I'm coming home (Delena)

After two years in London, Elena is returning to Mystic Falls, but only for three months. She is looking forward to see all of her old friends, except for two persons, she'd rather not see. Will she be able to be faithful to her english boyfriend? Or will her stay in Mystic Falls change everything? Delena!


10. I'm sorry

Chapter 10: I'm sorry


“You still want to go to the water?” I asked, when we were laying on the pillows in the middle of the pavilion. He put on his characteristic smirk as he nodded. “Of course. But I was thinking that maybe we didn't need to put on bathing clothes,” he said and let his fingertips touch my stomach. It tickled and I laughed. “You're ticklish! Why have you never told me that you're ticklish?!” he said and quickly got on top of me again. “Damon! You're not going to...” Too late. His fingers were everywhere. That might be a positive thing when we were having sex, but when he was tickling me, that wasn't really good. I couldn't keep my laughs quiet, so I just let them out, and felt my abs getting tired. “DAMON! St-tooo-op!” I said, and was glad I didn't need to breath. Or else I would have been in trouble. “Why have you never told me that?” he said and stopped for a moment. And a moment was all I needed.



I quickly got on top of him and pinned his arms down. Now I was in charge. And something told me, he liked it. I blushed as I looked at his love strucked face. I leaned down and kissed him before standing up and looking towards the water. The moon was coming up and it looked beautiful, reflecting in the water. “If you want to catch that plane, it's now or never...” Damon whispered, while he was putting on his briefs. I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. And I couldn't leave him. I turned around and walked slowly towards him. I loved seeing the love in his eyes. The love that he was giving me. Me, of all persons. But he was scared. Scared that I was going back. I put my arms around his neck and looked into his baby blue eyes. “Elena, if you're going back, we can't go any further. It'll crush me... I already had sex with you two times too many, if you're leaving again,” he said. The tormented look in his eyes were back. “I'm not going any where,” I whispered and stroke his cheek with my right hand.



He looked as if he didn't really believe me at first. But then the happiness reached his eyes and he kissed me softly. “You put on your briefs, then I'll put on my bikini,” I said and looked at his underwear. God, he looked amazing. I looked at the bikini Damon had brought. It wasn't mine, that's for sure. But it wasn't something I had expected Damon to buy. It was cute, not showy and slutty. It was pink, with small green frogs. And there was a small speech balloon next to each frog, with the question “will you be my prince?”. I smiled and started putting it on. “Damon, do you mind helping me?” I asked. It needed to be tied together. His gentle fingers tied it and he left small kisses on my shoulder and neck. I turned around and looked at him. He smiled and placed a gentle kiss on my lips. I took off the shoes and grabbed his hand, as we walked towards the water.



“I thought you said vampires hated swimming,” I said as Damon jumped into the water and I sat by the lake side. I did my hair in a bun, before going in the water. I didn't want my hair to get wet. He offered me his hands, and helped me into the water. It was nice. Not too cold, not too warm. “Well, maybe that's just me... But when a beautiful girl like you accompanies me, it's really not that bad,” he said as we slide through the water. It was getting deep. And then I noticed where we were. “Wickery bridge,” I said, and looked at the bridge that killed my parents, and this place where I was supposed to have died. But I didn't die. Stefan saved me. Stefan...



“Yeah... I was thinking that you needed a couple of happy memories from this place. And I hoped those happy memories could involve me,” he said and pulled me closer to him. I looked into his eyes, and realised how much I loved him. He wasn't just a person I loved. Damon had been there for me, even when it wasn't him I needed. Damon helped me when Stefan was gone. He helped me track down Stefan, even though he knew I would return to Stefan. He had done all of those things, just to reassure that I was happy. He loved me, more than Stefan had ever loved me.



“What are you thinking about?” he asked, “you promised you wouldn't think of any one or anything else tonight!” All of sudden he looked a bit mad. And a bit afraid. “I'm thinking about you, Damon... How perfect you are... How much you care for me. And how much I love you,” I said. It felt amazing, telling him that I loved him. It felt amazing, to finally get it out, get it done. His lips met mine in a passionate kiss. I smiled as I put my arms around his neck and rested my head on his shoulder.



“Why was it so different, feeding on your blood?” I asked and enjoyed feeling his hands caressing my back. I felt totally relaxed in his strong arms. He was treading water for us both. “Because I'm a vampire. It's called blood sharing. It heals humans, but it has an arousing effect on other vampires. You can't live without human blood, but you can drink another vampire's blood to become stronger. Only downside is that it creates a bond between the two vampires,” he said, and started stroking my hair. “What does that mean, the bond? Like a sire bond?” I asked, without really thinking about my words. I started feeling tired. “No, not anything like a sire bond. If two vampires share a lot of blood, they will be able to feel each other's feelings. Some vampires get the ability to feel where the other vampire is. They will be connected to each other,” he said and kissed my neck. I loved feeling him so close to me.



