he started cutting in me, I would bleed. And Stefan and Damon had told me about the cravings for blood, when you're a new vampire. “I travelled all the way from London to Mystic Falls to be your date tonight. I wanted to give you this, tonight,” he said and showed me a small box, containing a ring. “For how long have you been a vampire?” I asked and looked at the blood dripping from his mouth. “Why do you care? You dumped me, after almost 2 years together. We were the perfect couple, and you gave up on me! How could you do that?!” He was mad. I had hurt his feelings. “Because I have found somebody else... I'm sorry, Adam,” I said and looked at the knife in his hand. It didn't look nice.



“You're going to be sorry, when I kill you!” he said and came closer. How did I ever fall in love with this guy? “Adam, don't do something stupid,” I said. He fnorted. “I do whatever I want. I'm a vampire,” he said and put the knife on my wrist. “Are you ready to die?” And then he started cutting.



“Elena! Are you okay?” I recognized Damon's voice. “I'm here, Damon!” It came out as nothing but a whisper. My arms were bleeding badly, and Adam had the knife against my throat. “Yes, call him here! Then he can watch you die, right before his eyes,” Adam said and pressed the knife against my throat. Damon's shirt was ruined. It had my blood on it, and Adam had cut through the sleeves. I had to replace the shirt. Why was I thinking about Damon's shirt? That wasn't really the time for that kind of thinking. “She's here, Damon! Come on and save your little slut,” Adam said. Damon was standing about 5 metres away from us, and looked tormented by the sight of me. “I'm sorry about your shirt,” I whispered and tried smiling. “Why the hell are you thinking about my shirt right now, Elena?” Damon said and looked at Adam. “One more step, and I will kill her,” Adam said, “or maybe, I'll just do it now!” I heard Damon screaming 'no' before Adam pressed the knife into my throat and everything turned black. 

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