I'm coming home (Delena)

After two years in London, Elena is returning to Mystic Falls, but only for three months. She is looking forward to see all of her old friends, except for two persons, she'd rather not see. Will she be able to be faithful to her english boyfriend? Or will her stay in Mystic Falls change everything? Delena!


15. I'm coming home

Chapter 15: I'm coming home


The past few days had been amazing. Elena and I hadn't really discussed the whole going back to Mystic Falls subject, and I didn't really care. I enjoyed my time with her, even though we were in London. I have never really liked England – way too cloudy and cold, but Elena made it worth staying. I would go anywhere for this girl. My girl. My vampire girlfriend. I smiled as I hugged her closer to my body. She had been sleeping, curled up in my arms, all night. She had insisted on keeping her underwear on. She was quiet serious about waiting with having sex. And even though I was dying to feel her naked body against mine, I respected her choice. This showed she was actually serious this time. Maybe, this time she wouldn't leave me.


“You know, it's rude to stare,” Elena said, and opened her eyes, while smiling at me. I quickly put on my usual smirk and kissed her soft lips. “You know, it's rude to steal other people's comments,” I answered, remembering using that exact same sentence earlier. She laughed, that beautiful sound, and put a hand on my chest. I smiled and placed a small kiss on her forehead, as I pulled her even closer. “You know what? I don't want to leave this bed today. I just want to stay here with you, all day!” Elena said, and placed a kiss on my chest. I bit my lip, trying not to moan. This girl was going to be the death of me.


“Well, that sounds good to me,” I said, and stroked her silky hair. I expected her lips to be removed from my chest, but they didn't. Her lips stayed at my chest, gently touching my skin. “Elena...” I said, feeling my self getting hard. God, I'd been wanting her for too long. “Damon, I was thinking about something...” she said, clearly ignoring my warning. Didn't she knew me at all? How little I was capable of holding back, when she tempted me like this? Wasn't she feeling what she did to me? What was this girl doing to me?


“Maybe you should tell me, with your lips a little further away from my skin,” I said. I could feel her lips form a smile, as she ignored my words and pressed her lips against my skin once again. Her tongue playfully caught my nipple and I let out a small moan, unable to hold it back. “Do you remember that wonderful romantic evening, where you took me to a pavilion?” she asked, as my grip around her tightened. “Yes,” I growled, remembering that night. God, it had been amazing. “Do you remember what we did?” she asked, still playing with my nipple. “We did a lot of things,” I said, unable to think straight. Wasn't she the one who'd been holding back, wanting to wait? It had only been a few days. A week, to be exact. Was this the only time she needed? “Do you also remember the day you taught me how to feed. When I didn't feel like I'd have enough...” she trailed it off. Was she going to suggest... I looked at her hair. “Would you.. Consider... Sharing your blood with me?” I gasped as she said that. Sharing blood? Without having sex? Well...


I gently pulled her away from my chest, desperately needing to think straight. She had to know what would happen. I didn't want her to do anything, she didn't want to. She needed to be completely aware of what she was going to do. “Elena, I would be more than happy to share blood with you again... But... Do you remember the effect blood sharing have? Do you remember what happened last time we did this?” I asked, looking into her beautiful doe eyes. I wanted to see the certainty in her eyes before we did this. I didn't want to be the one to hold my self back. But I had to. I couldn't take advantage of this beautiful girl. My beautiful girl.


“I remember it, Damon. And I want to experience it again. But... I was thinking. Maybe we could both feed of each other. At the same time,” she said. I took a deep breath and looked at the beautiful girl in my arms. How was I ever going to tell her no? “It will feel stronger. You said you wanted to wait with sex. And I get that, I really do. But it could be hard, not doing that. And I don't want to push you,” I said and gently cupped her face. It helped, getting her mouth away from my chest. It was getting easier to think straight. I didn't want to push her. Not ever. She sighed and looked into my eyes. Oh God, I wanted to give in to her. I wanted to bite into her beautiful neck, and taste the sweetness of her blood. But I couldn't. She was too important.


“Damon... I know... And, maybe it's time to do it. Maybe, it's been long enough. This isn't our first time. We've done this before... I just don't want our relationship to be all about sex. But we're vampires. And I want to feel the bond that blood sharing gives. I want it, Damon.” I just couldn't resist her. I wasn't able to. She was sure about this blood sharing thing. I could see that in her eyes. And it was impossible to let her down. I used my vampire speed to sit up in the bed, and pulled her between my legs, her back resting against my chest. Then I gently removed her hair from her neck, and wrapped my arm around her stomach.


“Are you 100 % sure about this, Elena?” I growled, without taking my eyes off her neck. How did I ever deserve this girl? Without responding, she grabbed my other arm, and bit into my wrist. I moaned and bit into her neck, feeling us slowly melting together. It was amazing. I felt what she was feeling, heard her moans and felt her body pressing against mine.