“Damon, we need to get back... Or else I'm going to fall asleep, right here,” I said, my voice being nothing but a small whisper. I was tired, after a long day of training and practising. “Fine,” he said and started walking towards the lake side, me still in his arms. As soon as he stepped out of the water, I felt the cold wind against my skin and started to shiver. He lifted me, like a husband carries his wife, and walked towards the pavilion. He covered me in a towel and started taking my bikini off. “You'll get sick if you keep the wet clothes on,” he said and fetched my underwear. When I was dry, he helped me getting in the underwear and put his shirt on me. I smiled at him. I loved feeling like I was his girl. He put on his briefs and jeans, and carried me to his car. “I can walk my self, you know,” I said and looked at him. He smiled at me. “Well, you shouldn't. You told me you were tired,” he said and put me down in the car. Then he used his vampire speed to fetch my dress and whatever we had left at the pavilion. He put it all in the trunk and then drove us home.



As soon as we got home, he carried me inside the house, up the stairs, directly into his bed. Then he took off his shirt and my underwear. I was completely naked. He took his own clothes off and then carried me again. “Where are we going?” I asked, suddenly not so tired any more. “Bath. You need to get clean, from all the river water, and so do I,” he said and started filling the tub. It was big. Big enough for both of us. I felt shy, being all naked in front of him. His eyes were focused on my body, until the tub was filled. He had added bath salt to make it foam. I took some in my hands and blew it towards Damon. He laughed and did the same towards me. We were having a foam battle. A very short battle, though. Damon wanted me in the bath tub. He grabbed my hands and guided me to the tub. “Sit!” he said and nodded towards the tub. I got in, and sat down, bending my knees so there was room for both of us. He got in, grabbed a sponge and grabbed my ankle. He stretched my leg so my toes were resting on his chest, and started cleaning me. It tickled a bit between my toes, which made me giggle. He smiled at me and gently kissed my toes. I blushed.



He moved on to my leg and looked me in the eyes, when he started cleaning my inner thigh. I smiled at him, trying to be just a little sexy. He moved on to the next leg, being just at thorough. Then he proceeded to my stomach, my breasts, my shoulders and neck. “Close your eyes and mouth,” he said and started cleaning my face. I felt my make-up coming off. He used his fingers to take off the make-up and then went on to my arms. I removed the soap foam from my face and opened my eyes again. He was smiling at me. As he completed my arms, he asked me to turn around and started cleaning my back. Then he removed my bun, and let my hair touch the water. I bent over backwards until all of my hair got wet. Then he started putting soap in it, gently and loving.



“You're so sweet, Damon,” I said as he cleaned my hair from soap. I turned around again, and grabbed the sponge. “Your turn,” I said and grabbed his leg. I felt his muscles as I started scrubbing his legs. He sat back and looked at me as I cleaned his body. When I finished the legs and started cleaning his stomach he pulled me closer and placed a trail of kisses from my collarbone to my mouth. I smiled at him, and used some extra time on his stomach. Then I moved on to his chest and shoulders. I knew he was able to see how much I enjoyed looking at his muscles. Stefan had been strong too, but not in the same way as Damon. Damon was sexy strong. I moved on to his arms. “Close your eyes and mouth,” I said, exactly like he had told me. Before washing his face, I kissed him. I was going to pull away and start to wash his face, but he didn't allow me. He pulled me closer and didn't break the kiss. I put my arms around his neck as he stood up and stepped out of the bath. He broke the kiss and quickly wrapped me in a big towel. When I was dry, he let the towel fall to the floor. “I wasn't finished washing you,” I said and looked at him. He shrugged and started drying him self. “I don't care. Now, let's go to bed,” he said and grabbed my hand. I followed him to the bed, where we got under the cover, just looking at each other.



“You are really amazing, Elena,” he said and looked into my eyes. He looked happy. I liked seeing him happy. I smiled and grabbed his hand. “So are you,” I said and moved closer to him. His other hand moved to my hair and started stroking it. “You have no idea how good this feels,” he whispered and placed a small kiss on my forehead, “you have no idea for how long I've waited to be with you. To be the lucky person to wake up next to you, every morning. I am never going to let you go. You're too important.” I blushed. How do you respond to a thing like that? “Well, I'm here now,” I said and smiled at him. He started kissing me and pulled me even closer.



The night with Damon was amazing. But as soon as he fell asleep, I knew what I had to do. I got out of his strong and protective arms, and quickly put on my underwear. Then I went to the living room. I put on some of my normal clothes, and started writing the letter I was going to leave in Damon's room, before driving to the air port. I hoped he was too deep into his sleep, to hear I was going. I felt the salty tears in my eyes, as I tried keeping my hand steady. This was the second time I was leaving him, and it didn't feel good. I felt rather bad.



I left the letter on Damon's desk and placed a final kiss on his lips. Luckily it didn't wake him up. Then I got downstairs, grabbed my bag, and left the Salvatore Boarding House yet again. I left Damon.

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