After a few minutes, I pulled away from her neck. I didn't want to stop, but I wasn't going to drain my own girlfriend. She may be a vampire, and she would survive, but it isn't a nice feeling, getting sucked dry. She let go of my wrist, and quickly turned around straddling me. Then she pressed her lips against mine. I felt like our lips were on fire. This was amazing. But I remembered her eyes, when we had talked about this earlier, and gently pushed her away. She looked at me, confused. “Elena... We've been sharing blood, but we're not going to have sex. You're not ready, I can feel that. It'll happen, but not now,” I said and cupped her face. I didn't remember the last time I'd rejected a girl like her. But she meant too much to me. After all, we did have an eternity together.


She cocked her head, and looked at me with a certain light in her eyes. “I love you, so much...” she said, and kissed me again. This time, it was soft. Her lips barely touched mine, as her hand got tangled in my messy hair. “I love you too. Now, you said you wanted to spend today in bed. That's exactly what you're going to do! You just stay here, and I'll be back in a few minutes,” I said and placed a small kiss on her forehead, before laying her down, tangled in the sheets. She frowned and looked at me. “Where are you going?” she asked, pouting slightly. I smiled at her possessive behaviour. “I'll be back. Promise,” I said, and pressed my lips against hers, before getting out of bed, and putting my pants on.


-Elena's point of view


I sighed as Damon left the bed. When I'd said I wanted to stay in bed all day, I had meant with him. Not alone. This would be our last day in London, and he didn't even know yet. I was nervous about telling him. We had spent a lot of time in London, and he'd seemed to have grown to like it here. And now I was going to ask him, to go back with me. Back to Mystic Falls. What if he didn't want to go back with me? I had no idea what he'd been doing, while I'd been in London. He never talked about it. Actually, none of us had been talking about what we'd been doing, while being away from each other. Not a single word about it.


No, the past few days had been exactly like a normal couple would've spend their time. We'd been shopping, walking around in London, eating on fancy restaurants, been in the London Eye. Exactly what a normal couple would do. There hadn't been any problems, like the ones we'd been having back in Mystic Falls, 3 years ago. Maybe we'd be able to live a completely normal life, even though we were vampires? A completely normal immortal life? I smiled at the thought and grabbed Damon's shirt from the floor. I put it in front of my nose, and closed my eyes as I inhaled the scent of Damon. When he couldn't be here with me, I had to settle with his shirt. But I knew he'd be back.


And he was. 15 minutes later, he walked in the room, with a big tray, filled with breakfast. He smiled as he put it down on the bed, and leaned over to place a small, sweet kiss on my lips. “Nothing but the best for my princess,” he said, and looked at me, with that amazingly loving look. It made me blush. “Thanks... Uhm.. Damon, there was something I wanted to talk to you about,” I said, deciding to tell him now. He deserved to know. His face went pale and expressionless when I said it. What did he think I was going to say? “You're missing Stefan?” he asked, suddenly not so happy. I frowned. “No... Of course not. I was thinking... Damon, I want to go home,” I said and hugged my knees, as I sat up.


“Home?” he asked, looking surprised. I nodded and looked at my lap. “I understand if you don't want to go with me... But I miss Mystic Falls. It's my home, and I want to go home... I would really like it if... If you would go with me...” I said, suddenly feeling insecure as hell. This had been a stupid idea. Of course he didn't want to go back to Mystic Falls, and definitely not with me. Why had I been thinking he would? “Of course I'll go with you,” he said, and put a finger underneath my chin, “you can stay at the boarding house. With me.” I looked at him with the biggest smile I could manage. “Really?!” I said. He nodded and kissed me. “So, when did you plan on going back?” he asked, and picked up a strawberry, bringing it to my mouth. “Tonight,” I said and opened my mouth. I bit half of the strawberry and smiled at him. “Well, I'm looking forward to that,” he said, and ate the other half of the strawberry.


“Soo, what do you want to do? It's our last day in London. I thought you'd might like to use that day for something else than just... Staying in bed?” Damon asked, as I'd packed the last bag. I shrugged. “I don't really know. I just want to be with you. I haven't really thought much about it,” I said, trying to figure out what he'd like to do. We had seen the most of London in those days we'd been here. “Well, I was thinking about going to see the Harry Potter studios?” he said, with a big smile. “You serious? The Harry Potter studios? You read Harry Potter?” I asked and raised my eyebrows. I couldn't picture him sitting with a Harry Potter book. I had read the stories when they were published, and I loved them. But him? Big badass vampire, reading Harry Potter?


“Sure. Why not?” he asked and handed me my coat. I shrugged. “Well, let's go then! We have to be back to reach our flight!”


I felt nervous, as I phoned Jenna later that evening. I hadn't really talked to her, since I had left a year ago. Not her, Ric or Hope. I really should have. Now that I was going to tell her that I was coming back to Mystic Falls, I felt anxious. What if she didn't want to speak to me any more? This had been the second time I'd just disappeared without a warning. “Jenna Summers speaking,” she said, as she answered it. I smiled at the sound of her voice. God, I'd missed her. “Aunt Jenna? It's Elena,” I said, biting my lip, “I'm coming home.”

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